Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Some TSD Effects:
  1. Extreme mental paralysis and at the same time the ability to concentrate on difficult reading for long periods despite sleeplessness. Inability to plan or anticipate. 
  2. On and off tinnitus (Tintin?) hissing in the ears.  Occasionally loud like a nearby waterfall. 
  3. Accumulated anger at what is happening is not felt, emotions are dulled and numbed out.  Facial expressions are not dulled, drugged looking out or expressionless. 
  4. Anxiety, weakness, extreme exhaustion after any exercise or aerobics for even 1/4 mile.
  5. Initially, distorted electronic scream effects are heard on and off.  These resemble but turn out not to be auditory hallucinations and like everything else were temporary. 
  6. Reduced sleep lowers immunity leading to over-reactions to food, drink, extreme indigestion.
  7. Urine becomes colorless for some reason during prolonged sleeplessness.
  8. Overreactions to news and movies.  Nothing near obsessive or destructive.
  9. Learned helplessness, overwhelmed nervous system from lack of sleep, an induced nausea, skin heating just above the head, racing heart, extreme on and off chest pains diagnosed as "anxiety." 
  10. Heart exams in the middle 1990's would go like this: via stethoscope a family doctor initially refused to corroborate felt skipped irregular heartbeats until finally acknowledging same after 1- 2 minutes of going over the same small chest area again and again.  Nothing was done, no medication.  Tried fixing me up with receptionist but I was too frazzled to even notice. 

TSD short of 3/4 year:  (On two occasions during warm weather for approximately 3 months)

  1. The first thing affected is digestion.  Digesting any food and drink makes working a job impossible leading to forced retirement.  All the above 1 - 10. Chemical smell in home space. 
  2. Arthritis-like pain in the legs and shoulders, stiffness at the base of the skull and upper back, leg cramps, leg muscle twitching, significant anxiety, loss of sexual function.  All temporary. 
  3. Numbness in left fingers, peripheral areas of biceps, outside thighs, upper back, neck.  Brief intense pains in the heart area. Stim streaming effects occasionally felt in adrenals, kidney's. 
  4. Peripheral vision is affected with orbiting light effects while in darkness.  Cleared up w/ sleep.
  5. All strong emotions (sex, anger, hopelessness) are "adjusted" and neutralized or stimulated to keep the person controlled and and looking "normal" for another day, month, year, decade.
  6. Floaters in the eyes become very noticeable during sleeplessness for weeks and months.  Blood pressure, resting heart rate is and has always been very low to normal, all other vitals test ok.  Medical complaints of extemely painful back immobility are said to be self induced because all tests are normal.  All doctor visits are anything but normal.  
  7. Self-centered extremes are countered by constant deliberate challenges to cultural norms or visual waterboarding "incidents" in public. 
  8. All threatening verbiage is heard as coming from an overhead direction whether in or outdoors   apparently observing the laws of physics. When indoors and covering ears the sound lowers considerably.  Of course I *"imagine" the sounds and "imagine" the lowered volume*  Hah! 
  9. Temporary Parkinson's like symptoms, inability to write or form letters in signing own name.  
  10. There is no objective proof of anything occurring out of the ordinary.  A diary I had was "lost". The effects of the above are a kind of mild PTSD, induced helplessness and depression still felt fifteen years later. 

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