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"Or maybe the quest for secrets — material or metaphysical, undiscovered or too-long forgotten — is worth a little extra risk." Ross Douthat, NY Times  

Like the NSA, religious fundamentalists everywhere believe their 
mandate is to exceed same because it is so ordered straight from the top. 
They have no trouble stating that the "culture of death" by abortion is 
led by President Obama.  This culture of death sermon was heard by 
me not during a Texas sermon about Jade Helm  immanent invasion 
by an Obama led U.S. military but at a packed Park Avenue, NYC 
"Healing" Catholic Mass complete with beefy "sad faced men" in all 
four corners yelling "Amen!"  (With little to no accompaniment)

This was 2009 Catholic fundamentalist political theater along with barely 
concealed threats against the President, arranged, most likely, by one or 
more of the following: Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus, Regnum Christi, 
Fatima Group, Pius X, Catholic League etc.

And don't forget Bush's "Faith Based Initiatives" instituted just prior to 911.
Tax exempt non-profits headed by the above who run their own empires 
going beyond faith-based political theater.  They're involved in real estate, 
life and health insurance, hospitals, and all kinds of government contracts.

Government contracts?  Mainstream religion no longer needs the declining
$5 or $10 Sunday weekly collections.  They get their "faith based" Fed. funding
compensating for declining church attendance and slow simmering Church
sex scandals that finally boiled over into the public eye starting in 1994.

Sound frequencies and or pure adrenalin and how it's experienced:
As something invisible that "touches", inflicts physical pain, skin heating, 
induced nausea, racing heart beat just up to what feels like the point of death. 

Acoustic frequency combinations from whatever source are routinely capable of:
*speeded up heartbeat, *intense chest pain, potentially induced heart attacks,
*projected sounds mimicking anything, *spooked pets, *"lights out" loss of 
consciousness, *intense skin heating and chilling, *biochemical changes, 
*nausea, *induced asthma symptoms, *intense sexual manipulation, *"voice of god" 
non-revelations, *simulated spiritual experiences, *an internal "lights on" 
induced cerebrospinal flush, *induced simulated auditory delusions mimicking

*Effects experienced by me over a period of years.

While the above takes place a big deal is made in demonstrating and producing
in a short period of time mental paralysis and learned helplessness.  Three days
of sleeplessness will do it especially if you don't know what is happening to you and how.

You hear the rumbling of what is supposed to be heavy equipment on flexible
boards in overhead apartments.  A room sized antenna is imagined.  In fact there
is no heavy equipment.  The noise heard was "real" but it is only a projected effect
used as an indicator of what was to follow.  A sound effect warning shot that included
an intense heating on the top of the head as if from that overhead microwave antenna
or blowtorch.  All designed to match what is probably classic tactile hallucinations.
No burns are left but the skin heating pain produces panic and the need to get away
at any cost.  The simple act of running a shower isn't even considered after months
of sleeplessness.  An opposite chilling effect is written about elsewhere in this blog
that occurred long ago in a certain females freezing Brooklyn apartment.

Multiple sound pitch effects are heard that seemed to originate from outside my apartment.
Simultaneous precise differently pitched sounds produced angina pain and racing heartbeats.
This occurred at night while going through the useless ritual of trying to sleep.
Heart pain increased to the point of dropping to my knees on the floor.  A position
very near and dear to the entitled metaphysician morons for whom this is all routine.

The objective?  A jump start stim to the heart during a period of extreme total sleep deprivation
lasting for months and to bend the knees in fear and subjugation.  I didn't stay down long.

Other episodes produced projectile nausea effects which occured when I tried to counter
and avoid whatever scenario was thrown at me, i.e. doing an inner smile routine or
when I had sufficient energy to take spur of the moment plane trips in desperation.
There was no outrunning this particular "demon."  Although when I spent a sufficient
amount of money on plane fares or rooms at the Y, the torture abated considerably.
Which was the general idea.  Mortgages and heavy debt turning a decent pension
and social security wage into a deep black hole with a never ending event-horizon.

In retrospect all these sound effects and stupid tricks are used as a very
effective head fake to distract and divert attention from what is actually
happening.  This was far and away from any sound weapon technology
and far from psychosis.  (I know, famous last words, "they all say the
same thing. Always standing knee deep in the river of "deNile" claiming
to be the grand exception" blah bla bla).

Sleep deprivation is the perfect method of torture and suggestion as
well as a proxy for a living death.  There is no pause for reflection.
There was no second guessing about what I was hearing except
labeling myself crazy.  What else could it be?  Wrong again.

The range and dimensions of Room 101 have expanded slightly 
beyond Orwell's 1948 depiction of "1984" dystopian thought police
counting on people like me to do the job of discrediting themselves
just by trying and failing to describe the indescribable.  Just as Orwell
might have been trying to do in the projection of Big Brother, his boot
healed internal dictator, into a successful documentation of what the
process was all about in the form of a novel.

Imagine walking the streets of New York City with an induced drumbeat of 
verbiage in the brain, amplified and inflected to distract and or enrage, 
implemented exactly to mimic psychosis?  Anything that demands to be
done like doing taxes or trying to keep up with finances is accompanied by
a steady stereo or quad unison verbal drumbeat in the background.  Except
if I'm reading a novel or non-fiction book.  No background noise.  That's
stupidly explained away with, "well you enjoy reading, you don't enjoy taxes
which means you subconsciously want to evade responsibility..." blah blah bla.
"Well of course the subconscious is irrational and therefore sounds somewhat
comical" on and on.  This is what P-docs are paid to say and what they must say
as practicing professionals.

This directed hyper-auditory driving or "tagging" (your it) is used to 
paralyze rational thinking and planning and, most importantly, in these
cases, cause any description of same to sound tinfoil hat bat-crazy.
How is this done?  Through some kind of embedded micro-chipping?
A definite NO to that.  I think David Mitchell gives a very general outline in
what is called a fantasy novel, "The Bone Clocks."

These "programs" put FBI surveillance "armies" mentioned in the
NPR podcast below to shame.  This podcast is FBI propaganda
supplied as entertainment for the NPR "informed public".

Some 15 years ago I would come upon early Internet websites with mocking
laughing giffs on top of the page.  Seeing the guy laughing would force me
to laugh at myself in disgust for ever clicking on these repellant malignant sites.
I never realized that most internet searches on certain topics always linked to
these same rigged sites by the thousand scattered throughout the internet.

I was almost forced to miss the point behind what I was reading.  I should have
seen that they were made, not by the mentally ill, but by pros who want you to
read, dismiss and laugh at material specifically designed to produce that effect.
Which is: the viewer is made to feel smug and superior in coming to the intended
conclusion that these sites are made by and for people with delusion.

The accumulated effect is to force people to dismiss everything mentioned
on these sites as inconceivable and the product of paranoia.  Anyone saying
otherwise is laughed at.  Thus the laughing gif.

Average people who, by some terrible accident, wind up on this page might
also miss the point to this blog even if they recognize the difference between
a deliberately rigged site and one that isn't.  Except there aren't anymore "average people."

Awareness of these unfolding events runs on a spectrum from unconsciousness,
to slow awareness, to blaming others, self blame, to finally realizing that the
"unpossible" is being made real in plain sight.  Before the internet certain people
were kept in line by alcohol, bad marriages or disruptive, nasty, angry kids.

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