Thursday, June 9, 2016


Regarding the NY Times, FOIA, and Ernest Hemingway:

(*Of course you can always trust former editors
and the publishing industry when it comes to
legacy PR across generations*)

Ernest Hemingway thought "the Feds" were after him. His
"friends" turned on him because they were sure his drinking
and mental health had deteriorated into madness.  They were
right and likely also wrong.  His FBI file was released under a
FOIA request.  (Imagine an FOIA request even with redactions
in closed societies?)  The FBI, it seems were following his moves
for 20 years until his death.

On his last domestic hunting trip he was quoted as being distraught,
"It's the worst hell.  The goddamest hell. Duke’s car. Mine’s bugged.
Everything’s bugged. Can’t use the phone.  Mail intercepted.”
After numerous attempts Hemingway soon after succeeded in
taking his life.  Two successive plane crashes in Africa and resulting
head injuries didn't help.  Pain killers of every kind plus alcohol equal
madness.  But apparently Hemingway wasn't as far gone as many think.

The surveillance is designed to be undetectable and then hard not to
notice for the person on the receiving end.  It is designed to provoke
and drive the surveilled into overreaction to actual provocations that
don't stop.  The accumulated "coincidences" and resulting destructive
behavior are all designed to be seen as psychosis to others.

As seen with Dr. Martin Luther King, people like Hoover don't have to
think about operating with impunity using methods that are as improbable
and as insane as manpower and technology will allow.  No one can
accurately file legal charges without implicating themselves because of
the near impossibility of providing evidence other than the cringeworthy,
"I'm being bugged by "the Feds.""  "They're everywhere I tell ya", sounding
just like Pappa to the few who still took his calls.

I'm afraid his granddaughter, the actress, Muriel, in recent years,
always sounded just a little too far out to be real.  I didn't buy it for a minute.
Low and behold she has started talking fairly reasonably in recent interviews.
But then, who am I to judge when it comes to reasonable.  Nothing in this
blog is reasonable.

All of which might invite the following:
"Who are you, another Hemingway, a self absorbed deluded center of the
world paranoid?"  Or some kind of communist terrorist"...depending on the 
pretend or real mental capacity of the person doing the talking.  2 + 2 can 
equal twenty-two or five or four when convenient.

The evil doers are not: the "NWO" of time honored right wing mostly 
pretend psychosis.  Not the CFR, Jiminy Cricket, "Them", "They" 
(I try to avoid those guys:), the UN Agenda 21 anti-Christs, aliens, 
Satan, Walking Dead, Grateful Dead, monsters (or delusions) of the id, 
Klaatu, Gort, Koch Bros, Chick-Fil-A, Mormons, Mafia, Scientologists, 
Fox News interns or "the system".  (Well ok, maybe the system.)
If you're looking for conspiracies about imminent government martial law
this blog isn't Texas despite recent Jade Helm made-up rumors to the contrary

that no one but the rube pundits yonder up North believe.

A word from the prolies to the wise:
If you are cooperating and assisting in this insanity you had
better keep on doing as you are told, because otherwise it could
be your turn at disaster as described here or indirectly with somebody
close to you.  Or as Raold Dahl used to say on his old TV show invoking
WWII fighter pilot/ spy humor, "there's ALWAYS room for one more, Baabby."

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