Friday, July 1, 2016


(Bloomberg) -- Russia’s foreign-currency credit rating was cut to junk by Standard and Poor’s putting it below investment grade for the first time in a decade as policy makers struggle to keep economic growth alive amid sanctions and falling oil prices.

S and P, which last downgraded Russia in April, cut the sovereign one step to BB+, according to a statement released on Monday, the same level as countries including Bulgaria and Indonesia. The ratings firm said the outlook is “negative.”  Russian stocks declined and bonds fell for a second day following the announcement, which came after the close of equity trading in Moscow.

We can easily go from junk Russian credit ratings and falling oil prices to junk
Senators like Ted Cruz of Texas...

It can be said that Sen. Cruz has been forced into the role of weirdo 

Joe McCarthy conservative both because his party is going in that 
direction, because he can, and because his father, Rafael, is a one 
person radical religious sect in which his son is conveniently seen 
as "The Chosen One" (does Pastor Cruz have that "hated" IRS tax 
exemption?) The burden and cross of being "the chosen" is made 
easier to bear by the fact that Sen. Cruz's wife is a "Goldman Sachs-on"
of the Sun.  A VP whose health insurance when combined with her 
husband's means that they have coverage in triplicate and can well 
afford to attack Obamacare as gosh-darned socialist tyranny incarnate.

Republicans, desperate to split the hispanic vote in the Nov 2014 
Congressional elections have pushed Senators Cruz and Rubio 
into leadership roles and as presidential candidates for 2016.  

Republicans swept in 2014 with the lowest voter turnout since WWII with
Republican's Giuliani, Peters and Buchanan praising Putin's leadership in the
Ukraine and his moral Christian leadership toward gays while others in their
party like Trump lead the birther movement.  Trump has been dong business
with Putin's oligarchs and has publicly praised Putin since 2015.

There are many similarities between methods used by Big Bro 2.0 and the white
elephant in the Fox News "Fox and Friends" living-room of willful lying. 

The default GOP arguments are, "both parties are the same, both parties lie", 
"MSNBC is the left wing version of Fox News".  Glenn Beck had his extreme 
counterpart in Keith Olbermann when they were on Fox News and MSNBC.
Ridiculous false equivalence but used to great effect by the CNN competition
who use the term "bias" knowing the public generally does not differentiate
between accurate and inaccurate biases (because "truth" for them "is a
matter of interpretation") which leaves CNN to use both.  

Candy Crowley of CNN will never correct GOP propaganda...except during
all important Presidential debates when she confirmed President Obama's
version of his Benghazi announcement.  If fact checking was done on ordinary
news shows, Crowley and CNN would never get Republican guests to appear.
Which means those Republican guests usually say whatever they want.
If followup pushback occurs producers and sponsors are usually "given a call".

Of course both political parties lie, but with Fox News you are supposed 
to believe, unbelieve, photos of palm trees at Wisconsin demonstrations.
Believe, unbelieve, and not laugh when Republicans in trouble are identified 
as Democrats in Fox "News" graphics.  Monolithic authoritarian control over 
conservative pundits and elected Republican officials is not to be noticed.

Unknow, disremember and delete from ram memory:

Roger Ailes, former head of Fox News, didn't mind getting caught lying.  

Like any true conservative he just doubled-down with Steve Doocy
telling a bigger better one the next day for the purpose of getting called out again.

Doublethink manufactured reality is to be believed until replaced with 

alternate "realities".  After the 2012 defeat nationally, Rep. Paul Ryan, 
Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio invoke "compassionate" conservatism in 
contrast to reverse Robin Hood unnamed budget cuts favoring the rich even 
while Republicans blackmail the nation over debt ceilings threatening further
US credit rating downgrades.  And getting away with it.

After the 2012 election defeat, aspects of the "Dream Act" suddenly 
appear on the GOP agenda as if by magic.  If allowed the T (for Trump) 
Party will make sure that dream disappears.  If ISIS inspired attacks 
continue inside the US Trump might be President in November 2016.  
The left has made themselves vulnerable by going in the opposite extreme
of the right regarding immigration and Islam. 

Per Stephen Colbert:

The new improved GOP tries to be all for immigration and legalization of 

medicinal and recreational marijuana as a states rights issue.  When the 
former Solicitor General under George Bush, Ted Olson, argues for
marriage equality before state high courts it's a good idea to check
your pockets.  Legal victories, political defeats for Democrats.

Ted Olson, reasonable and regular fella all of a sudden.  State
legislatures outlaw marriage equality or abortion which are automatically
overturned by Federal judges who are then labeled as usurping the
"will of the people."  A beautiful identity issue for sweeping
2014 Congressional elections.  Which is exactly what Republicans did.

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