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VOX CLIMATE CHANGE: (skip the long commercial)

“Newt Gingrich knows climate change is real until it becomes convenient to “unknow” 
and deny or redefine the context.  Which is to say lie right in everyone’s face and get 
away with it.  Especially after 2014 when the price of oil spiked downward making
things bad for the oil economies of Alaska, Texas, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran.  Vlad 
“Skinhead” Putin gets nervous when the price of oil craters.  Thus provoking a software
derived soft war with the West and surrounding former countries of the USSR.  In implementing this soft Psy-War he aligned his disinformation and propaganda with 
the Religious Right worldwide.  With Rupert Murdoch, his tabloids and Fox News TV networks.  With the Robert Mercer Steve Bannon Cambridge Analyicia Brexit AI.  

The use of RT and Sputnik “News”, the hacking of DNC email accounts, trolling 
comment sections across the internet and especially social networks like You Tube, 
Twitter, Face Book.  Creating thousands of bizarre You Tube videos on chemtrail, 
mind control, FEMA coffins always implying or directly accusing the US as being 
the prototypical Big Brother surveillance state.  Conveniently never mentioning 
Stalin or the GDR where Putin, the KGB, the Stasi created their version of Big Bro hell.  

Above mentioned videos go crazy about American assassinations of 45 years ago 
along with MKULTRA and COINTELPRO and 911.  No mention of 1999, the 
Moscow apartment bombings or of the sick Russian government and politics of today
 that functions as a Czarist mafia oil petrostate.  Reversing internet news locally and 
on the www that makes Russia look bad has been happening in under, in front of 
and behind everyone’s nose for a decade.  The price of oil is currently >$50.00.  
Vlad is happy.  He gets to say what is right and true in Russia and in the West by 
aligning his news with Trump and Fox “News.” By aligning his disinformation with 
that of Alex Jones, David Icke and thousands of imitators.  If you make enough 
videos you can cancel out the sub IQ80 content with shear repetition and volume. 

Thousands of right wing sites out of the U.S., Russia, Israel have their
own English language versions of what qualifies as fact or reality.  They
manufacture their own.  This is why lying plays such a large part in their culture,
particularly Russian culture.

For example: Alaska's HAARP which, while it operated, supposedly rained mind
control frequencies on millions of Americans.  Aircraft contrails renamed as
"chemtrails" are said to be releasing "Morgellons" mind control nano bots over
the US.  The implication being, "you want proof of chemtrails?  There it is *in
plain sight coming ouch the ass of those gumment planes.*.  IMO, few believe that.
Many more will say they do.

Rigged rogue internet sites and video channels use a right wing fear and doom "paranoid style" to take advantage of a ready-made populist conservative mindset that sees these fringe ideas as convenient and that aligns with previous closely held beliefs regarding government closely followed by religious identity beliefs.

This blog gets put in the lefty conspiracy fringe category.  I give you the following
as exhibits A - Z.  Actually the following is beyond any government or space alien

Difficult to believe personal experience not 
constituting proof of anything:
1) At the outset, elaborate fMRI's, electrodes or headsets aren't needed.

2) Individual neural templates are conditioned and controlled below

consciousness for many years.  (RU nuts?  By who?  By what means?) 

3) Nightly remote "psychic driving" sound effects and verbal 
inputs involve the repetition of simple phrases with each 
word in each sentence heard in textured seamless unison 
making it impossible to ignore and easily "driven" into the brain.  
Imagine hearing each word of this sentence on a regular basis in 
stereo or quad in sing-song or staccato rhythms making it impossible
to detect individual vocal inflections or rythms.  This might come in handy
for a neural hack where individuals are rotated regularly in and out of 
a neural “dead zone.”  A nasty Interzone where it takes time to 
acclimate as well as damaging if you stay too long.  There, I said it.  Do I 
know this to be the case?  No.  In any case a sure indicator of intractable 
delusion, psychosis, you name it.  For all I know a dumb stereo verbiage 
effect might be a regular occurrence in psychosis but I very much doubt it. 

4) Sexual manipulation plays a major part in keeping human guinea pigs 
sufficiently breathing for another year, ten years, or a lifetime.

5) Prior telomerase entries suggest that all of this might be a kind

of perverse demented "life extension" program wherein those on the 
receiving end, within obvious parameters, are not allowed to age, 
to live or die.  Thoughts of suicide are programmed out sub-vocally
above and below consciousness.  Deliberately provoked anger adjusts
and subdues depression.  Yes, deliberately provoked anger works to 
alleviate and control depression whether you are aware of what is 
happening or not.  Anger is provoked by deliberate bumping, grappling
when outdoors like what might be common on a prison yard along with 
a visual waterboarding via repellant looking people, and auditory 
"monitoring" and "influence" by means of base note ceiling pounding 
or closing or slammed door effects when indoors.  (Much like the movie 
Personal Shopper.”) 

6) Sleep disruption, deprivation and manipulation of every aspect 
of sleep results in *overstimulated verbal centers in the brain 
which, in turn, causes thoughts to be heard as if spoken aloud.   
(Said to be common enough) 

(Can subvocalized words be recorded from the the vocal cords, 
on the breath, in the area of the chest and possibly where the brainstem
almost touches the voice box?  Calling to mind certain universal iconic 
pictures of God and Adam's fingers almost touching.  Can thoughts 
can be picked up indirectly apart from the brain in the throat or on the breath?  Noise and interference filtered out via software?  SQUID tech?) 

There are additional work-around shortcuts because....

7) What has been and still is considered the ravings of psychotics 
about government mind control, implanted thoughts and mind reading is 
restated here as a one-way neurohack implemented easily in seamless real time.

8) Psychic driving sleep (involuntary mantra) disruption seems
necessary for entrainment and to maintain brain integrity without 
chip based micro-embedded nonsense spoken about as often as possible 
on disinformation sites that make blogs like this seem mainstream. 

9) Nightly disruption of sleep, dreaming and REM cycles over a
lifetime seem to have had the following effects early in life: 
brain and body function sub-optimally with only average to below 
school performance, daily wakeup fatigue and inevitable labels of "lazy" 
absentminded or "in a fog".  Common enough and indicative of nothing it itself.

10) Not so common - at age 60 subjected to systematic:
a) complete sleep deprivation for months as mentioned
b) additional months of sleep disruption
c) followed by more total sleeplessness during summer months. 
d) disruption prevents the person from planning and from accurately seeing 
what is actually happening.  When sleep deprived for longer than 3 days 
you can be made to believe anything.  It took five years for the true cause 
of all the difficulty to finally be determined.  As dumb as this might sound 
to anyone who lives and dies by the DSM.  Or pretends to. 

(because none of it is, as said, scientifically possible)
Present day abuse of tattoos is not an implanted micro-printed telepathic conspiracy.  (Does that need to be said?)

The "Ministry of Informationwas the paradoxically named 
section of government from George Orwell's novel "1984"
(written in 1948) about propaganda, fear and brainwashing upon
the fictional, always seemingly war distracted state of Oceania
(sound familiar?).  The Ministry of Love contained the infamous 
Room 101 which implemented "love" of Big Bro though
torture and brainwashing.  After a course of treatment in Room 101,
"thought criminals" like the main character, Winston Smith, were
supposed to learn a perverse masochistic "love" for "Dear Leader", Big Brother.

The fictional Big Brother was, IMO, a projection in the form of a novel
of what I describe here with Orwell using political themes as context.
He was describing the audacity of complete dispair in trying to outwit
Big Brother who in fact really was (is) everywhere both internally and in the
world.  Big Brother is the Cogdictatorship disembodied consciousness that
really does see and know all.  Sometimes referred to as "God."  Orwell uses
panopticon screens and cameras of a typical modern police state as substitute.
(As does Peter Weir in The Truman Show)

Religious Right Apocalyptic prophesies are made because:
Armageddon always happens and always will happen regardless of
whether you call the cognitive dictator Big Bro or a biblical god coming
down internally inside the brain from what is called the heavens
ending the world i.e.: all illusions about how the world operates.  

The Martin Amis novel "Money", published in 1984, does not deal with
fascist or communist dictatorships.  It humorously deals with the late
20th century tyranny mentioned in the title.  If Orwell/ Eric Blair had
any he would have been able to afford more of the tuberculosis treatments
for the disease that eventually killed him.

The narrator of "Money", John "Self", is a drunken little dictator
tyrant in the kingdoms of advertising and Hollywood.  Another 
mad man among Mad Men operating across the pond and in the U.S. 

Amis, a character in his own novel uses a female character named Twain 
to recommend George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984" as 
"how-to kits" for understanding the twentieth century.  1984 plus 
Thomas Pynchon's almost unreadable "Gravity's Rainbow" 
published in 1973 might also qualify.  The latter was made deliberately 
unreadable to hide certain delicate facts and identities that few 
knew about at the time.  Hiding same behind walls of nonsense and 
non-nonsense verbiage came in handy for Pynchon to raise a family
and live in almost complete anonymity.  Orwell's description of Oceana's
history was also written, deliberately, in nonsense verbiage. 

It helps to be an Eric Blair, Martin Amis or a Thomas Pynchon, or to work
in intelligence, defense contracting, or be one of the the "Mad Men"
of advertising, politics or Hollywood PR to be able to decipher all 
of this and make it understandable even to myself.  Needless to say 
I am involved in none of these. 

In the US and I'm sure elsewhere there are many labeling 
themselves as Winston Smith-like "thought criminals"
pretending to be "standing up to" or "sticking it to the man"
(non-lethally of course) or fighting real and imagined government tyranny.

Celebrity comedians and actors can occasionally be seen trying desperately to
explain away previous bazaar behavior by blaming everything on "the Jews",
or government "mind control" implemented by "NWO Illuminati"
satellites, Satan or "Bilderberg" elites.  IOW, make up anything.

After rehab they look remarkably like "reborn" Christians having
nothing to do with that alcoholic addicted "other fella" of six months ago.
Be at least aware of how fake every part of their story is.
The "new world order" Illuminati parts are the least of it.
The above might be an example of PR strategies dumped on
their followers who will pretend to believe just about anything.
An audience who willfully participates in the lie because not doing
so is impossible or unthinkable.  They are like extras playing parts.

Fringe areas of the Internet or You Tube are overrun with fakes
calling themselves "TI" or targeted individuals.  Most are probably
not crazy but merely doing the job of muddying the water to
make the real thing impossible to believe.  Mission Accomplished.

Consider conservative leaders like the undeclared "pope" Rush Limbaugh,
who now feel entitled to call the real Pope, Pope Francis, a Marxist.
President Obama has long had that label, in addition to "fascist,
socialist, Muslim, racist, anti-Christ, radical "tyrant" going beyond
conservative political theater into the realm of Room 101 induced
mass insanity expertly manipulated and manufactured for a seemingly
overly emotional easily manipulated populist conservative public.
All that is needed is repetition from several different media directions.

(Imagine if Obama had lost the popular vote in 2012 like Bush in the
2000 presidential election only to be legitimized by the Supreme Court?
Does anyone wonder about the origins of the much deserved so-called 
Bush derangement syndrome?) 

There is more than one way to imprison someone besides:
1) Russian gulags
2) Chinese prisons for crimes of "unpatriotic emotion"
3) The millions in the US imprisoned in for-profit jails for excessive
terms for non-violent drug crimes keeping those beds, those assets, filled.

Want to pass strict immigration laws?  Make sure you build those
for-profit prisons ahead of time and "fill-em-up" even before completion.
IOW, a waiting list.  Great for economically depressed small town employment.
When those small town citizens are employed as guards sadism becomes understatement.

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