Saturday, July 30, 2016


Looking for on-line proof for this blogs contentions?  Good luck! You will see plenty of YT
PR salesmen imitating seriousness or insanity creating deliberate doublethink smokescreens by
the thousand.  This manufactured confusion is where paid and unpaid contractor actors create, fabricate their own opposition and then attack their own creation and vice versa with 
both sides "winning" both arguments.  

Rent the Matt Damon movie "Promised Land" to see how corporate contractors operate 
when dealing with average people, in that case, on the issue of fracking.   Natural gas 
contractors operating as environmental activists pushing intentionally false information
or disinformation and then exposing their own fake facts to discredit environmentalists.
It is ingenious. 

The information that follows is what is made public in a relatively open society.
In closed societies like Russia and China the following occurs so often as to invite
shrugs of the shoulders as in, hey-what-can-you-do about another relative, blogger or
reporter arrested, beaten or killed for "crimes" of "unpatriotic emotion" or subversion
against government.

In the 1950's American Ivy League universities and low paid researchers were able to
skim large amounts from CIA black budgets while making themselves believe they were
serving a greater cause.

Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, who led the MKULTRA program, apparently found out
differently and eventually said publicly that his work in this program was
effectively useless.  For once, IMO, and contrary to all published reports, he was
probably telling the truth.
Researchers from US and Canada probably thought the MKUltra program goals
were as stated: behavior modification to assist in interrogation, torture and control.
They were right and also wrong. IMO, with few exceptions the entire program
might have been an expensive diversion to compensate for the following....
"The project (MKUltra) began during a period of what Rupert Cornwell 
described as "paranoia" at the CIA, when America had lost its nuclear
monopoly, and fear of Communism (China went communist) was at its 
height. [23] James Jesus Angletonhead of CIA counter-intelligence, 
believed that the organization had been penetrated by a mole at the 
highest levels.[23James Jesus Angleton had regular drinking sessions
with high ranking British spy Kim Philby.  The bad guy was right under
his prominent paranoid nose. Philby later defected to Russia, an
apparent traitor.  B-b-but was he?

The above resulted in a CIA manufactured MKUltra "mind control,
brainwashing gap" where Russians and Koreans were, as always, made
to appear as way ahead.  "Communist Red Scares" before and after
Joe McCarthy (based on reality and manufactured hysteria), non-existent
"bomber gaps", Sputnik satellite technology gaps, "missile gaps" and
ensuing Cold War paranoia leading to intended increases to CIA and defense budgets.

THE UPDATED VERSION (NOT the result of any DEW weaponry or technology
or the result of government or contractor mind control conspiracy)
1) remote frequency stimulus or depression of brain and body for 6-8 months of

2) enabling a one and two way neurohack and scaring the living crap out of the victim.

3) Then a nightly psychic driving where e-filtered child-like words are "spoken" in
textured stereo unison staccato "driving" thousands of times into the brain and psyche.
Again, this does not originate with any government or corporate agency.  It is not
technology.  It's not by Satan or space aliens.  It's not delusion or psychosis.  It is
nasty and has nothing to do with the spiritual or with "God."  It mimics technology perfectly.

Remote, non-local, action at a distance means directing frequencies that "touch" and that
particular touch may or may be subtle enough to be felt on the skin.  Sound frequencies
can adjust, stimulate, depress specific areas of the brain and body and psyche without,
physical contact and be felt consciously or not.  A slight needle like sensation is felt
hitting the neck area in the area of the thyroid or larynx for minutes at a time.  The
next day the person feels unusually talkative.  He realizes a direct cause and effect.
Nothing painful, no microwave DEW laser effect and dismissable as a tactile hallucination.

The implications comprise every paranoid's and public/ private security interrogators 
wet dreams come true.  "Us", in all too many cases, are people pretending to be 
freedom loving civil libertarian "good guys" in opposition to "Them" NSA or FSB
or corporate oil klepto Russian bad guys".  "Us" and "Them" are frequently one 
in the same when it comes to some on-line and real world double-think honey-traps
now given the label "fake news" as if some kind of revelation.  When used to 
manipulate an election it finally gets some serious and WaPo coverage where media
of record news outlets pretend it's a big deal and unheard of.   The entire Russian
and Chinese government sponsored "news" media has used it for generations. 

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