Friday, October 30, 2015

THE LADDER #2 (out of order work in progress)

The next day I stupidly see the same guy who kneeled on my chest working behind the
counter at a bakery that I frequent.  He has tattoos running up and down the back of his arms.
He puts his arms together at the elbows imitating MMA signage to suggest putting
them up my ass.  He forgot to clap his hands together which is the other half of that
particular vernacular.  I call him a moron again.  He laughs, says nothing and
immediately heads into a back room as he does everytime I go in refusing to let
this post human entitled freak intimidate me.

A nonsensical set of events straight out of a nightmare scenario.

At the end of Jacob's Ladder all events are depicted as happening in compressed time
as part of a dream.

Is this blog a bid for attention and trying to make sense of my life by making simpleminded
comparisons to a cult movie?  Sometimes rational explanations sound more contrived than
even the stupid reality described and still happening as I type.

I saw the Jacob's Ladder star Tim Robbins playing street hockey in the park on sixth and
Houston St. in Greenwich Village a few years ago looking bored out of his mind,
(community service?) 6' 7" on his roller blades, looking nothing close to his age and
unrecognized by passersby in his helmet.  He is currently appearing in movies again.
And wouldn't you know it, another version of Jacob's Ladder is said to be in the works.
PR for a probable stupid TV or movie caricature this isn't.

What's happening to me is completely undetectable, completely unprovable and always
dismissed as automatic default settings of intoxication or paranoid delusion.

Are people in the entertainment industry like Jacob's Ladder screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin
making subtle and not so subtle fictional references to a reality that no one is capable of
directly acknowledging?  Yes.  And no, there's no center of the world narcissistic,
"it's all about me" nonsense going on.  Am I saying that I'm the exception?  That
everyone who exhibits this behavior is insane except me?  Am I some kind of Truman
Burbank character in a just in time simulation now called Truman Delusion?   I'll let
my non-existent readers decide.

And Adrian Lynn the director, and BJ Rubin weren't sending secret coded messages or clues
through the movie screen direct at me that only I can see and interpret as part of any Schreber-
like intractable delusional fugue state.

The movie involves timeless iconic symbols and biblical references that are beyond me and
my smalltime cognitive pay grade.  But am I self involved?  Well yeah, but with more than
enough clarity to know the subjective objective real world diff.

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