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Looking for on-line proof for this blogs contentions?  Good luck! You will see plenty of YT
PR salesmen imitating seriousness or insanity creating deliberate doublethink smokescreens by
the thousand.  This manufactured confusion is where paid and unpaid contractor actors create, fabricate their own opposition and then attack their own creation and vice versa with 
both sides "winning" both arguments.  

Rent the Matt Damon movie "Promised Land" to see how corporate contractors operate 
when dealing with average people, in that case, on the issue of fracking.   Natural gas 
contractors operating as environmental activists pushing intentionally false information
or disinformation and then exposing their own fake facts to discredit environmentalists.
It is ingenious. 

The information that follows is what is made public in a relatively open society.
In closed societies like Russia and China the following occurs so often as to invite
shrugs of the shoulders as in, hey-what-can-you-do about another relative, blogger or
reporter arrested, beaten or killed for "crimes" of "unpatriotic emotion" or subversion
against government.

In the 1950's American Ivy League universities and low paid researchers were able to
skim large amounts from CIA black budgets while making themselves believe they were
serving a greater cause.

Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, who led the MKULTRA program, apparently found out
differently and eventually said publicly that his work in this program was
effectively useless.  For once, IMO, and contrary to all published reports, he was
probably telling the truth.
Researchers from US and Canada probably thought the MKUltra program goals
were as stated: behavior modification to assist in interrogation, torture and control.
They were right and also wrong. IMO, with few exceptions the entire program
might have been an expensive diversion to compensate for the following....
"The project (MKUltra) began during a period of what Rupert Cornwell 
described as "paranoia" at the CIA, when America had lost its nuclear
monopoly, and fear of Communism (China went communist) was at its 
height. [23] James Jesus Angletonhead of CIA counter-intelligence, 
believed that the organization had been penetrated by a mole at the 
highest levels.[23James Jesus Angleton had regular drinking sessions
with high ranking British spy Kim Philby.  The bad guy was right under
his prominent paranoid nose. Philby later defected to Russia, an
apparent traitor.  B-b-but was he?

The above resulted in a CIA manufactured MKUltra "mind control,
brainwashing gap" where Russians and Koreans were, as always, made
to appear as way ahead.  "Communist Red Scares" before and after
Joe McCarthy (based on reality and manufactured hysteria), non-existent
"bomber gaps", Sputnik satellite technology gaps, "missile gaps" and
ensuing Cold War paranoia leading to intended increases to CIA and defense budgets.

THE UPDATED VERSION (NOT the result of any DEW weaponry or technology
or the result of government or contractor mind control conspiracy)
1) remote frequency stimulus or depression of brain and body for 6-8 months of

2) enabling a one and two way neurohack and scaring the living crap out of the victim.

3) Then a continuing nightly psychic driving where every word is spoken in a textured
unison staccato "driving" of an e-filtered mix of simple wordage thousands of times
into the brain and psyche.  The latter is done routinely, programmed step by step.
Again, this does not originate with any government or corporate agency.  It is not
technology.  It does mimic technology perfectly.

Remote, non-local, action at a distance means directing frequencies that "touch" and that
particular touch may or may be subtle enough to be felt on the skin.  Sound frequencies
can adjust, stimulate, depress specific areas of the brain and body and psyche without,
physical contact and be felt consciously or not.  A slight needle like sensation is felt
hitting the neck area in the area of the thyroid or larynx for minutes at a time.  The
next day I will feel unusually talkative.  A direct cause and effect.  This was nothing
painful, no microwave DEW laser effect and can be dismissed as a tactile hallucination.

The implications comprise every paranoid's and public/ private security interrogators 
wet dreams come true.  "Us", in all too many cases, are people pretending to be 
freedom loving civil libertarian "good guys" in opposition to "Them" NSA or FSB
or corporate oil klepto Russian bad guys".  "Us" and "Them" are frequently one 
in the same when it comes to some on-line and real world double-think honey-traps
now given the label "fake news" as if some kind of revelation.  When used to 
manipulate an election it finally gets some serious and WaPo fake coverage. 

Friday, July 29, 2016


(always projected into "the future")


Photo: Joint Base Lewis McChord / Flickr


"IT’S BEEN FASHIONABLE in military circles to talk about cyberspace as a “fifth domain” for warfare, along with land, space, air and sea. But there’s a sixth and arguably more important warfighting domain emerging: the human brain."

This new battlespace is not just about influencing hearts and minds
with people seeking truth about this final of frontiers. It’s about 
involuntarily penetrating, shaping, and coercing the mind in the ultimate 
realization of Clausewitz’s definition of war: compelling an adversary to 
submit to one’s will. 
"And the most powerful tool in this war is brain-computer interface (BCI) 
technologies, which connect the human brain to robotic systems."

"Where BCIs can provide opportunities for injured or disabled soldiers 
to remain on active duty post injury, enable paralyzed individuals to 
use their brain to type, or allow amputees to feel using bionic limbs
they can also be exploited if hacked. BCIs can be used to manipulate 
or kill for security or humanitarian purposes, the reality is that 
misapplication of such research and technology has significant 
implications for the future of warfare."

"Recently, security expert Barnaby Jack demonstrated the vulnerability of
biotechnological systems by highlighting how easily pacemakers and implantable 
cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) could be hacked, raising fears about the 
susceptibility of even life-saving biotechnological implants. This vulnerability 
could easily be extended to biotechnologies that connect directly to the brain,
such as vagus nerve stimulation or deep-brain stimulation."
(Security expert Barnaby Jack died in 2013)

"Outside the body, recent experiments have proven that the brain can control and 
maneuver quadcopter drones and metal exoskeletons. How long before we harness 
the power of mind-controlled weaponized drones – or use BCIs to enhance the power, 
efficiency, and sheer lethality of our soldiers?"
The Wired article is not just posing these facts for the sake of drama. 
It is asking the reader to just use some inference, some imagination as to the
actual possibilities.  Methods that resemble what was thought to be
something akin to "magic" but is not.

In reality there is no compunction about doing involuntary psychological
experimentation on civilians.  Unless caught all of it is sanctioned and winked at
as no big deal.

The average smug individual like I used to be has little to worry about except getting
all angry at NSA spy overreach on one hand and if we are attacked again getting
understandably angry about that.  The media feels entitled to exploit each in isolation
as if one has nothing to do with the other.  Bounced back and forth by our mainstream
and so-called alternative media, between privacy and security with one political
party having a near monopoly on the manipulation and exploitation of fear and
doom perpetual war at home and abroad.  I don't have to mention the name.
This is the party of endless financial and religious endtime all the time disruption.
The lefty unimagined rapture of the nerds global warming and climate change
disasters in the making don't compare. When combined the effect is similar.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


It looks like being *stressed* really is "desserts" spelled backwards...


In 2009, it was shown that the amount of telomerase activity significantly 
increased due to psychological stress. Across the sample of patients 
telomerase activity increased by 18% one hour after the end of the stress. 
Telomerase activity was examined in peripheral blood mononuclear cells 
showing high telomerase activity than in controls after a three month
meditation retreat.

And here is Dr. K again to make things more believable and less stressful. 

From the Martin Amis novel "Zone of Interest", chapter titled "Brown Snow".
(The reason behind the color of the snow can and cannot be imagined)

Auschwitz prison camp Commandant Paul Doll (Rudolf Höss) ruminating on how to
handle the next trainload of Jewish humanity as smoothly as possible and without incident. Occupants stuffed in train after train up till that time were always told they were "settlers"
merely being transferred to work teams in eastern territories with a "stopover" for hygienic
reasons at a bath "spa".

Commandant Paul Doll: "The people in the target communities are drawing their own
conclusions from an obvious and irrefutable truth: Nobody Has Ever Come Back.  Thus
they've put 2 and 2 together, and we have lost the "element of surprise."  All right,
I'll phrase that slightly differently: in the matter of what awaits these "settlers" in the eastern territories, we no longer have the advantage of being unbelievable.  The decisive asset of being beyond belief."

That last sentence by Martin Amis...IOW, people catch on.  And are forced to believe the unbelievable.  Intractable delusion can't be invoked when convenient.  Famous last words.

Nothing in this blog is in any way comparable to the horror of Auchwitz.
Operators of another sort of malevolence still hide behind "being beyond belief"
regarding something that also operates in plain sight.  Updated versions of
Commandant Höss' exist on the periphery of vision, in rumor and in conspiracies
so numerous that no one would want to conceptualize or acknowledge the reality
 without invoking cringeworthy automatic default settings of embarrassed laughs,
eye-rolls and nervous disbelief.  IOW, none of the claims in this blog are a threat
to anyone or anything.

A video segment from a 60 Minutes broadcast regarding a camp survivor:

Friday, July 22, 2016


Lawyers Guns And Money, the late Warren Zevon


"At least one subproject of the MK Ultra project was about the electronic control of human  behaviour (subproject 119). Subproject 119 whose purpose was to provide funds for a study to make a critical review of the literature and scientific developments related to the recording, analysis and interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism, and activation of human behaviour by remote means.  The survey encompassed five main areas: techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means, bio-electric sensors, recording, analysis and standardization of data."

IN SUMMERY: (I suspect this underplayed subproject preceded the program)
"...scientificdevelopments related to the recording, analysis and interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism, and activation of the human behavior by remote sensors, recording, analysis and standardization of data"

IOW, I am guessing the above was much further along in the 1950's then indicated, was
certainly commercialized decades later starting in the 1990's and post 911.  That said,
the pulsed multiple frequencies used on me resulting in complete sleep deprivation,
brainwashing, stim of multi-vital organs to keep them functioning for many months
while keeping me alive, looking reasonably fit (actually in a dazed depressed half life)
and controlled without physical marks or evidence and without lasting negative physical
or psychological effects is completely beyond any known technology of today.

Sleep deprivation is seldom mentioned on deliberately bogus mind control internet sites
designed as if for the IQ 80 crowd.  Putting certain difficult to believe truthful hints blended
with erroneous government plots so that they can't be told apart is meant to discredit the
part that is truthful.  This strategy also preemptively discredits anyone who tries to describe it.
The mature attitude is: it can't be proved, there's no there there, don't even try to describe it.

The shear numbers of bogus videos are made in order to discredit the entire internet and:
1) manufacture doubt in any government authority or any non-theocratic objective fact.
2) by shear repetition directing nonsense rumors to receptive minds with twitchy trigger fingers.
(Glenn Beck used to yell out, "stop the hate!" to break the trance of previous word bombs
and the shedding of tears at the state of his/ our country on impressionably receptive minds.)
3) These sites and videos wrap themselves and their ridiculous message in God and flag
regardless of where they originate.
4) Sounding exactly like but deflecting blame from established populist right wing conservative propaganda by blaming nebulous "New World Orders", the Illuminati, Satan, NWO, "libtards" (elevated conservative humor), gays, always missing the actual culprits...themselves.
5) Start reasonable, accuse bankers, oligarchs, government CFR NWO Boho Grove "elites."
 (Rockefeller NWO is mentioned frequently but the sacred name of oil is rarely spoken of)

While done to some extent everywhere, what happens when an entire oil kleptocratic state
apparatus plus worldwide RT exists in the service of mixing truth with lies and false
equivalence in connection with the West and the U.S. in particular?  With *pure unspoiled
Christian" mother Russia resisting fascists, the CIA and Islamic terrorists from all sides.*
IOW, a system of government and politics functioning beyond sarcasm, satire or belief.

Closed societies have the propaganda advantage over open societies.  Which means
Russians, N. Koreans, Chinese go crazy over CIA MKUltra and FBI COINTELPRO
programs made public.  Ignoring Stalin, Mao, the gulags, the work camps that makes
the worst of the CIA and FBI look tame. 
Propaganda is the passive aggressive version of New Cold War cyber/ financial and
actual combat being waged below the surface.

(A more immediate and direct example of passive aggression: in quick succession
an attractive female dental school instructor pokes a tender spot on the gums with
a dental pick and says "I'm sorry."  Next up comes gay male instructor who does
the same and politely says, "I'm sorry."  An older matronly female "director" with
a pleasant smile avoids what was done before but does something just
as obnoxious, and says with all due sincerity..... you guessed it.)

Saturday, July 9, 2016


The supernatural reality behind the farce of what is called government
brainwashing and torture has little to do with government and nothing to
do with any secret or known technology or weaponry.  The following
is context using technology as a metaphor because the real thing makes
a point of mimicking directed energy microwave and acoustic sound
weapons for very practical reasons.  It enables an entire industry creating
and feeding off of manufactured or "alternative news" trying hard to
manufacture their own reality now falsely labeled a post fact reality.
IOW, the industry of Russian, Israeli and Religious Right troll farm
propaganda.  Next level up is computer hacking and subverting elections
or sabotaging infrastructure, trucks or drones.  The next level up from that?
Hacking the neural extended energy field whereby the so-called elites rich,
military, politicians, CIA, FSB, DHS, MOD, FBI do as they're told.


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"...Arthur C. Clarke

Regarding post WWII human experiments at Harvard described earlier:
Per Susan Jacoby:
While the Vietnam War and draft were the impetus behind the 1960's student 
demonstrations another cause was the knowledge by facility and certain students 
that entire university departments were funded and controlled and dumbed down 
by the Pentagon and CIA since the end of WWII. 

Imagine Russian gulag and Chinese work camp equivalents making these U.S. programs 
look almost comical by comparison.  Back in the bad old Stalin and post Stalin era 
millions of those deemed subversive were "purged" or killed.  IOW, it was always 
Purge Night back in the day.  Imagine Putin's East German "glory days" of KGB and Stasi?
Now in "liberalized" post perestroika Russia the killing of journalists and political 
opponents still gets noticed even after the Russian government sponsored TV news gets 
through spinning the story.  

Replace the following substances and materials with good old fashion total sleep deprivation,
verbal and e-frequency sound combinations including "psychic driving" in the following 
17 stated goals of CIA MKUltra Programs giving anyone not in on the joke a feel for how 
these entities "think": 

  • Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.
  • Materials which will cause the victim to age faster/slower in maturity.
  • Materials which. will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol
  • Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in  a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.
  • Materials which will cause temporary/permanent brain damage and loss of memory
  • Substances which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privationtorture and coercion during interrogation and so-called "brain-washing"
  • Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.
  • Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.
  • Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.
  • Substances which will produce a chemical that can cause blisters.
  • Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.
  • A material which will cause mental confusion of such a type that the individual under its influence will find it difficult to maintain a fabrication under questioning.
  • Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.
  • Substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eyesight or hearing faculties, preferably without permanent effects.
  • A knockout pill which can surreptitiously be administered in drinks, food, cigarettes, as an aerosol, etc., which will be safe to use, provide a maximum amnesia, and be suitable for use by agent types on an ad hoc basis.
  • A material which can be surreptitiously administered by the above routes and which in very small amounts will make it impossible for a person to perform physical activity
  • MKUlt Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.  (This blog can easily be made to be seen as exhibit A) 

  • Note #3, materials or substances which will cause the victim to age faster/ 
    slower in maturity.  Or acoustic sound combination delivery systems capable
    of stimulating, depressing and causing pain at a distance.  Within the limits of present day technology penetrating solid materials or construction with 
    directed sound weaponry is not easily implemented.  This is conveniently 
    ignored in thousands of bogus You Tube videos depicting government 
    sponsored (always implying the U.S. government) so-called "electronic 
    harassment" subjecting untold numbers worldwide.  The reality is almost
    as nasty.  Big Gov cooperates and does what it's told. 

    While MKUltra programs spent millions on volunteers and non-volunteers, very 
    little of the above, then or now, (besides #1, and a few others) were accomplished 
    efficiently through the use of "materials", "substances" or chemical hallucinogens
    like LSD discovered in 1937 and scopolamine well known from the days of the OSS.

    LSD was probably very well known by a few in the post WWII CIA.  CIA program 
    chief chemist, Sidney Gottlieb would drop overdoses in the drinks of people he 
    disliked (which he did) or take it himself in safer amounts.  Undetectable 
    poisons were known from the days of the OSS, the CIA predessessor, and were 
    always sought after and used with or without Cuba's Fidel Castro as evil subversive 
    enemy incarnate.  The U.S. recently reopened an embassy in Cuba to predictable 
    derisive right wing populist panic. 

    So-called "Manchurian Candidate" brainwashing is not accomplished by ridiculous 
    Las Vegas playing card pendulum hypnosis.  Extended extreme sleep deprivation in itself 
    with psychic driving renders subject victims confused and suggestible enough to believe
    just about anything.

    The trick is to keep the victim alive and functioning past ten days.  Besides continuous
    sleep disruption accompanied by loud noise: frequency stim to major organs felt as 
    energy streaming into the kidney adrenal area.  The heart needs to be periodically
    jump-started and raced to to the point of causing victims to keel over to their knees.
    A humbling bending of the knee, learned helplessness and induced close to death panic.
    Repeated skin heating feels like a blowtorch from an overhead direction terrorizes and
    paralyzes thinking causing fight/ flight reflexes to go into full alert.  No burning
    results and the victim never stays around long enough to find out if actual burning results.
    Induced projectile nausea is how internal organs and digestion are stimulated and kept functioning.

    Digestion of food and drink become impossible and are always the first body systems
    rendered disfunctional during induced sleep disruption making it impossible to work a job.
    In my case, after a period of years, I was forced to retire.  But of course insomnia is
    implicated in all the usual DSM default cliches for defined and undefined "nervous
    disorders", delusion, psychosis.  Induced sleeplessness is rarely mentioned on previously
    mentioned disinformation sites blaming government and elaborate technology.  It's rarely
    mentioned for a reason.  It's the basis for everything that follows.  Sleep is viewed as
    the enemy.

    After a period of approximately seven years sleep is allowed but restful healthy sleep
    occurs only two or three times a year.  A luxury grudgingly provided so at least the
    "free loading" retiree who doesn't work knows what the real thing is like. 

    Sleep deprivation terror as perfectly depicted in the movie based on a 
    childs storybook, "The Babadook".  Eliminate the evil spirit boogeyman 
    and the special effects and you have a rare depiction of sleep deprivation beyond
    difficult child single motherhood.  One brief scene depicts her attempt at seeking
    help from an outside source, the police.  Big mistake.  What she sees in the police
    station on the coat rack is the outfit worn by the malevolent spook that's been
    torturing her and her son.  On one level this is seen as delusion and hallucination
    from stress and sleeplessness.  Actually it's used as the perfect metaphor showing
    that outside agencies will not help.  IOW, the perfect depiction of upside-down
    reality as it really functions in reality.  Police are thought to be a first resort but
    in fact are the last to go to for actual help in these cases.  Sleep deprivation
    not the result of mental illness, not the result of any government program makes
    people very desperate for relief.  There is no relief.  There is a gradual winding
    down of the intensity. 

    The entertainment industry, particularly TV and movies exploit, trivialize
    all the themes in this blog.  Zombie "Walking Dead" themes (no zombies
    but plenty of real people stretched out around the subway stops on 23rd Street), 
    dystopian novels and planted National Enquirer FEMA martial law Texas 
    Jade Helm conspiracy stories.  Dystopian movies like Mad Max focus on the
    young adult demographic not to mention dystopia on steroids in the science
    fiction gaming industry.

    The focus remains on government as all-purpose bad guy.  Here's how they
    function in reality: Government, police and politicians carry out their usual
    proscribed functions for better or worse.  Their function and the function of all
    governments are subject to forces described in the blog. 

    From the time of the 60's with Nixon subsidizing police departments and 
    the Reagan 1980's when security work was contracted out to civilians and
    the pre and post 911 army of 800,000 civilian contractors plus another army
    of NSA, DHS, Fusion police government security concentrated mostly in
    Southern states.  Enough to bankrupt any government.  The one month jobless
    statistic before President Obama took office was 850,000.  The minute he took
    office the word most often used by Republicans in the US and throughout the
    world was "austerity" and balanced budgets and scary scary debt figures.
    Without irony.  Will the Democratic Party be around to mitigate any of this?
    I must be kidding.  Since 1933 their main job is to use up all their time and
    political capital doing economic and military cleanup.   Along the way they've
    managed to push through Social Security and imperfect ACA healthcare.

    President Obama is called socialist by the party that presided over two
    government bailouts in 1989 (S/L Crisis and Bush 41) and the 2008
    Great Recession.   The GOP were saddened when there was no double
    dip recession in 2011 but still swept Congress in 2014 with plenty of help
    from the Ebola scar.  How many US citizens died in this country of Ebola?
    None.  Zero.  CNN's Wolf Blitzer high pitched hyperbolic voice notwithstanding.

    Did someone say the NSA was out of control?  How could they not be?
    I should now ignore which "small government" political party hired most of them.
    Ignore the fact that this same Republican Party presents itself as the first line of
    civil liberty defense privacy and security.  Reintroducing NSA's PRISM in 2007.
    Ignore that the party of small government is the embodiment of government
    as long as it's their kind of "deficits don't matter" economic trickle down defense
    contracting that has become a way of life particularly for those in and around
    the DC beltway.

    All of which is pretty bad but then imagine the monstrosity of the Russian FSB
    and how their centralized government functions internally in a ridiculously
    dysfunctional corrupt closed society?  And yet oil klepto Russia draws false
    equivalence in their disinformation propaganda by inflating the faults of much
    more open Western societies.  Their dysfunctional always in transition government
    is the embodymemt of centralized chaos manifesting in many forms: in an army
    of right wing troll farms locally and on the www.  In another army of hackers as
    forces of autocratic disruption worldwide and in the U.S.  Closed society hacking
    and propaganda manipulation on the part of the right wing has distinct advantages
    when millions of displaced migrants are migrating into open societies of Europe
    and the Americas.  Combining the internet with the inferiority complex derived
    from the utter backwardness of their government, how can you blame Putin for
    trying to stem the tide of western culture by steadily jamming up the internet
    with Psy-Ops MKUltra COINTELPRO distortions that open societies make public.
    And then try to influence foreign politics through hacking their systems and
    ramping up what is called "alternative" usually right wing news that makes Fox
    News look fair and balanced.

    From the macro back to the individual: 
    Pulsed sound frequency combinations can be made to remotely race the heart, 
    heat the skin, induce nausea, induce learned helplessness, cause hair to 
    stand on end and generally scare the living shit out of average people. 
    This is not done on spy's, the poor, prostitutes, prisoners, addicts, terrorists 
    migrants or whistleblowers.  It is done on average people who worked non-security
    low level jobs in my case, local state government.  

    Sound DEW weaponry is mimicked.  Their is no known or secret technology
    that functions as described here.  Technology is used as a headfake so that
    victims first impulse is to blame everything on any and all government agencies.
    At which point they start sounding like every other paranoid lunatic who ever lived.

    And now ex-Special Forces, ex-CIA, ex-NSA contractor 
    Ed Snowden is forced to live in the autocratic oil klepto
    capital of the world, Russia.  Steroids for their propaganda effort. 

    Making matters worse is Mr. Conservative, Punching 
    Pat Buchanan extolling autocrat Vladimir Putin in early 
    2014 as an example of Christian morality over and above 
    his own President in the media outlet he started, 
    The American Conservative.   What can Daniel Larison
    do but cringe.  He is now propped up as the sane reasonable 
    star of TAC to counter Rod Dreher and Buchanan. 

    The party that lost the popular vote in 2000 and needed
    SCOTUS for legitimacy now promotes Trump's birthers 
    who question President Obama's Christianity, his country of 
    origin and patriotism not to mention thwarting his ability to 
    govern over and above what is expected of partisan oppositions 
    or so say Republican moderates Mann and Ornstein.   

    And Trump supporters are the ones who want Hillary Clinton 
    executed for treason?  This is the political party that thinks they 
    are entitled to rule and are so rich that no mainstream media 
    publicly questions their legitimacy as a political entity.   Catering 
    as they have to their real and pretend in-house extremists 
    for the past 60 years.  

    Saturday, July 2, 2016


    VOX CLIMATE CHANGE: (skip the long commercial)

    “Democracies don’t need agreement. They do need tolerance of disagreement...Politics divides, and it should. In another way, they’re wrong. Getting along doesn’t require milquetoast moderation, flaccid centrism or “moving beyond left and right.” However, it does require some willingness to compromise, some curiosity about what might be valuable in the other side’s point of view, and some minimal attention to the civic virtues of tolerance and restraint,” – Clive Crook.  Of BloombergView 

    Thousands of right wing sites out of the U.S., Russia, Israel have their
    own English language versions of what qualifies as fact or reality.  They
    manufacture their own.  This is why lying plays such a large part in their culture.

    Alaska's HAARP which, while it operated, supposedly rained mind control
    frequencies on millions.  Aircraft "chemtrails" are said to be releasing
    "Morgellons" mind control nano bots into the air we breathe.  The implication
    being, "you want proof of chemtrails?  There it is in plain sight coming out
    the back of those government planes."

    Rigged rogue internet sites and video channels use a right wing
    fear and doom "paranoid style" to take advantage of a ready-made populist
    conservative mindset that sees these fringe ideas as convenient and that
    aligns with previous closely held beliefs regarding government
    closely followed by political, religious identity beliefs.

    One reason so much of the above exists on the internet is to make
    any unproven circumstantial statements, like those contained in this
    blog, impossible for anyone serious to even consider.  This blog gets
    put in the conspiracy fringe category instead of delineating civil rights" infringement.

    That said, the following questions are worth asking:
    How might it be possible to bypass the brain and overcome 
    obstacles mentioned in the previous Michio Kaku video? (See #6 below)

    What are the effects of psychic driving and sleep deprivation/ 
    disruption lasting many years or a lifetime?  Any further 
    inquiry along these lines might be labeled, "black magic", 
    secret knowledge, metaphysics or psychosis.  My inquiry has 
    nothing to do with the first or the last of those four.

    Difficult to believe personal experience not 
    proof of anything:
    1) At the outset, fMRI's, electrodes or headsets aren't needed.

    2) Individual neural templates are conditioned and controlled below

    consciousness for many years.  (By who?  By what means?) 

    3) Nightly remote "psychic driving" sound effects and verbal 
    inputs involve the repetition of simple phrases with each 
    word in each sentence heard in textured seamless unison 
    making it impossible to ignore and easily "driven" into the brain.  
    Imagine hearing each word of this sentence on a regular basis in 
    stereo or quad in sing song or staccato rhythms.  A dumb stereo
    verbiage effect might be a regular occurrence in psychosis but I very much doubt it. 

    4) Sexual manipulation plays a major part in keeping human
    guinea pigs sufficiently motivated for another year, ten years, or a lifetime.

    5) Prior telomerase entries suggest that all of this might be a kind

    of perverse demented "life extension" program wherein those 
    on the receiving end, within obvious parameters, are not allowed
    to live or die.  Thoughts of suicide are programmed out sub-vocally
    above and below consciousness.  Deliberately provoked anger adjusts
    and subdues depression.  Yes, deliberately provoked anger works to 
    alleviate and control depression whether you are aware of what is 
    happening or not.  Anger is provoked by deliberate bumping, grappling
    when outdoors like what might be common on a prison yard along with 
    a visual waterboarding repellant looking people, and auditory 
    "monitoring" and "influence" by means base sound ceiling pounding 
    or creaking closing or slammed door effects when indoors.
    These aren't the usual auditory, visual or tactile hallucinations. 
    ("Yup, they always claim to be the exception") 

    6) Sleep disruption, deprivation and manipulation of every aspect 
    of sleep results in *overstimulated verbal centers in the brain 
    which, in turn, causes thoughts to be heard as if spoken aloud.  
    (No longer the case)

    Can subvocalized words be picked up in the area of the vocal cords, 
    on the breath, in the area of the chest and possibly where the brainstem
    almost touches the voice box?  Calling to mind certain universal iconic 
    pictures of God and Adam's fingers almost touching.  Can thoughts 
    can be picked up indirectly apart from the brain in the throat 
    or on the breath?  Noise and interference filtered out via software?  
    SQUID tech? 

    (*The auditory hallucination sometimes called "thought broadcasting") 

    There are additional work-around shortcuts because....

    7) What has been and still is considered the ravings of psychotics 
    about mind control, implanted thoughts and mind reading is 
    restated here as a one-way neurohack implemented easily
    in seamless real time.

    8) Psychic driving sleep (involuntary mantra) disruption seems
    necessary for entrainment and to maintain brain integrity without 
    any chip based micro-embedded assistance so often spoken about 
    on disinformation sites that make blogs like this seem self involved 
    and whacked out. 

    9) Nightly disruption of sleep, dreaming and REM cycles over a
    lifetime seem to have had the following effects early in my life: 
    brain and body function sub-optimally with only average to below 
    school performance, daily wakeup fatigue and inevitable labels of "lazy" 
    absentminded or "in a fog".  Common enough and indicative of nothing it itself.

    10) Not so common - at age 60 subjected to systematic:
    a) complete sleep deprivation for months as mentioned
    b) additional months of sleep disruption
    c) followed by months of more total sleeplessness during summer months. 
    d) disruption prevents the person from reasoning the difference between 
    psychosis and induced psychosis.  It took five years for the true cause 
    of all the difficulty to finally be determined as induced.  As dumb as that 
    might sound to anyone who lives and dies by the DSM.

    (because none of it is, as said, scientifically possible)

    Present day abuse of tattoos is not an implanted micro-printed
    telepathic conspiracy.  (Does that need to be said?)

    The "Ministry of Informationwas the paradoxically named 
    section of government from George Orwell's novel "1984"
    (written in 1948) about propaganda, fear and brainwashing upon
    the fictional, always seemingly war distracted state of Oceania
    (sound familiar?).  The Ministry of Love contained the infamous 
    Room 101 which implemented "love" of Big Bro though
    torture and brainwashing.  After a course of treatment in Room 101,
    "thought criminals" like the main character, Winston Smith, were
    supposed to learn a perverse masochistic "love" for "Dear Leader", Big Brother.

    The fictional Big Brother was, IMO, a projection in the form of a novel
    of what I describe here with Orwell using political themes as context.
    He was describing the audacity of complete dispair in trying to outwit
    Big Brother who in fact really was (is) everywhere both internally and in the
    world.  Like the books Big Brother, the real gestalt entity really does see and
    know all.  Orwell uses a talking image and panopticon cameras of a typical
    police state as substitute.

    All Religious Right Apocalyptic prophesies are made because
    Armageddon always happens and always will happen regardless of
    whether you call the internal dictator Big Bro or a biblical god coming
    down internally inside the brain from what is called the heavens
    ending the world i.e.: all illusions about how the world operates.  

    The Martin Amis novel "Money", published in 1984, does not deal with
    fascist or communist dictatorships.  It humorously deals with the late
    20th century tyranny mentioned in the title.  If Orwell/ Eric Blair had
    any he would have been able to afford existent treatments for the
    tuberculous that eventually killed him.

    The narrator of "Money", John "Self", is a drunken little dictator
    tyrant in the kingdoms of advertising and Hollywood.  Another 
    mad man among Mad Men operating across the pond and in the U.S. 

    Amis, a character in his own novel uses a female character named Twain 
    to recommend George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984" as 
    "how-to kits" for understanding the twentieth century.  1984 plus 
    Thomas Pynchon's almost unreadable "Gravity's Rainbow",
    published in 1973, might also qualify.  The latter was made deliberately 
    unreadable to hide certain delicate facts and identities that few 
    knew about at the time.  Hiding same behind walls of nonsense and 
    non-nonsense verbiage came in handy for Pynchon to raise a family 
    and live in almost complete anonymity. 

    It helps to be an Eric Blair, Martin Amis or a Thomas Pynchon, or to work
    in intelligence, defense contracting, or be one of the the "Mad Men"
    of advertising, politics or Hollywood PR to be able to decipher all 
    of this and make it understandable even to myself.  Needless to say 
    I am involved in none of these. 

    In the US and I'm sure elsewhere there are many labeling 
    themselves as Winston Smith-like "thought criminals"
    pretending to be "standing up to" or "sticking it to the man"
    (non-lethally of course) or fighting real and imagined government tyranny.

    Overheated political theater is routinely used in partisan political and
    religious posturing (in combination they are lethal) particularly
    by NRA pro PR provocateurs, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham,
    pop music, comedians, Hollywood celebrities or regular people.
    Celebrities can occasionally be seen trying desperately to explain away
    previous bazaar behavior by blaming everything on "the Jews",
    or government "mind control" implemented by "NWO Illuminati"
    satellites, Satan or "Bilderberg" elites. IOW, make up anything.

    After rehab they look remarkably like "reborn" Christians having
    nothing to do with that alcoholic addicted "other fella" of six months ago.
    Be at least aware of how fake every part of their story is.
    The "new world order" Illuminati parts are the least of it.
    The above might be an example of PR strategies dumped on
    their followers who will pretend to believe just about anything.
    An audience who willfully participates in the lie because not doing
    so is impossible or unthinkable.  They are like extras playing parts.

    Fringe areas of the Internet or You Tube are overrun with fakes
    calling themselves "TI" or targeted individuals.  Most are probably
    not crazy but merely doing the job of muddying the water to
    make the real thing impossible to believe.  Mission Accomplished.

    Consider conservative leaders like the undeclared "pope" Rush Limbaugh,
    who now feel entitled to call the real Pope, Pope Francis, a Marxist.
    President Obama has long had that label, in addition to "fascist,
    socialist, Muslim, racist, anti-Christ, radical "tyrant" going beyond
    conservative political theater into the realm of Room 101 induced
    mass insanity expertly manipulated and manufactured for a seemingly
    overly emotional easily manipulated populist conservative public.
    All that is needed is repetition from several different media directions.

    (Imagine if Obama had lost the popular vote in 2012 like Bush in the
    2000 presidential election only to be legitimized by the Supreme Court?
    Does anyone wonder about the origins of the much deserved so-called 
    Bush derangement syndrome?) 

    There is more than one way to imprison someone besides:
    1) Russian gulags
    2) Chinese prisons for crimes of "unpatriotic emotion"
    3) The millions in the US imprisoned in for-profit jails for excessive
    terms for non-violent drug crimes keeping those beds, those assets, filled.

    Want to pass strict immigration laws?  Make sure you build those
    for-profit prisons ahead of time and "fill-em-up" even before completion.
    IOW, a waiting list.  Great for economically depressed small town employment.
    When those small town citizens are employed as guards sadism becomes understatement.

    Then there are the few locked up in E-prisons who are easily
    dismissed as locked in imaginary prisons of id delusion of their
    own design.  This is made easier to do when you have a
    Republican T-(Trump) Party that nurtures its lunatic fringe and has enough
    money to create, make up, its own reality whenever convenient.
    That makes this blog easier to dismiss as part of a pervasive much
    larger phenomenon of populist paranoia and hyperbole.