Friday, August 5, 2016


Everything described in this blog does and doesn't originate in any particular time or country.
Manifesting in the 1960's - 1980's in the following ways: I had no idea at the time but
"new age" groups like Macrobiotics, Bioenergetics, Sri Chinmoy, Bubba Free John,
Integral Yoga and many other so-called alternative eastern and western groups were
completely serious as far as their stated intentions and completely rigged.

By who?  Not the FBI who were probably there reporting to J. Edgar and his successor
on what might have been considered to be potential subversive foreign infiltration.
The groups themselves didn't care and probably got a bunch of laughs over who the
special agent G-Man infiltrator was.

These alt groups had excellent PR depending on the image they wanted projected.
I never followed Franklin "Adi Da" Jones' " and his naughty reported hippy orgies which
were likely faked or contrived for the sake of rumor.  Or relatively conservative East-
Indian mediation teachers seemingly following unwritten scripts of prescribing celebracy
until, one after the other, getting "caught" seducing female followers.  One was described
as preforming mechanically, in/ out laughably animatronic sex seemingly getting nothing out
of it.  IOW, asexual, as if doing a job.  Like the priest from Spotlight.  And fulfilling
deliberately self-provoked falls from "enlightened grace", a karmic offset to being objects
of worship and fame.  Deliberately arranged and welcomed PR both positive and negative?

IMO, many people, Catholic religious leader, Marcial Maciel Dellogado, famous politicians
like Sen. Larry Craig, actor Mel Gibson who manufacture deliberate public humiliation under
the guise of sex, mental illness, substance abuse or all three.  Right after he, Gibson, makes a
billion dollars depicting the Crucifixion of Christ a series of incidents are blamed on alcohol,
"the Joos" or a bipolar condition.  Was he actually DWI?  Yes.  Involved with porn actresses?
Most likely.  All real and all faked.  Public disgrace is considered a badge of honor and
something to actually strive for in some religious quarters.  Like his for instance.  Like the
Catholic Church for instance.  Gibson just happens to be fundamentalist Catholic.

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