Thursday, January 12, 2017


"Columnists and magazines that a month ago were saying #NeverTrump are now vibrating with the frisson of his audacity." May 20, 2016

"The three-part process by which the gross becomes taken for granted has been on matchlessly grim view this past week in the ascent of Donald Trump."

"If Trump came to power, there is a decent chance that the American experiment would be over. This is not a hyperbolic prediction; it is not a hysterical prediction; it is simply a candid reading of what history tells us happens in countries with leaders like Trump. Countries don’t really recover from being taken over by unstable authoritarian nationalists of any political bent, left or right—not by Peróns or Castros or Putins or Francos or Lenins or fill in the blanks. The nation may survive, but the wound to hope and order will never fully heal. Ask Argentinians or Chileans or Venezuelans or Russians or Italians—or Germans. The 
national psyche never gets over learning that its institutions are that fragile and their ability to resist a dictator that weak. If he can rout the Republican Party in a week by having effectively secured the nomination, ask yourself what Trump could do with the American government if he had a mandate." ...Adam Gopnik, New Yorker

As authoritarians both Trump and Putin get to say what's true.  They both manufacture
doubt and distrust in facts, logic, nuance, governments and reality itself.  The aim of the
Republican Party long before Trump was to make sure erosion seeps into U.S. mainstream
news, politics and culture.  Just look at what passes for populist right wing politics...

Speaking of which, never thought I'd be quoting veteran neoconservative 
reporter, James Kirchick: "I should not have been surprised. I’ve been 
following Russia’s cultivation of the American right for years, long before 
it became a popular subject, and I have been amazed at just how deep and effective the campaign to shift conservative views on Russia has been. Four 
years ago, I began writing a series of articles about the growing sympathy 
for Russia among some American conservatives."  (He voted HRC. Will 
return to his work further on) 

After land, sea, air, the internet and space, there is another final frontier, another domain of contention and warfare.  The sixth domain, the human brain and the control of same.  

I believe maybe half of what Andrei Soldatov has to say about the lead up to 2016.   IMO,
Putin, key I.C. people, unelected Republican proxies, a few Republicans in Congress, team
Trump along with his campaign manager Paul Manafort were moving together long before
mid 2016.

"The 1st rule of Fight Club paid trolling...never talk about Fight Club...unless wearing 
ski masks and floral shirt on this excellent funny Samantha Bee Full Frontal segment... 

On YT are thousands of bogus fear and doom disinformation videos and websites 
that pretend to expose (U.S. never Russkie) government sponsored mind control.  
All but telling viewers that sausage fact-ory You Tube "alternative" "news" videos 
by the thousand along with most supportive commentsthousands of internet sites, 
blogs, forums, Facebook pages, fake news ad sites supported by paid or volunteer 
Psy-War contractors imitating paranoid style fear, doom, confusion and delusion.  

Then again, the above video is comedian Samantha Bee doing a comedy 
interview from Moscow.  What serious news person can take this seriously?  
Everything said is totally accurate but that simple fact is offset by the comedy 
format which can be said to be easily rigged by using English speaking 
Russian students or comedians claiming to be paid troll disinformants.  

The comedy format seems acceptable to troll networks themselves because they can 
then get creatively Orwellian by attacking one of their main targets, the US media. 
Under the Sam Bee YT video are comments giving false praise to the comedian as doing 
better job of reporting on troll purveyors of alternative "news" (likely the comment 
writerthan serious MSM reporters.  Creating a manufactured Kafka hall of mirrors.

Psy-war contractors compensate for insane content with shear numbers of videos and sites.   They exist to provide a context for outright lying that undermines the idea of accuracy, facts, news and rational informed bias. 

In my view of things, few of the perfectly scripted videos in the You Tube "alternative"
fear and doom video categories are made by the mentally ill which is counter to the prevailing
informed narrative typified by Doctor Vaughan Bell quoted in the NY Times 2008 link below.

This is the psychiatrist who runs the popular appropriately named "Mind Hacks"
psychology blog.  Dr. Bell and Yale Professor Dr. William Hoffman say these sites and
videos are by and for the mentally ill.  Even considering video editing few of these
novelty video narrators claiming persecution as "targeted individuals" stumble over words
or thoughts regardless of how willfully ridiculous those words and thoughts are.  Which
means they are scripted.  Can anyone rehearse or edit a flawless video?  Yes.  Can it be
done that way thousands of times over thousands of videos all claiming to be mind
controlled and stalked by the US Govn’t using the same two or three formulas over and
over to perfection by competent pros, not by the assumed legions of paranoids.  Which
in itself is an assumption on my part.  How can it be proved unless one of them admits to lying.
THAT can never happen especially if employed by the Internet Research Agency.

In my view, the internet might not have nearly as many actual zoolander lunatics as is 
now believed or reported.  But that's another complicated assumption. 

It's a good idea for media friendly professionals like Dr. Bell to come to easy
conclusions that all these videos are to be dismissed as made by the ill informed or
mentally ill and nothing more.  For a credible person to say otherwise would be
professional suicide and public humiliation.  It's left to comedians like Samantha Bee and,
well, shitty writers like me to say otherwise.  And now the post election media finally
piles on with "revelations" about "fake news" as if it's anything new.  Serious "news"
headlines ask the question, "Did Russian's Hack The U.S. Election?"  This leaves
"alternative" right wing media and so-called gateway journalists like Glenn
Greenwald to deny the story and play serious journalistic voices of reason to perfection.
When convenient.  Greenwald walks a necessarily fine line because of Ed Snowden
and his precarious status between Russia and his home country, America.  The pro-
Russian positions in this regard by Glenn Greenwald are melting away by the day, hour, minute.
(Breitbart Editor-in-Chief, Alex Marlow admitted to Bill Maher that Russia hacked,
interfered with the US election.  An ex-Breitbart reporter now working for Sputnik
News complained to the RNC that Marlow was veering from acceptable Party narratives)

Dr. Bell, in his best most con-vincing professional Brit accented voice might pull a
Greenwald and say that my claims are nothing more than "Russians Are Coming"
Cold War Joe McCarthy Russophobic paranoia without proof.  Or that speculative
blogs like this are guilty of the very thing they accuse others of.  A mere lefty meta
conspiracy theory of conspiracy theories.

I would naturally claim that inference, common sense as well as the CIA and FBI say
otherwise.  When I categorize thousands of channels as sausage fact-ories with similar
themes, lingo and paranoid fantasies I imply they are all operating in concert.
Which can put me in categories Dr. Bell talks about along with patients in P-Doc
waiting rooms talking to themselves about Russian trolls hacking their underwear.
Bell might be diplomatic and say I'm merely misinformed and victim of common
errors of reasoning.

How can most of these sites have similar themes and points of view?  Neurotics 
and delusionals have a tendency to imitate each other, right?  Yes they do in an 
effort to share their particular view of the world.  Sounds great doesn't it?  
Except some people have a tendency to overplay that particular hand.  
Like those who live and die by the DSM and those who use it to gaslight any 
and all opposition.  Like Glenn Greenwald for instance. 

Psychiatrists might be familiar with the inconvenient term "Troll Farm" or network
whether it's Russian, Israeli hasbara or U.S. Religious Right in origin.  In light of the
preceding paragraph they might also be quick to diagnose delusion and paranoia and
just as quickly whip out prescription pads.  I would plead, but Dr. Bell, sir, before you
diagnose/ section me please believe that this blog is far from a lefty DSM cliché.
"Famous last words", he would reply, "they all say that."  Unfortunately these are not
my last words on the subject and Bell would likely say no such thing.

Of course the videos in question promote the very thing they pretend to be against.
And like all good lies these videos, websites, contain a modicum of honey-trap truth.

IOW, videos and blogs pretending to be fighting mind control are in themselves the purest
form of mind control via repetition and shear numbers of videos, comments, sites, blogs,
forums. Why?  Superficially to degrade the internet which in itself poses a threat mainly
to closed autocratic societies and fundamentalist authoritarian orthodox ideologies.  Russian
troll farm networks degrade credible news and in the process reverse the onslaught of
pervasive Western news and culture which tends to put closed autocratic societies like
Russia, China, N. Korea, and Islamist societies like Saudi Arabia and Iran in a bad light.

Then again, in the act of waking up from history, degrading the internet and reality itself
hardly makes a difference especially when a Soprano level thug/ reality show host
assumes the Presidency.

These mind control, chemtrail, FEMA coffin videos and comments aren't the mentally
ill imitating each other.  These pretenders are opposite of insane.  They use the same fear
and doom style as the very sane westerners mentioned in the paragraph below who act in the
name of the American and European fringe radical right wing pretending to be persecuted
and beyond political or ideological binary constructs of right and left.

Blaming reptilian aliens, "globalist elites" or Illuminati allows them room to make outrageous
National Enquirer claims without it reflecting on the right wing worldwide or Republican
libertarian establishments in the U.S.  Of course "the Masons", "NWO", and Illuminati
are bogus dogwhistle terms used by the delusional AND also disinformation peddlers who do everything they can to put themselves in the outlier "alternative" unaligned category.  Apart
from Alex Jones and David Icke this is especially true when you are part of a propaganda
network funded by an entire Russian Petrostate with enough money to launch thousands of
videos and websites, an army of trolls, the best hackers to degrade and undermine politicians,
the internet, institutions, news and objective reality.  But how do I know that?

What I am saying goes beyond the impossible to the unpossible.  IOW, superficially
this blog can be seen as cognitively dissonant as the videos in question which could just be
the opinions of people who might look at the world differently and hold different views
and opinions from my own?  Certain assumptions are valid in the absence of definitive proof.
We don't live in a post truth world no matter what headlines say.  Russian dissidents
and expatriots have seen the above coming for years.  The world assumes a role of
willfull blindness.  Until a seemingly magic switch is thrown or signal is given.  At that
moment everything on this page might then be considered part of legitimate debate.

Never underestimate the power of political PR even from strident pretend fools like
El Presidenté, Donald Trump, his Religious Right supporters, the Jim Bakker's and Franklin
Graham's of the world.  Small "l" libertarians like Alex "Skull and Bones" Jones and
European counterpart, David Icke, along with thousands of imitators, fake You Tube
internet radio troll farm salesmen all claiming to deliver "alternative" right wing "news"
"the government (or liberal academic PC elite) don't want you to know."

Jones and Icke all but admit to being on the same level as bizarre tabloids Globe and
National Enquirer run by Trump buddy David Pecker (great name).  One step "up" would be
those previously mentioned along with Glenn Beck, WorldNetDaily, Breitbart, Sinclair,
Drudge, talk radio, Fox News and too many others to count.

The Republican Party is rich enough to pacify and cater to extreme outliers for 
the purpose of propping up mainstream Republicans and vice versa.  Pretty soon 
the outliers through shear numbers and manic fanatic demagogic energy become 
normalized into the new mainstream.  How many of them believe their own nonsense?  
Doesn't matter.  Issues don't matter.  Lying doesn't matter.  

Power is what matters.  And federal contractor trickle-down on the supply side dollars.
All they have to do is keep repeating and shoveling the propaganda which for many
people makes anything true as long as it feels familiar.  Familiarity is accomplished
by repetition that pushes the message causing it to resonate with core identity programming.
Or should I say "values."

Trump never believed his own birther claims and I'm not the only one who "knew"/
assumed that.  There's that "assumed" word again.  Is it such a big assumption
to say that Alex Jones and David Icke are on the sanity spectrum and don't for a minute
believe half the paranoid style gibberish that comes out of their mouths despite all
claims to the contrary?  Not at all.  They are hyperbolic high energy fools who promote
their brand, stay on message following a nasty seeming cognitive dictatorship.  Some might
be on the malignant side of psychopathic/ narcissistic.  Those last two words are taken as joking
compliments in Republican, Trump, CEO circles except when the "m" word is added.  Feral
eyes grow wide.  Malignant!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


"Trump’s 1987 trip represented his first public exploration of business prospects in Moscow. He went with his then-wife, ­Ivana, to scope out sites for luxury hotels he hoped to build in a joint venture with the Kremlin’s hotel and tourism agency, according to Trump’s memoir, “The Art of the Deal,” which was published the same year."

"But the Russia quest continued. In his 2008 speech, Donald Jr. announced that he had traveled to Russia six times in the previous 18 months. But, he said, Russia presented enormous challenges."

“As much as we want to take our business over there, Russia is just a different world,” the younger Trump said. “It is a question of who knows who, whose brother is paying off who. . . . It really is a scary place.”...Washington Post 6/2016

Tuesday, January 10, 2017






More extremely tall people of both sexes does not usually qualify for mention.  I'm six foot
and not considered short or tall.  In the middle as usual.  Each generation gets taller.  Much taller.

I briefly spoke to a woman at the Chelsea Market in NYC probably in her 70's, easily
over 6' 4" who looked to be related to another woman of average height I worked with.
The older version was the only one I can remember in that age group and of that height
which means it happens and who cares?  Except that...

...extreme height is but one example of what happens when extremes of every kind 
are normalized across age groups, genders, races,  nations, geography, weather, US Presidents.  

And it will be said, "well, of course, exteme people stand out and are noticed and so what?"

I spoke about the large number of tall women to my sister.  First day of her 2015 arrival in NYC
we met in an Irish bar that used to be near 34th Street on 8th Ave.  A tall transvestite drew
fake whistles from the crowded bar.  On her last day in town a 6' 11" woman entered a
restaurant in a three piece male suit and tie.  I didn't think to take out my ipad for a picture.
The two non-events just happened to sandwich her visit.  6' 11" females are very rare.  6' 5"
females are not common but I see them in flats and sneakers everyday.

The "whatever you do don't stare" Han Solo warning showed up in several separate Star Wars
movies before Solo and company entered the Star Wars Intergalactic Cantina.  This was the
zeitgeist hinting of what was to come, not to a galaxy far far away, but as normalized extremes
of our everyday.

*Like the fictional Newt Scamander from the movie Fantastic Beasts, those I am trying to
describe seem to eat little, sleep little (machine shut-down when they do), take on outrageous
or sexually ambiguous appearance.  One extreme to another.  Contrived appearances and
contrived gender ambiguity straight out of Room 101.

*The distressed holes in the jeans effect is like the beginning of Salman Rushdie's novel
Midnight's Children where a female wears a sheet with all the main areas covered but with
holes everywhere else.

* Street people with over-amped musculature or the opposite, drugged out sedated,
covered with tattoos (physical graffiti), with red or orange sneakers and backwards ball-caps

* Beards, man-buns growing in opposite directions, soggy bottomed on-the-down-low
sweatpants over and beyond any post recession unemployment, opioid epidemic or
immigrant displacement.

* If I sit in one place too long in public the scene in my field of vision seems to degrade
into a slow motion visual waterboarding as people passing by seem to slowly degrade
in the way they look or act.  Taking on a freakish repellency like assembled leftover parts
from a factory floor.  Followed in quick succession by their opposites, attractive
irresistible females.  I wish it was nothing more than yin yang subjective projection.

(The park where I'm sitting in the shadow of the Flatiron Bldg is the appropriately named
Mad. Sq. Park as in Madison Square just off 23rd Street)

IOW, these are mostly males of all ages mimicking what used to be associated with teenage rebellion.

* In the coop building next door to mine is a kind of “August Rush" skateboarder group home.
A few years ago they wore dyed black hair standing straight up with yellow dyed tips like
Christmas tree lights.  They could have been 15, 25, 45 or 55 years old.  August Rush was
probably the only bad movie Robin Williams ever made.  The movie continues in real life with skateboarding at all hours with different bleeding colors on potted plant heads always ready to act against type with big smiles and exaggerated polite gestures compensating for_____?
(“Well gosh, maybe they just want to be nice that so bad?”  I wish it were so)

* A contrived overly polite manner is used to counter any gross weirdness such as obscurant
hair braids, metal under the nose or in eyebrows, bleached Milo white hair etc.

* Behavioral opposite extremes: deliberate blindside bumping in stores or on empty sidewalks
to the point of grappling in the street with innocent bystanders coming out of nowhere to break
it up.  Like with the guy looking strangely like the black actor from the movie "They Live."
He bumps me on an empty sidewalk.  I reflexively return the contact.  He apologizes, I do not.
The sidewalk had only one or two people besides me.  He was walking behind me .  I knew
exactly what was going on.  He looks me in the eyes and asks if I want to be punched.  He
doesn’t but I am carrying glass bottles from Columbus Circle Whole Foods.  He proceeds to
knock the bottles out of my hands smashing them to the pavement.  He is amazingly strong.
He gets me in a headlock, I break it and push him against a car where the fight gets broken
up by a guy straight out of central casting who says, “wow, that’s NYC for ya.”  Like a
bogus Jimmy Breslin imitation.

I see the black guy again in the Lincoln Center Bernstein Atrium.  He’s wearing a security
uniform with many ribbons and stars.  All he needed was a cowboy hat and he would have
passed for a Sheriff Clarke.  He pretends not to notice me.

* Other times the exact opposite occurs holding doors and smiling excessively like Jim Carrey
from "The Truman Show" with his famous wave and smile "have a good day, and if I don't see ya,
have a good afternoon, evening and night."  In fact, that and other scenes (including outtakes)
was the zeitgeist hinting and depicting what I’m describing on this page.  All deniable as Truman Delusion Syndrome and made into a book but, like me, will never make it into the DSM.

* IOW, passive aggressive extremes as if on steroids and nobody notices.  No one left to notice.

* 2011- 2016, too many caucasian women asking for items in a store in overly polite little girl
Valley Girl "up-talk" in NYC while fishing in their pocketbooks for wallets and then fishing
for exact change.

* Conversely, for a couple of years too many guys took on a deliberately fake vocal fry,
laughable mission control macho speech pattern.  Followed by males talking in a style
over and above any Google IT, gay or nerd stereotypes.  I’ve lived in NYC my entire life.
I know accents and speech inflections.  I worked part-time for too long listening to the
rich and poor, dealing with psycho rich and destitute homeless.  I know the difference between
behaviors at both ends of the spectrum and the ones that are too widespread and too contrived
to be real.

How can any of this be possible?  It's not.  It's not even the opposite of possible.

A seemingly rehearsed nonstop standup comedy act seen for a few months and replaced by
something else going from dumb to dumber.  The return of Judge Schreber's “Improvisational
People?”  Did they ever leave?  Or is it periodic with numbers rising and falling?  All the same
entities with different faces and genders?  Signaling what?  A near future catastrophe?  A sim
reality?  That the end isn't just near, it already happened.  An Apocalypse Now! that is always
happening without the fire and pestilence.

Any description of extreme opposites like these can easily be dismissed as extreme mood changes,
sour grape projection of a delusional carnival Truman freak show of my own making.  It is a freak show that much is true.  My imagination isn’t up to the task of inventing any of this.

So-Called Girlfriends:
*Women that I went with in the early 2000's (mentioned elsewhere) once made a point
of licking pasta sauce off a plate in a restaurant.  She wasn’t crazy or kidding around.
* Another would put a bare hand into a restaurant buffet.
* Another one wore big cleverge in twenty degree weather and the opposite in 80 degree weather.
That doesn’t even begin to describe them.

These individuals were beyond disruptive, addicted, crazy, average or normal.  Sex?
Take it or leave it.  (Or fake it)  Avoidance or compulsivity.  Once starting they didn’t stop.
AND I would have to stop at some point.  Their message was, don’t get attached.  AND they
made sure that I did.  When convenient: one of them would deny who they were, deny they
knew me, forget how to count, forget what year it was.  In the next instant out think and out talk anyone.

Symptoms of diet speed pill addiction, mood or extreme menstral cycles don't begin to explain it.
None were working for any deep dark government agency getting paid in bitcoins (hah!).  None
of it was the result of anger, bipolar mood change, hot flashes, menopause, eccentricity, playing jokes, self hate, psychopathy, deficits of intelligence or my imagination.  None of the DSM or
psych-boilerplate clichés apply.  Were they trying to get rid of me?  Of course.  At the same time
keeping me hooked?  Of course.  Either deliberately toxic and nasty or the opposite, “Yes sir,
you're the boss, anything you say" extreme passive aggressiveness.

Reflective of other things:
* A kind of routine hyperactivity. As a guess, not being in constant motion and busy invites
some kind of automatic direct or indirect negative feedback or might not even be possible.
* The more you directly engage or question the more they compulsively lie.
* Benito Mussolini tough one instant, swallowing air the next.
* Big on fighting.  In each relationship the female picks physical fights or welds a knife.
* Loud nearby conversations in food malls either in gibberish English duckspeak, exaggerated foreign Hollywood movie stereotypes or language software modules in fast forward.
* A synchronized smart mobbing plays out in public before my disbelieving eyes.
* All lines in store's are especially favored for trouble with ppl behind you or hanging off line.
* For too long lots of "Dios De Los Muertos" skull tattoos and imagery on shirts and hats.
* Women loudly exaggerated greetings of OMG!  OH!  MY!  GOD!  More often than too often.
* Gay and straight couples doing porno public kissing routines past the point of comedy or parody.

* Occasionally in public there's a palpable depressing "dead air" effect.  Like air sucked out of a
room or out of the inner ear during a medical ear exam.  (Maxwell Smart "Cone of Silence") With certain females the opposite occurred.  A sharp zero point focus in the brain.

* Spastic male model runway penguin walk with hands in jean pockets attempting outdated
James Dean hustler style or addicted street people (Scarecrow) dreadlocked, tattooed, homeless, begging, K-2, heroin and fentanyl users stretched out on streets, in subways in and outside NYC.

* Grossly over developed over-amped fake military types (Tin Men) with arms and chests
enlarged like turkeys with bent arms swinging robot style in front instead of at their sides.

* As of mid-year 2016 there's more of a cut and buff conservative look with tapered
dress shirts, skinny dress pants, boat like dress shoes.  The perfect build and look but
stupidly off like human clones from a different dimension or again, like misplaced parts
assembled from a factory floor

* So-called “reasonable people” might say none of this is big deal in itself and I would agree.
If it didn't happen just a little too often as if reality itself was degrading.  ("Reasonable"
people in this case might be defined as seeming like they’re reading scripted clichéd lines
as if from a teleprompter behind lying eyes)

The above is like the Orwellian grinding boot heel.  Visual and psychological waterboarding
both in variety and monotony.  Quite a metaphysical feat of choreography and guaranteed
to make anyone including myself sound like they should be doing lunar exploration on
sedatives in the nearest funny farm.

If and when it stops it'll all be doubted as if from a bad dream.  Or events will just change in
their variety with the false idea that things are improving.  Under no circumstances can I be
allowed to experience people normally especially when committing what is said to be
the great sin of "freeloading and laziness.  IOW, not working after retirement.  THAT
must never stand.

Nothing I see is as it should be but, at the same time, nothing looks flagrantly out of sync to non-existent observers.  It can all be passed off as classic ______(fill in the symptomatic blanks) or
just crotchety dementia, Alzheimer's, "evident lack of insight" which is to say, the usual DSM
Room 101 language of convenience sounding more comical and weird than what is being described.

I don't have any particular need for complete normalcy or want people to look or act like me.
I don’t want people to look like Tru-man Burbank and certainly not like Donald Tru-mp
(Lion or Lying King) with the don't you dare laugh at my spray can tan and hair and face-on-fire
clementine saffron complexion.  (At least the look he had while campaigning in 2016)


So who, what, when, where, and most importantly, why?  They used to be valid questions. 

Another question needs to be asked.  Who is this blog addressed to?  Who is likely to 
even pretend to read or believe any of it?  The answer is nada, NO ONE. 

The following is a Wiki entry regarding unwitting volunteer CIA Harvard programs 
of the 1950's.  IOW, a little context regarding what has been showing up on countless 
bogus internet sites and You Tube channels designed to discredit the real thing.  They 
provide honeytrap hints of a silent disruption beyond anything so trivial as MKULTRA government or contractor secret plots.  
  •   EDIT

    From the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1962, (Dr.) Murray was responsible 
    for the ethically questionable, CIA-sponsored MK ULTRA experiments in which twenty-two undergraduates were used as research subjects.[3][4] Among other purposes, Murray's experiments focused on measuring people's reactions under extreme stress. 
  • Unwitting undergraduates submitted to what Murray himself called "vehement, sweeping and personally abusive" attacks. Assaults to their egos, cherished ideas and beliefs were the vehicle used to cause high levels of stress and distress. Among them was 16-year-old Ted Kaczynski, who went on to become the Unabomber, a serial killer targeting academics and technologists. [5] Alston Chase's book Harvard and the Unabomber: The Education of an American Terrorist connects Kaczynski's abusive experiences under Murray to his later criminal career. Theodore John Kaczynski, was given the code name "Lawful".

The above was a CIA program likely expanded beyond the laboratory into campus life
in the case of one, Ted Kaczynski with his 170 IQ.  The above wording perfectly describes
something predating the CIA.  It describes a systematic psychological waterboarding assault.

(Imagine the KGB FSB version?  But hey, things have changed with Putin.  "Only"
journalists and opposition candidates are killed.  Not like under Stalin where anyone
rumored to be subversive was killed with plenty of gulag free labor.  IOW: political
dissidents, the unlucky, homosexuals, gypsies, Jews, Czarists, the insane, drug addicts,
orphans etc).

IOW, the above serves as an approximation of something that is not now and never was
confined to very intelligent but susceptible Harvard crash-test dummy undergraduate
"volunteers."  In the version I describe no human could be anything but susceptible
when subject to what is beyond my means of description.

This blog is an approximation that only mimics the reality.  I will attempt to 
provide the only "proof" of claim that I am aware of which can barely be 
considered circumstantial.  When context is provided it might be slightly 
more than circumstantial.  It might provoke the question, "WTF is going on here?"  
If there's anyone left besides me with enough curiosity to even ask.  

Monday, January 9, 2017


"Well I thought that the most dreadful thing that could happen to anybody, 
would be not to be allowed to sleep so that just as you’re dropping off there’d 
be a ‘Dong’ and you’d have to keep awake...Samuel Beckett in preparation 
for writing Happy Days. 

The opening pic below is not "Twilight" British actor Robert Pattinson
looking at his vampire mother.  This "Everyday Sunday" Morrissey
video locates on a British beach resort that's seen happier days.
Life's a beach and then you die.  But not before your "Happy Days"
invite arrives.


The female driver in the video is Billie Whitelaw who I saw at The Old Vic
in Beckett's "Happy Days" in 1970's London.  I hopped a plane across
the English Channel from Paris to London, was greeted by a nasty airport
attendant as if he were expecting me and had no idea where I was going
in London.  I saw an advert for a Beckett play at the Old Vic.  I'd heard
of Beckett's Waiting For Godot.  So I bought a ticket because I liked the
name of the star.  Billie Whitelaw as Winnie with head sticking up out of
the beach sands of time was captivating.

I was affected by the total strangeness of the play.  Naturally I went to
the bar next door, had two beers and while walking down underground
stairs I briefly passed out for the first time in my life.  I can't blame
Beckett or the beer.  The combination along with a full back pack cut
off my circulation.  I wound up going to free British clinic with busted
front teeth looking like An American Werewolf In London.

Whitelaw died in 2014.  I've had the Morrissey video on this page since at
least that time.  It was only in 2016 that I recognized her in the video and
that she just happened to be a very close simulacra to a post 911 former
girlfriend.  Just my imagination?  No, my imagination isn't up to the task of processing half the strangeness that happens to me everyday including Sunday.
Only after seeing the play again in 2017 in Brooklyn with Diane Weist did I
realize what the title and the play meant.

The "Gong" sound of Happy Days isn't a storytelling device to keep the audience 
from dosing.  Or maybe it is.  Sharp sudden click sounds were used to similar effect 
in plays like "The Old Woman" with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Willem Dafoe and in 
Constellations" with Jake Gyllenhaal.  (Elon Musk has named his tunneling drilling 
machine "Godot" as in Waiting for Godot (just leave off the last 2 letters) because 
both are so "boring.") 

Beckett's description of "the most dreadful thing" that could happen to anyone 
happened to me.  It started in 2003 with a clear pained male voice from the
corner of my ceiling saying, "somebody help me."  That happened once.  
I thought it was my upstairs neighbors or a prank.  It was neither.  There was 
never a gong sound but I did then and do now hear something like it.  It's a base 
note heavy hammer like effect.  Always heard as a sudden low key base pounding.
Recently it became like an angry strikingly loud crack of sudden thunder similar 
in volume and pitch to that heard in the movie dealing with the paranormal, 
"Personal Shopper" with Kristen Stewart.  Oh, it just so happens as I reedit this 
mess and one day after the Aug. 21st 2017 Eclipse loud cracks of thunder and 
rain hits NYC. 

Back to 2003.  The above was followed by hearing an electronically 
distorted siren-like human scream lasting for years.   Those sounds and more 
disrupted and latter kept me completely awake for approximately nine months. 
The latter happened after I retired in the latter part of 2005. 

It's as if I had the extreme audacity to retire after working seventy hour weeks
at two jobs for twenty years with nothing but time and age to show for it.  I
went from 70 hour work weeks to zero.  The result wasn't from overwork or
any kind of non-combat PTSD.  It wasn't induced by drugs, beer, Beckett plays, dementia or delusion.  (The all too familiar "I'm the exception") No space aliens,
demons, NWO Reptilian Globalists, no drugs, no mental illness.

On my last day at work a 6' 4" black on the fat side co-worker made a point 
of telling me what I would find among what he called "daytime people."  
Among these according to him would be: slackers, stoners, crazies, homeless, unemployed, students, or like me, retired.  What I actually did find would be
an insult to slackers, crazies and stoners.  What I saw in Manhattan particularly
after 2011 went beyond recovery by NYC and the country from the Cheney 
Bush Great Recession.  Beyond displaced immigrants from the MINA or the 
opioid crisis.  None of that or punk or stupidly named "hipster style" even 
begins to describe the large numbers of people in Manhattan who looked 
traumatized beyond disruption.  

Throughout 2015 and 2016 I refused to believe that what I was seeing would somehow translate into the 2016 election of a 70 year old New Yorker with spray-painted cheeks and hair to the Presidency of the United States. 

This blog is my attempt at describing the above unnerving human++ types.   It's bound to
sound like something straight out of delusion, from zombie movies or a central casting-
call for a sub-class of Marvel unitards.  Except the above two plus marks after the word
human are completely applicable but I'm not sure what they equal.  If anything.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Ob-ama Wan Kanobi you were our last hope...
in fighting the weirdest creatures you've ever seen...
You will never find a more retched hive of Trumpian scum and villainy...

On The Amazon, a loose metaphor for NYC:


* Extreme man-made climate change across the earth. 
* Extreme displacement of nine simultaneous "Arab Spring" Islamic civil wars.
* Extreme right wing nationalist resurgent politics worldwide. 
Millions of displaced flowing into Western and Easten Europe and the Americas. 
* Extreme economic volatility, the 2008 Great Recession to the collapse of oil to Brexit.
* Extreme 6' 8" Tatooined humanoids gay and straight, male and female out of Moz 
Cantina, NYC.

Now what is all this about extreme size and height?  I don't see 6' 5" women every time I go out.
But close to it.  The average height is still supposed to be 5' 10” for men and 5' 6" for women.

It’s my view that the...
internet sites and videos about Nephilim "sons of God" “daughters of men"
who supposedly existed before Noah referenced not just on biblical sites but on 
hundreds of rigged bogus blogs and videos whose deliberately provocative fake 
presentation repeats the terms "Reptilians" and "ancient space aliens" to convince 
those not in on the joke that the internet is teaming with sub IQ 80 Religious Right 
delusional nutjobs.

A few are...nuts that is.  A few videos and comments are by and for the insane but the majority
of fringe sites and channels are by people who’re likely far from insane.  If these were a
couple of hundred sites no one including me would care.  The same troll/ bot farms likely also account for toxic internet trolling and threats directed mainly at women always said to be
by male Gamergate fanatics of all ages.  IMO, it is all done to degrade internet usage for
everyone and women in particular.  This blog might indicate who these idiots are generally
which means nothing as Leonard Cohen used to say, because "That's the way it goes,
everybody knows."  Except slow learner me.

Are videos, forums and blogs on mind control, "targeted individuals", chemtrails, aliens,
FEMA coffin, financial, nuclear, Fukushima, and religious end-times-all-the-time all by the
same few loosely defined troll networks all with the same motive?  No, not all.  The vast majority.  On social networks like You Tube they're the work of few troll farms mostly I would guess of
Russian origin along with the usual suspects like Alex Jones, David Icke and hundreds of
imitators doing YT fake recorded call-in talk radio shows consisting of "alternative" "news"
the "government doesn't want you to know."

Am I am telling my nonexistent readers that there is something wrong that goes slightly
beyond my personal projections of what people should look like, think like or what
should and should not be?  Yes I am.  There's no one listening except for one nonexistent
female follower.  The first one was identified as from US military Intel.  Stupidly bogus.
Replaced by her opposite, a retired US expatriate living in South of France who favors 911 conspiracies cultivated mainly by the extreme right wing, and by RT or Sputnik "news" outlets
presenting themselves as legitimate.  Everyone is supposed to forget they are fronts for the
prototypical surveillance klepto petrostate, Russia.  Master propagandists who, like a lot of
pretender compulsive lying liars, point the finger of blame everywhere but at themselves.

Besides my being a retired, lazy, 6' aging boomer who might look to 40 - 50 of average health,
who doesn't take prescription or non-prescription drugs, no hair dye, no nose rings or ponytails,
no shaved head, dreads, addictions, no tattoos, man buns/ beards/ mood swings going in opposite directions.

Pretty dull and nothing in common with posthumans too numerous to count who look straight
out of a Trump inaugural speech, the meth amphetamined "Mad Max" barren rusted-out drug
infested or walking monument alien hookers from the 1996 movie, "Mars Attacks."  The aliens
are not from space.  They're from Earth.  Or like the old Twilight Zone segment maybe I'm the alien.

On the internet there is a special emphasis on endtimes-all-the-time which for many means there
is no future because it's literally always Apocalypse Now!  Recycled over and over through wars, famine, recycled lifetimes and whose voice has always been SILENT.  The internal latent witness
aspect is no longer silent.  Maybe the drama and the fire will come next week.

Oingo Boingo from The Ritz of NYC 30 years ago:

All the negatives mentioned before the OB video that I avoid are constants of visual 
extremes experienced day after day far in excess of what should be characteristic of 
my or any densely populated mixed neighborhood.  It could be said that this blog is 
an exhibit A example of how projecting negativity affects the content of a persons world view.  This blog can be seen as an "The Only Little Boy In New York" delusional manifesto illustrative of wild imaginings or lack of coping abilities.  Some of that is true just like the 
1960's were a shock for my father.  Except that none of what I see can be explained by 
the usual default settings. 

My imagination isn't up to the task of projecting or imagining what I see in the streets 
of NYC every single day.  

Crowds, loud music, differences and disruptions that are part of or exceed the average persons
day to day experience are no big deal for me.  What I am describing is "unpossible" except
that nothing written about here can be considered proof.  Except by me, a left behinder
who still can't believe his lying eyes.  Per the song, my invite either has or hasn't arrived...
to a party where no one's alive...

....NYC in a time warp looking more and more like the NYC of 1984 without the crime.
The city has become a dead zone, an overcrowded graveyard reflective of things that are part
of and apart from global events.  Disrupted people not accounted for by official or unofficial
U-6 unemployment, the homeless, addicted or displaced migrants but includes all of those.
As of post election 2016 things are improving slightly.  As if the election of "The Don", a
reality show host and real estate mafioso, has somehow pacified some invisible beast.

Conservative appearance  now alternates with Zoolander posthuman wildlife.  (A tweet by
Ben Stiller who acted and wrote the movie Zoolander just crossed my screen.  Jussst coincidence.  Stiller rarely tweets)

The reality is mirrored on TV and movie entertainment (Gotham, Left Behind, Walking Dead,
Star Wars) but never openly acknowledged except on rigged sites using rhetoric and paranoid
images designed to be seen as the product of delusion and lunacy. These are disinformation not misinformation sites.  In my view these are not the mentally ill imitating each other.  Gang
stalking testimonials by people looking and talking just a little to scripted, never fumbling over thoughts or words.  Always claiming large numbers like themselves being mind control, stalked, "electronically harassed" 24/7 by U.S. government intelligence or police networks.  How convenient.

Aside from TV and movies any other existential anguish is to be confined to fiction or
paintings like "Der Schrei der Natur" a/k/a "The Scream of Nature" by Edvard Munch.
IMO, the painting resonates with circumstances surrounding a certain Judge named
Daniel Paul Schreber (Schrei) who had his famous Freudian second psychotic "nervous
episode" in 1893 the same year as one of the Munch paintings.  With the "other", the alien,
or Munch's unfortunate sister supposedly with tinnitus in the foreground who was confined to
an asylum depicted in the background below the bridge.

A screaming comes across the sky.  It has happened before, but there is nothing 
to compare it to now."  Famous timeless opening lines to Thomas Pynchon's 
1973 novel Gravity's Rainbow regarding WWII German V-2 rockets over London.  
It happened before and after when screaming 747 airliners used as missiles 
were heard over New York City.  The destruction was seen by me at a distance 
from Brooklyn and also on TV. 

2003 - 2005, I heard an electronically altered air raid siren combined with a human 
scream sound effect.  Sounding like the old duck-and-cover sirens of the 1950's 
with a scream from hell attached.  Or like WWII imminent V-2 attack sirens heard 
over England along with the V-2 missiles themselves breaking the sound barrier.  
And then it stopped.  And no, it wasn't a delayed post 911 auditory sonic shock.  
It was more than subjective.  (Yeah sure, it was significant.  "They" all say that)