Tuesday, June 28, 2016


How am I going to segway from my ex-boss to fake Tea Party disrupters
and Rick Santomum?  Easy, lies, like rats, migrate.  Unless "Tim" or this "crazy"
lady or Rick decides to fess up to lying there will never be proof of any of
these statements which does smack of assuming motives without proof.
The left had their days of rage, sanity/ insanity in the 1960's - 80's
in direct reaction to the 1950's.  One extreme to the other.  Now we
travel to Republican territory and a probable Trump voter in the making:

The Southern patriot crying game I will safely assume is fake.  
She does manage to say that President Obama tried to nuk Charleston, 
SC and is leading the abortion culture of death. 

With a straight and lawyerly Jimmy Stewart face, ex-Senator Santorum 
adds to the insanity and calls President Obama "tyrant" following the 
prescribed script (and he better).  President Obama is called that for specific 
reasons having nothing to do with accuracy.   Non-existent readers 
are directed to The Tyrant Lie below the links.   


These are recycled versions of endless rumors passing for fact in the 
1950's when John Birch Society conservatives claimed government was 
building concentration camps in Alaska (coinciding with statehood)
for religious conservatives.  This grand tradition was recently recycled 
as FEMA camps, FEMA coffins and Obamacare "death panels" by someone 
who is currently the most popular Republican in the US, former Governor of
Alaska, Sarah Palin. (Replaced now by Donald Trump)

In the future this BS will resurface yet again in another form as the latest 
immanent threat that all right wing preachers and politicians must use to keep their 
constituents distracted.  If they don't, their supporters will get someone else to 
come up with an existential "they" or "them", Old Testament fury, or "fire this 
time" in our life time.  Just ask St. Sarah. (See the book, "The New Hate" which
was published too late to account for the convoluted love between the Israeli
and the US right wing.  The latter being the center of Henry Ford financed
anti-Semitism in the US up till the 1980s.  Now all is forgiven.  Netanyahu
is now called the unofficial majority leader of the Republican Party.

The word "tyrant" is repeated over and over in Republican circles so as to be
linked to the famously repeated Thomas Jefferson quote concerning "the tree of 
liberty" needing to be watered "by the blood of patriots and tyrants".  We don't 
have to guess who the martyred crying (Glenn Beck) blood shedding "patriots" 
are and who the bleeding "tyrant" is designated to be.  An ingenious indirect 
threat to President Obama who has for years been labeled "imperial tyrant"
and usurper of the Constitution.   While Fox "News" contributors Rudy Giuliani 
and Ralph Peters went on TV saying they admired the church-going manly 
leadership of Big Daddy Skinhead Putin, an actual socialist tyrant oil klepto. But a white Christian one.  Their kind of Christian. 

They, and Mr. Conservative, Pat Buchanan, do so for the following reasons: 
Vlad is now said to be a regular church goer and, as such, is seen to be a Christian 
and one of "Us" as opposed to that "Muslim" dark skinned imposter fella in the 
suit who insists on calling himself a Christian and also President.  IOW, Putin was 
seen as the more legitimate leader especially in the run up to the November 2014 
Congressional elections.  Republicans swept the election for a reason.  GOP voter 
suppression while Trump set about to humiliate his own leader via birtherism. 
Trump has since conceded that President Obama is indeed American.  What a relief?

As the Rev. Franklin Graham has s
aid, "Obama says he's a Christian, 
I take his word for it."  So generous is the son of Rev. Billy.  This from a 
second generation princeling representative of the richest, most powerful 
"non-state" propaganda machine in history, the Republican T- (Trump) Party.

"The entire populist conservative mindset is encapsulated:
The sense that everything has gone to shit...
but people stick with Democrats because they're takers...
while conservatives are makers...
and that if it continues much longer ... 
Violence!"... Markos of "Daily Kos"

Violence? Leading up to the Nov 2010 US Congressional elections conservatives
used gun sights over pics of Rep. Gabriel Giffords and others for having the audacity:
a) to be Democrats.
b) a Democrat running for reelection to Congress in Arizona against an ex-Marine.
c) for having the added "nerve" to vote yes on ACA, Obamacare, in Feb. 2010.
d) having a duel citizenship between the U.S. and Israel. 
(See the excellent book "A Safeway In Arizona" by Tom Zoellner) 

Over and above the tragic 2011 attempted assassination and loss of life we will
never know how many threats Rep. Giffords received after her vote on ACA
and before the Nov 2010 Congressional election which she won.
("Well hey, goes the response, that's politics for ya.  If ya can't stand the "heat"...)

The question of 'how many threats' Rep. Giffords received is a little too 
complicated and embarrassing for one political party for which we will 
never see an answer.  Gabrielle Giffords could not run again in 2012.  
A fellow Democrat who was injured the day she was shot ran won in her place.
Her seat is now Republican as of 2014. 

Her husband, Mark Kelly, is one half of a team of astronaut twins.
He is Earth-side while his brother was launched into space for
350 days (now safely returned).  He should have taken the
woman in the video and Rick Santorum with him and jettison both into the void.
(In Fox Newspeak, am I being rather too "meanspirited" in wishing such a
terrible nasty thing?)

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