Thursday, September 22, 2016


No Doubt, the previous entries regarding the depressing Republican
control of Congress and right wing trolls can be temporarily offset by
Gwen Stefani, The Soggy Bottom Boys, George Clooney and the movie,
Oh Brother Where Art Thou?  (Big Brother in all his guises.)

Summer of 2016 I'm walking past Lincoln Center on my way to see the movie
"Genius" that had been playing for some time at the Lincoln Plaza.  I pass a political
writer on the street I recognize but I'm very bad with names.  I sit down in the theater
to watch the coming attractions.  An upcoming documentary about autism, "Life Animated"
had the name Ron Suskind in the credits.  His son is the main subject of the film.  Of course
it was Suskind I had just passed on the street.

The movie "Genius" is about Thomas Wolfe and his editor Maxwell Perkins who was also
editor for Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Wolfe's first book, "Look Homeward Angel"
played a large role in the movie.  Previously I had vague notions about Wolfe and his books.
I knew him from the photo I'd seen at the downtown White Horse Tavern.  I had no plans to
see the movie but I happened to play this Steve Young (who died this year) video the night before:

Non-events like that happen to people all the time.  When I played the Look Homeward
Angel video I completely missed the part about "my old friend Thomas from Ashville
North Carolina."

"Genius" was an amazing film about two Americans, Thomas Wolf and Maxwell Perkins
played by two British actors.  All the better because the Brits really know how to tell a story.
The real Wolfe at 6' 6" was not the sad depressed writer I associated with the White Horse
Tavern photo.  Just the opposite.  Amplified and larger than life in more ways than one.
Look Homeward Angel was published two days before the start of Great Depression and
stock market crash of 1929.  Just his luck.

They are still referred to as "peripherals" despite being permanently attached to (and in
some sense part of) their host processor..."

Now what does William Gibson's SF novel "The Peripheral" have to do with anything? 
And why was he in the same NYC subway car late 2014 standing over me with 
another guy about his age about a month after I bought but still hadn't read his book?  Coincidences like that happen all the time.  Except with some people they 
happen just a little too often.

He just happened to be wearing the same outfit as his photo on the back of the book.
I kept saying what I find myself saying all too often these days, "Is that what's-his-face?
Nah, can't be... Except it was his face.  He was doing publicity in NYC at the 
time with recorded YT interviews.

Are the people I refer to as posthumans biological interdimenscional 
drone humanoids 
from the "future" with uploaded consciousness as in Gibson's story?  

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