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LET US NOW RESORT TO DEEP THOUGHTS (the relevance will hopefully eventuate):
"...physics is concerned with the microscopic processes that underlie macroscopic 
reality, metaphysics is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality.  metaphysical 
hypothesis might make a claim about the reality that underlies physics itself. Alternatively, 
it might say something about the nature of our minds, or the creation of our world"...David 
Chalmers, PhD, Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist specializing in the 
areas of philosophy of mind and philosophy of language. Professor of Philosophy 
and Director of the Centre for Consciousness at the Australian National University
Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Rhodes Scholar, Oxford. 

Per Wiki, David Chalmers' "hypothetical philosophical thought experiments": 
philosophical zombie.[12] (p-Zombie) (**particle, political) "unlike the zombie of 
popular fiction, in philosophy of mind and perception is a hypothetical being that from the 
outside is indistinguishable from a normal human being but lacks conscious experience, qualia, or sentienc

  • behavioral zombie (bZombie) is behaviorally indistinguishable from a human.
  • neurological zombie (nZombie) has a human brain and is generally physiologically indistinguishable from a human.[5]
  • Put em all together and whattayaget? 
The Nov. 2016 movie release of Harry Potter prequel, "Fantastic Beasts and Where To 
Find Them" coincided with different sort of Beast, the Nov 2016 US Presidential 
election of Donald J. Trump.  Despite one being fictional both have humorous 
similarities beyond having the same US release dates. 
**my addition and parenthesis

Fantastic Beasts Summary:
The main characters: Credence Barebone, he of the suppressed destructive monstrous id,
played by Ezra Miller served as counterpart to Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne.
Along with supernatural powers, out of focus eyes, itchy face, duck-toed walk, Scamander
has no need for eating, sleeping or getting along with ordinary people.  He is also keeper
of the meta-physical Fantastic Beasts loosed upon NYC from his 4th dimensional James
Bond-like device-loaded suitcase.  The beasts contained are falsely blamed by the
MACUSA magical ruling class for unexplained 1920's NYC mayhem which needed to be
stopped before attracting the attention of ordinary humans and thus betraying the existence
of supernatural beings with the look of ordinary humans who intrude upon the world and
have the added advantage of existing behind a wall of disbelief.

The Credence Barebone character is a foster child with nasty abilities completely opposite his look.  (Bigger the front, bigger the back?)  Porpentina "Tina" Goldstein played by Katherine Waterston is the rare 1920's "career girl" who is tall, wears asexual 2nd-hand men's suits and is possibly a
forebear across fictional barriers of Orwell's 1984 Emmanuel Goldstein, alleged underground resistance leader.  Tina's sister, Queenie Goldstein, supposedly violates all rules of magic by being attracted to baker-to-be, "Muggles" Jacob Kowalski.  She knows the quickest way to Jake's heart is through her own 1920's version of magical fast food strudel.

This is the fantastical Harry Potter universe of meta-physical's existing in and out of a space-
time dimension that intrudes on "our" everyday existence in every way.  (The recent "Personal
Shopper" understates the intrusion)  The MACUSA or Magical Congress USA makes sure
their kind are never known by ordinary humans.  (MACUSA also a play on the very real
Professor Herbert Marcuse of 1940's - 50's America that McCarthy and his HUAC made into a bogeyman incarnate surpassing that of even Saul Alinsky by today's right wing.  Macuse is
depicted in a couple of recent movies, one of which is "Hail Cesar" as messenger from "the
(political) future.")

Here is a video of silent era star Buster Keaton.  Ezra Miller's resemblance to Keaton was
deliberate and acknowledged by everyone connected with the film as well as screenwriter,
A K Rowling.  There were other historical resemblances that understandably went unstated.


Perceval Graves, in black and white wizardly uniform played by Colin Farrell has a weird
manipulative "deathly hollows" scene with Ezra Miller's Credence Barebone.

The New York City Roaring Twenties of the movie was typified by NY State Senator and
NY City Mayor, Beau James, Jimmy Walker.  He was the real-life subject of the 1956
Bob Hope comedy, "Beau James."  Fantastic Beasts character and US Senator Henry Shaw
played by Josh Cowdary was undoubtedly deliberately chosen bc of his resemblance to
the real life Senator and Mayor as shown in old footage below and in You Tube scenes from
the movie shown further on.

Jimmy Walker was a New York State Senator until 1926 which is exactly when
the movie takes place.  Walker embodied the roaring twenties.  His political mentor
was the famous Al Smith.  Walker was the fancy dressing corrupt populist thrown out of
office as NYC Mayor in 1929 by then New York State Governor and future President,
Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Just in time for the Republican Hoover Great Depression of 1929.

John Voight plays Henry Shaw senior in the movie, father of the Senator Henry Shaw Jr.
Voight is, IMO, most assuredly a stand-in for newspaper tycoon, William Randolph Hearst,
America's first media star.  Hearst overextended himself and lost much of his newspaper
fortune by buying and refitting old mansions and castles.  Pictures of Hearst are usually
shown with darkened hair.  Aside from that there's a loose resemblance between him and
the grey haired Voight.  Hearst newspapers of the pre-WWII 1930's ran unopposed columns
by Germany's Hitler and Göring.

Here are some scenes of the movie character, Senator Henry Shaw (Walker) and his powerful newspaper tycoon father (Hearst).  AJ Rowling dialogue from #2 son Langdon Shaw,
"the people behind this aren't like you or me.  This is witchcraft don't you see."

The idea of witchcraft and demons in the NYC of that time was very common with average people.
The term "Muggles" or "nomag" refers to ordinary humans (paroles or proletariat)
who can can be bumped, taunted, (mugged), made to trip over suitcases, be manipulated, chased,
humiliated but never killed.  Senator Shaw is the exception.  He had the misfortune of calling Credence a freak in front of his adopted family.  This results in an uncontrolled rage manifesting
as a free floating monster of the id called an Obsecuret (or Obsecur-us) unleashed on an
unsuspecting Senator Shaw, Wizard Graves and New York City.

It's undoubtedly a coincidence that Voight's character in the movie gives a fund raiser
for his son the Senator.  The fund raiser doesn't turn out so well for the Senator who is
violently killed in front of his father by Credence in Obscuret form.  In stranger than fiction
reality John Voight gave the intro speech prior to the 2017 Washington DC inauguration of the
45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Should anything like Credence exist today, possibly in the form of present and former Trump
officials Miller and Bannon, lets hope they show more restraint should they ever turn on their
Wizard Master.


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On a more serious note, there are seemingly few speculations about the following:
The country was attacked or attempts were made during the first year of every
President since Bill Clinton.

As President Trump signs off on easily overturned Executive Orders, it's probable
that many of his moves can be seen as setting up his political opposition.  IF an
airliner is attacked, as was attempted during Obama's first year, DT can deflect
and claim that his attempts to save the country were thwarted and obstructed by
the "lying" liberal press, and the judiciary with SCOTUS decisions pending.

On the other hand DT represents the same Republican Party that obstructed and blocked
President Obama's TSA appointment during his first year of 2009.  Yes, that Republican Party.
A "loyal" opposition that easily gets away with national security obstruction in plain sight.
When the Christmas Bomber attack failed Republican Senator Jim DeMint, who blocked the
TSA appointment, was the first to criticize the President and FBI's handling of the attempt
to being down an airliner over America.  Rumors and manufactured news by Republican
proxy's later claimed that team Obama arranged and planned the attempted attack.

6/6/17 - I wrote the above about Trump's EO's when he made them in February 2017.
I was unaware of anyone else doing the same.  It turns out that Jack Goldsmith of
lawfareblog was one of the few who had the nerve to call attention to what was and is
actually going on.
ineffectual-or-worse. (EO = Presidential Executive Orders)

Per Jack Goldsmith:
"Last night I tweeted: “Increasingly apparent—from the way Trump 
rolled out EO to his attack on courts—that he wants EO struck down. 
Not just incompetence.”"

"Here is what I meant.   The clearly foreseeable consequence of the 
roll-out combined with Trump’s tweets is to weaken the case for 
the legality of the EO in court.  Why might Trump want to do that?  
Assuming that he is acting with knowledge and purpose 
(an assumption I question below), the only reason I can think of is 
that Trump is setting the scene to blame judges after an attack that 
has any conceivable connection to immigration.  If Trump loses in 
court he credibly will say to the American people that he tried and 
failed to create tighter immigration controls.  This will deflect blame 
for the attack.  And it will also help Trump to enhance his power after 
the attack.  After a bad terrorist attack at home, politicians are always 
under intense pressure to loosen legal constraints.  (This was even 
true for near-misses, such as the failed Underwear bomber, which 
caused the Obama administration to loosen constraints on its 
counterterrorism policies in many ways.)  Courts feel these pressures, 
and those pressures will be significantly heightened, and any 
countervailing tendency to guard against executive overreaction 
diminished, if courts are widely seen to be responsible for an actual 
terrorist attack.  More broadly, the usual security panic after a bad 
attack will be enhanced quite a lot—in courts and in Congress—if 
before the attack legal and judicial constraints are seen to block safety.   
If Trump assumes that there will be a bad terrorist attack on his watch, 
blaming judges now will deflect blame and enhance his power more 
than usual after the next attack."....Jack Goldsmith, lawfareblog. 

Never thought I'd be quoting Max Boot:

"Donald Trump’s caustic, ill-tempered, and divisive inaugural address sounded as 
if it came from a different world from the one I inhabit — or, to be exact, from a 
different America than I have known for the 40 of my 47 years that I have been 
lucky enough to live in this wonderful country." 

"Trump's America is full of “rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation.” It is home to an education system “which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge.” It is rife with “crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.” And who is responsible for this “American carnage”? Trump heaped blame on other countries and on disloyal American elites"" Max Boot, Foreign Policy, 1/21/17 (who immigrated to the US from Russia at a young age.  Never thought I'd quote him) 


Trump's now infamous inaugural speech in part depicted America as a dystopian Mad Max
landscape filled with the above named "rusted out factories like tombstones" as if playing to
endtime fundamentalists or an RT audience whose petrostate unofficial government sponsor,
Vlad Putin, uses the RT network as a platform to depict everything imaginably negative
regarding the U.S.  His job made easier by the fact that America is an open society with or
without the present administration.

President Trump's inaugural speech assisted Putin in his years long strategy of reversing
media and internet news that puts closed authoritarian Russian Fight Club kleptocracies
in a bad light.  Russia's history and system of government before and after Stalin, always
said to be in transition, leave them no choice but to employ Big Brother censorship and
to the point of murdering (vaporizing) journalists and opposition leaders.  Nonetheless
Putin's troll farms with assistance from RT guests like Hillary critic and 911 truther
Ray McGovern (who I admired until recently) will go on RT TV about assassinations
of JFK, RFK, and MLK.  Fifty years ago.

Russian opposition media exists but is so diminished as to necessitate books with titles like,
"Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia" a 2015
book by ex-Russian journalist Peter Pomerantsev that summarizes Russian media and
propaganda strategies perfectly.  I read the glowing reviews in the NY Times in 2015,
apparently few others bothered.

The Russian local internet was polluted and turned upside down years ago.  At the same
time Putin turned his attention to the world beyond Russia's borders for similar results.
None of which is in any way new.  We do not now live in a post fact, post truth world
despite years of You Tube and social media manipulation by Religious Right, alt/ right,
Alex Jones, fake YT radio channels, 4-Chan, National Enquirer, Russian troll farms.

The full employment economy in the U.S. that greeted Trump on January 20th, 2017
was in sharp contrast to the 800,000 job loses occurring the month before Barack Obama
took office in 2009.  For the latter disaster we can thank "excellent" chess moves of
Dick Cheney of the Cheney Bush administration and a Republican Party that left Democrats
to their traditional role of digging out from Republican deregulation which gave us a (1929)
2008 Great Recession.  Taking until 2013 for major banks to pay off fines.  Deutsche Bank,
one of the few majors that would still lend to Trump Inc, fined for LIBOR manipulation
was also fined for laundering money for Russian oligarchs (blamed on an American employee
of course) and is still paying off fines assessed in the billions by the Obama DOJ in 2016.
In reprisal Deutsche falsely announced before the 2016 election that the US was in recession.
Duly reported on bogus financial sites who get their talking points from Russia.

2008 left America's first African-American President with options both bad and terrible.
Things were in such horrific shape that Dick Cheney famously predicted that President
Obama could only be a one-term President.  That the combination of two wars and
near economic collapse would overcome any administration so unfortunate as to serve after
8 years of Cheney and Republican control.

Dick (DC) Cheney had eight years to deregulate and, with the help of mortgage loan fraud
specialist Roland Arnall, the Cheney Bush SEC and cooperation from Cheney's long time
friend" across three Republican Presidents, Allan Greenspan together unleashed the beasts
of "free market" predatory economic mayhem.

The main predators were fraud based subprime real estate loan companies like Arnall's
Ameriquest.  Arnall was the #1 2004 Bush campaign contributor which is how he stayed
ahead of fines imposed by Democratic Atrorney General's.  Ameriquest sponsored Bush
owned Texas Rangers baseball team until the publicity, scandals and fines forced them
to change the name of their field which was, of course, Ameriquest Field.

Cheney, as it turned out was very wrong.  Obama easily won his second term.  His
daughter Liz, however, was finally elected to Congress in 2016 to offset her fathers
powers of prediction.  Possibly as a challenge to a faltering Trump and or Pense in 2020
as the first female VP or Republican Presidential candidate.  Enough of that.  The world
can only handle one horror reality show at a time.

In 2008, elements of right wing America thought President Obama was going to take away
their *freedumbs* and guns.  This resulted in an exponential uptick in death threats and the
sale of guns and ammo.  Typical and expected from NRA Purge Night Skinheads.  How many believed such hyperbolic crap?  (Is this blog equally hyperbolic?  Not even close)  Political
power, oil and nihilistic party over country is what matters for the GOP as per moderate
heavyweight George Packer at the 2017 NYPL.  Republican moderates Thomas Mann and
Norm Ornstein have rightly singled out their own party with worse descriptions.

Going from Fantastic Beast Cheney Obscurets to Trump and Bannon wasn't such a stretch after all.

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This blog is a mix of politics, humor and far-out philosophical musings.  I start with 
some Loudon Wainwright III political humor to prepare myself for what's to come 
from President Trump, Religious Right, Putin, Netanyahu, Alex-ander "Zoolander" Jones.

"In Russia, farms of online trolls systematically harass democratic voices and spread false information on the Internet and on social media" Eric Schmidt CEO, Alphabet (Google)

The above is far from confined to only Russia's local internet... Chen
news.html?via=desktop&source=twitter...Gideon Resnick

The Paranoid Style As Weaponized Disinformation:
"In fact, the idea of the paranoid style as a force in politics would have little 
contemporary relevance or historical value if it were applied only to men with 
profoundly disturbed minds.  It is the use of paranoid modes of expression by more 
or less normal people that makes the phenomenon significant."...The Paranoid Style in American Politics”, historian Richard Hofstadter, 1964 
From the above Columbia Journalism Review March 3, 2017: 
"What we find in our data is a network of mutually-reinforcing hyper-partisan sites that 
revive what Richard Hofstadter called “the paranoid style in American politics,” combining decontextualized truths, repeated falsehoods, and leaps of logic to create a fundamentally misleading view of the world." 

"“Fake news,” which implies made of whole cloth by politically disinterested parties 
out to make a buck of Facebook advertising dollars, rather than propaganda and disinformation, is not an adequate term. By repetition, variation, and circulation 
through many associated sites, the network of sites make their claims familiar to 
readers, and this fluency with the core narrative gives credence to the incredible" ...benkler-faris-roberts-and-zuckerman, Columbia Journalism Review
NY Times, 9/7/16 - OXFORD, England — "Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter lashed 
out at Russia on Wednesday, accusing the government of President Vladimir V. Putin of demonstrating a “clear ambition to erode” international order and warning Russia to stay 
out of the American elections.  Russia plainly ignored that admonition."

IMO, this has been happening for a decade.  Russian troll network disinformation merging 
their message with elements of the U.S. and Israeli Religious Right, the Trump friendly National Enquirer and Alex Jones occurred long before prominent Republican's like 
Trump, Pat Buchanan, Rudy Giuliani, Ralph Peters, Rep. Steve King praised Putin for 
his so-called moral and political leadership.  Putin is Christian.  At least he says he is.  
The above more than take his word while questioning their own leader's religion and citizenship.  None dare call it_____(guess)
What else do all of them have in common?   All are funded by oil and might want the 
price of same to go to "at least" $75 a bbl. to bailout the oil economies of Texas, Alaska, 
Kansas, Oklahoma, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela etc.  Putin and Russia want Antarctica to melt for it's oil which means, at least for them and for red states, global 
warming doesn't exist as a big problem.  They all know that it's caused by humans but economics causes them to "unknow" inconvenient facts.  

Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas doesn't looks like a genius promoting tax cuts and supply-
side economics for his state.  He recently quit as Governor to take a job with the Trump 
administration.  It doesn't hurt that his state of Kansas is the Koch Brothers home base.  
The right wing put their faith in oil, in Putin, Koch, Exxon CEO and future Sec. of State, 
Rex Tillerson, in Donald Fucking Trump and, last but not least, in fear and doom ultra-nationalism.  potent combination.  A vindication of Czar Putin, Trump's financial, 
cyberpathic hacking and financial backer of last resort.  They won.  They lost the popular 
vote (again) but they won. 

"In a report dated May 21, Internet Research Agency commercial director 
Svetlana Boiko discussed the progress of the trolling project’s $75,000 trial 
period, which began April 10. The report says that during that period, the 
trolls left more than 2,500 comments on 30 different news websites, tweeted 
1,220 times from 12 accounts, wrote 85 Facebook posts, posted 175 times in an unspecified number of forums, and made five bizarre YouTube videos attacking 
the U.S. government."
"Bizarre" YT videos attacking U.S.?  Deliberately using "bizarre" "paranoid modes 
of expression" as a means of spreading not misinformation but disinformation by 
Psy-war troll farm networks whose deliberately demented content is offset by shear 
numbers of You Tube channels, deliberately psychotic You Tube supporting 
comments and further offset by officious British accented narrators.  Thousands 
of bogus "alternative" YT channels, fake comments, blogs, fake news, bogus forums
(Above Top Secret) and websites with "news government (always implying the U.S. government not the Russian prototype surveillance state) doesn't want you to know."  

That last is now referred to as U.S. Cold War paranoid McCarthyism by so-called
journalistic gatekeepers like Glenn Greenwald and Max Blumenthal.  The term Russophobia is seen in what's left of comment sections used with exaggerated 
formality, feigned insult and pointed accusing finger of fake political correctness 
thrown back at US liberals.  Only slightly exaggerated: "At the end of the day sir, 
have you no shame with your insulting Russophobic baseless accusations.  Where's 
your proof?  It is indeed a sad day."  IOW, trolling beyond satire and sarcasm.   

FROM THE ABOVE 2014 BUZZFEED LINK (prelude to much wider coverage):
"Russia’s campaign to shape international opinion around its invasion of
Ukraine has extended to recruiting and training a new cadre of online
trolls that have been deployed to spread the Kremlin’s message on the
comments section of top American websites."

"Plans attached to emails leaked by a mysterious Russian hacker collective 
show IT managers reporting on a new ideological front against the West in the comments sections of Fox News, Huffington Post, The Blaze, Politico, and WorldNetDaily."  (Fake newspeak: "shocking, appalling and cause for concern")

"The bizarre hive of social media activity appears to be part of a 
two-pronged Kremlin campaign to claim control over the internet, launching a million-dollar army of trolls to mold American public opinion as it cracks down on internet freedom at home."
Not to mention an army of Russian hackers and trolls influencing the 2016
elections with help from the RNC, Wikileaks, and DNC incompetence
in failing to heed repeated FBI phone calls in Sept 2015 that high ranking
DNC computers and emails had been breached.
Explaining evangelical support for Trump via Jeet Heer of The New Republic:
"More recently, a virtual Vladimir Putin cult has arisen among religious conservatives longing for a return to cultural purity."
Putin’s macho bearing, his hostility to LGBT rights, and his fusion of nationalism with support for the Russian Orthodoxy all make him an attractive figure to right-wing Christians disenchanted with Obama’s socially liberal America. 
Franklin Graham, heir to the most influential American
evangelist, says Putin should be celebrated for taking
“a stand" to protect his nation’s children from the
damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda,” even as
“America’s own morality has fallen so far on this issue.”
Rush Limbaugh cheers Putin for opposing “a full-frontal assault on what has always been considered normalcy.” Religious Right stalwart Bryan Fischer, host of the radio program Focal Point, has hailed Putin as a “lion of Christianity.” Sam Rohrer, president of the America
Pastors Network, calls the Russian president “the moral 
leader of the world.”.....Jeet Heer Oct 24, 2016
Disinformation soft news and comments on YT videos and on HuffPo
old comment sections are the least of new Cold War blizzard of lies tactics.
They are way down in terms of importance.  Sowing fear and doubt by increments: hacking the internet, large corporations, banks, candidate emails.   Soon to come: possible political blackmail of the Trump White House via Wikileaks, right wing governments on Russia's border, a "big emergency"
possibly involving domestic terror in the US to reverse Trump's sinking poll numbers or an emergency of the kind that will spike the price of oil upward.

The 2016 NYC explosions on 23rd Street three blocks from where I live
where no one was killed and all injured were released from the hospital
the next morning were a prelude to something worse.  The Nov. 8th
election of Donald Trump.

The fact that the explosions occurred across the street from the home
of TPM editor and virulent Trump foe, Josh Marshall and his family
has to be an unfortunate coincidence.  He and his family were elsewhere
at the time.  Marshall was writing editorial after editorial critical of
Putin's relationship with Trump and Russian backing of New York City's
Trump Soho hotel.

Now the Republican base grinds clenched teeth as a Trump regime takes shape.  Even as the WSJ suggested in response to the Trump rape tapes that, if elected, Trump would resign after taking the oath whether on his own or by prompting
by the RNC with VP Pense then taking the oath and Chief Justice Roberts
having to get the oath right a second time as he was forced to do whether deliberately or through incompetence in 2009.

As liberal Keith Olbermann and conservative David Frum have
recently tweeted, the 25th Amendment Article 4 will be getting
a lot of scrutiny even as Trump concedes $25 million in restitution
regarding Trump U to NYS AG, Schneiderman.  The only reason
it wasn't bigger was because statutes of limitations had run out.
If Trump had been defeated he wouldn't have paid the 25 million.

My personal and worldwide Nightmare continues for four or eight
more years with Trump's Republican Party much more of a
danger than he is with legislative powers much greater than the last
time they lost the popular vote and assumed a mandate to govern.
They will do so with or without the Soprano level R/ E gangster unless
he and Chris Christie has something really terrible on them or Fox News.

It's become a tradition for Republican's to use the #1 spot as a foil to
distract while the big boys, in this case Pense, Ryan and Tillerson
run the show.  While the compliant mainstream and the subservient
to insanity right wing Breitbart and Drudge play "what will Donald J,
FLOTUS Mel and First Daughter Ivy Tweet and wear today?"

Thursday, January 12, 2017


"Columnists and magazines that a month ago were saying #NeverTrump are now vibrating with the frisson of his audacity." May 20, 2016

"The three-part process by which the gross becomes taken for granted has been on matchlessly grim view this past week in the ascent of Donald Trump."

"If Trump came to power, there is a decent chance that the American experiment would be over. This is not a hyperbolic prediction; it is not a hysterical prediction; it is simply a candid reading of what history tells us happens in countries with leaders like Trump. Countries don’t really recover from being taken over by unstable authoritarian nationalists of any political bent, left or right—not by Peróns or Castros or Putins or Francos or Lenins or fill in the blanks. The nation may survive, but the wound to hope and order will never fully heal. Ask Argentinians or Chileans or Venezuelans or Russians or Italians—or Germans. The 
national psyche never gets over learning that its institutions are that fragile and their ability to resist a dictator that weak. If he can rout the Republican Party in a week by having effectively secured the nomination, ask yourself what Trump could do with the American government if he had a mandate." ...Adam Gopnik, New Yorker

As authoritarians both Trump and Putin get to say what's true.  They both manufacture
doubt and distrust in facts, logic, nuance, governments and reality itself.  The aim of the
Republican Party long before Trump was to make sure erosion seeps into U.S. mainstream
news, politics and culture.  Just look at what passes for populist right wing politics...

Speaking of which, never thought I'd be quoting veteran neoconservative 
reporter, James Kirchick: "I should not have been surprised. I’ve been 
following Russia’s cultivation of the American right for years, long before 
it became a popular subject, and I have been amazed at just how deep and effective the campaign to shift conservative views on Russia has been. Four 
years ago, I began writing a series of articles about the growing sympathy 
for Russia among some American conservatives."  (He voted HRC. Will 
return to his work further on) 

After land, sea, air, the internet and space, there is another final frontier, another domain of contention and warfare.  The sixth domain, the human brain and the control of same.  
Dr. Michio Kaku:


"The 1st rule of Fight Club paid trolling...never talk about Fight Club...unless 
wearing ski masks and floral shirt on this excellent Samantha Bee Full Frontal segment... 

Blizzard of Lies:
On YT are thousands of bogus fear and doom disinformation videos and websites 
that pretend to expose (U.S. never Russkie) government sponsored mind control.  
All but telling viewers that sausage fact-ory You Tube "alternative" "news" videos 
by the thousand along with most supportive commentsthousands of internet sites, 
blogs, forums, Facebook pages, fake news ads are by paid or volunteer Psy-Ops 
contractors imitating paranoid style fear, doom, confusion and delusion.  

Then again, the above video is comedian Samantha Bee doing a comedy 
interview from Moscow.  What serious news person can take this seriously?  
Everything said is totally accurate but that simple fact is offset by the comedy 
format which can be said to be easily rigged by using English speaking 
Russian students or comedians claiming to be paid troll disinformants.  

The comedy format seems acceptable to troll networks themselves because at that 
point they can get creatively Orwellian by attacking one of their main targets, the MSM.   
Under the Sam Bee YT video are comments giving false praise to the comedian as doing 
better job of reporting on troll purveyors of alternative "news" (likely the comment 
writerthan serious MSM reporters.  Creating a manufactured Kafka hall of mirrors.

Psy-war contractors compensate for insane content with shear numbers of videos and sites.   They exist to provide a context for outright lying that undermines the idea of accuracy, facts, news and rational informed bias. 

In my view of things, few of the perfectly scripted videos in the You Tube "alternative"
fear and doom video categories are made by the mentally ill which is counter to the prevailing
informed narrative typified by Doctor Vaughan Bell quoted in the NY Times 2008 link below.

This is the psychiatrist who runs the popular appropriately named "Mind Hacks"
psychology blog.  Dr. Bell and Yale Professor Dr. William Hoffman say these sites and
videos are by and for the mentally ill.  Even considering video editing few of these
novelty video narrators claiming persecution as "targeted individuals" stumble over words
or thoughts regardless of how willfully ridiculous those words and thoughts are.  Which
means they are scripted.  Can anyone rehearse or edit a flawless video?  Yes.  Can it be
done that way thousands of times over thousands of videos that all claim to be mind
controlled and stalked?  Using the same two or three formulas over and over to perfection?
Yes, by competent pros, not by the assumed legions of paranoids.  Which in itself is an
assumption on my part.  How can it be proved unless one of them admits to lying.
THAT can never happen for various reasons.

In my view, the internet might not have nearly as many actual zoolander lunatics as is 
now believed or reported.  But that's another complicated assumption. 

It's a good idea for media friendly professionals like Dr. Bell to come to easy
conclusions that all these videos are to be dismissed as made by the ill informed or
mentally ill and nothing more.  For a credible person to say otherwise would be
professional suicide and public humiliation.  It's left to comedians like Samantha Bee and,
well, shitty writers like me to say otherwise.  And now the post election media finally
piles on with "revelations" about "fake news" as if it's anything new.  Serious "news"
headlines ask the question, "Did Russian's Hack The U.S. Election?"  This leaves
"alternative" right wing media and so-called gateway journalists like Glenn
Greenwald to deny the story and play serious journalistic voices of reason to perfection.
When convenient.  Greenwald walks a necessarily fine line because of Ed Snowden
and his precarious status between Russia and his home country, America.  The pro-
Russian positions in this regard by Glenn Greenwald are melting away by the day, hour, minute.
(Breitbart Editor-in-Chief, Alex Marlow admitted to Bill Maher that Russia did
hack, interfere with the US election.  An ex-Breitbart reporter now working for Sputnik
News complained to the RNC that Marlow wasn't sticking to the accepted narrative)

Dr. Bell, in his best most con-vincing professional Brit accented voice might pull a
Greenwald and say that my claims are nothing more than "Russians Are Coming"
Cold War Joe McCarthy Russophobic paranoia without proof.  Or that speculative
blogs like this are guilty of the very thing they accuse others of.  A mere lefty meta
conspiracy theory of conspiracy theories.

I would naturally claim that inference, common sense as well as the CIA and FBI say
otherwise.  When I categorize thousands of channels as sausage fact-ories with similar
themes, lingo and paranoid fantasies I imply they are all operating in concert.
Which can put me in categories Dr. Bell talks about along with patients in P-Doc
waiting rooms talking to themselves about Russian trolls hacking their underwear.
Bell might be diplomatic and say I'm merely misinformed and victim of common
errors of reasoning.

How can most of these sites have similar themes and points of view?  Neurotics 
and delusionals have a tendency to imitate each other, right?  Yes they do in an 
effort to share their particular view of the world.  Sounds great doesn't it?  
Except some people have a tendency to overplay that particular hand.  
Like those who live and die by the DSM and those who use it to gaslight any 
and all opposition.  Like Glenn Greenwald for instance. 

Psychiatrists might be familiar with the inconvenient term "Troll Farm" or network
whether it's Russian, Israeli hasbara or U.S. Religious Right in origin.  In light of the
preceding paragraph they might also be quick to diagnose delusion and paranoia and
just as quickly whip out prescription pads.  I would plead, but Dr. Bell, sir, before you
diagnose/ section me please believe that this blog is far from a lefty DSM cliché.
"Famous last words", he would reply, "they all say that."  Unfortunately these are not
my last words on the subject and Bell would likely say no such thing.

Of course the videos in question promote the very thing they pretend to be against.
And like all good lies these videos, websites, contain a modicum of honey-trap truth.
IOW, videos and blogs pretending to be fighting mind control are in themselves the purest
form of mind control via repetition and shear numbers of videos, comments, sites, blogs,
forums. Why?  Superficially to degrade the internet which in itself poses a threat mainly
to closed autocratic societies and fundamentalist authoritarian orthodox ideologies.  Russian
troll farm networks degrade credible news and in the process reverse the onslaught of
pervasive Western news and culture which tends to put closed autocratic societies like
Russia, China, N. Korea, and Islamist societies like Saudi Arabia and Iran in a bad light.

Then again, in the act of waking up from history, degrading the internet and reality itself
hardly makes a difference especially when a Soprano level thug/ reality show Republican
assumes the Presidency.

These mind control, chemtrail, FEMA coffin videos and comments aren't the mentally
ill imitating each other.  These pretenders are opposite of insane.  They use the same fear
and doom style as the very sane westerners mentioned in the paragraph below who act in the
name of the American and European fringe radical right wing pretending to be persecuted
and beyond political or ideological binary constructs of right and left.

Blaming reptilian aliens, "globalist elites" or Illuminati allows them room to make outrageous
National Enquirer claims without it reflecting on the right wing worldwide or Republican
libertarian establishments in the U.S.  Of course "the Masons", "NWO", and Illuminati
are bogus dogwhistle terms used by the delusional AND also disinformation peddlers who do everything they can to put themselves in the outlier "alternative" unaligned category.  Apart
from Alex Jones and David Icke this is especially true when you are part of a propaganda
network funded by an entire Russian Petrostate with enough money to launch thousands of
videos and websites, thousands of hackers in an effort to degrade and undermine politicians,
the internet, institutions, news and objective reality.  But how do I know that?

What I am saying goes beyond the impossible to the unpossible.  IOW, superficially
this blog can be seen as cognitively dissonant as the videos in question which could just be
the opinions of people who might look at the world differently and hold different views
and opinions from my own?  Certain assumptions are valid in the absence of definitive proof.
We don't live in a post truth world no matter what headlines say.  Russian dissidents
and expatriots have seen the above coming for years.  The world assumes a role of
willfull blindness.  Until a seemingly magic switch is thrown or signal is given.  At that
moment everything on this page might then be considered part of legitimate debate.

Never underestimate the power of political PR even from strident pretend fools like
El Presidenté, Donald Trump, his Religious Right supporters, the Jim Bakker's and Franklin
Graham's of the world.  Small "l" libertarians like Alex "Skull and Bones" Jones and
European counterpart, David Icke, along with thousands of imitators, fake You Tube
internet radio troll farm salesmen all claiming to deliver "alternative" right wing "news"
"the government (or liberal academic PC elite) don't want you to know."

Jones and Icke all but admit to being on the same level as bizarre tabloids Globe and
National Enquirer run by Trump buddy David Pecker (great name).  One step "up" would be
those previously mentioned along with Glenn Beck, WorldNetDaily, Breitbart Sinclair,
Drudge, talk radio, Fox News and too many others to count.

The Republican Party is rich enough to pacify and cater to extreme outliers for 
the purpose of propping up mainstream Republicans and vice versa.  Pretty soon 
the outliers through shear numbers and manic fanatic demagogic energy become 
normalized into the new mainstream.  How many of them believe their own nonsense?  
Doesn't matter.  Issues don't matter.  Lying doesn't matter.  

Power is what matters.  And federal contractor trickle-down on the supply side dollars.
All they have to do is keep repeating and shoveling the propaganda which for many
people makes anything true as long as it feels familiar.  Familiarity is accomplished
by repetition that pushes the message causing it to resonate with core identity programming.
Or should I say "values."

Trump never believed his own birther claims and I'm not the only one who "knew"/
assumed that.  There's that "assumed" word again.  Is it such a big assumption
to say that Alex Jones and David Icke are on the sanity spectrum and don't for a minute
believe half the paranoid style gibberish that comes out of their mouths despite all
claims to the contrary?  Not at all.  They are hyperbolic high energy fools who promote
their brand, stay on message following a nasty seeming cognitive dictatorship.  Some might
be on the malignant side of psychopathic/ narcissistic.  Those last two words are taken as joking
compliments in Republican, Trump, CEO circles except when the "m" word is added.  Feral
eyes grow wide.  Malignant!