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In a system on a chip, peripherals are incorporated into the same integrated circuit as the central processing unit. They are still referred to as "peripherals" despite being permanently attached to (and in some sense part of) their host processor...

Now what does the William Gibson novel "The Peripheral" have to do with anything? 
And why was he in the same NYC subway car late 2014 standing over me with 
another guy about his age about a month after I bought his book?
Coincidence?  I'm not prone to the other thing.

He just happened to be wearing the same outfit as his photo on the back of the book.
I kept saying what I find myself saying all too often these days, "Is it?  Nah, can't be...
(too old) except that it is...couldn't be."  It was.  He was doing publicity in NYC at
the time with recorded YT interviews.

Are the people I see biological machines from the future with uploaded consciousness
like in the story?  No.  His vechicle is metaphor and allegory.  Mine isn't.

So who what when where why? Good questions all.  Herein lies madness or the
appearance of same.  The following is what is seen carried out in the Penn-South
section of NYC.  The numbers involved on the operating end are beyond anything
natural or rational.

Very similar to a previous blog entry via Wiki regarding unwitting volunteer CIA
Harvard programs of the 1950's: "The unwitting undergraduates were submitted to what 
Murray himself called "vehement sweeping and personally abusive" attacks.  
Assaults on their egos and cherished ideas and beliefs were the vehicles used 
to cause high levels of stress and distress to Murry's unwitting guinea pigs.[77]   

The above is not now and never was confined to Dr. Murray's very intelligent but
susceptible Harvard crash-test dummy undergraduates that included Ted K, later
known as the Unabomber.  No human could be anything but susceptible when
subject to what I can only approximate because it cannot be adequately described.

Force and physical contact with the target happens on occasion but is avoided because
it isn't needed.  Physical force is replaced by a kind of non-stop visual waterboarding
assault by way of a real world imposed augmented reality.  One reason for doing
things this way is that it conveniently overrides any local or government laws
regarding something so quant as legality or rights of individuals in the U.S.
Complaints, lawsuits meet impenetrable walls of disbelief.

24/ 7/ 365 surveillance indoors and out.  Completely undetectable, completely
unprovable and always dismissed by the automatic default position of
insanity or paranoid delusion.

(Automatic reactions like, "now who is going to go to all that trouble?"
"You must be a special kind of guy?"  "A "center of the world" narcissistic
paranoid persecution complex kind of guy?"  No, in no way exceptional,
don't want to be, don't want attention, and don't want any part of this stupid

Some attempt at characterising these completely unnerving, human+++ "peripheral"
types from "central casting" are listed below.  (I would say from Comedy Central
because that is exactly what it sounds like.  I would say that except for the fact that
these very high functioning morons are completely serious and the above three
plus-marks after the word human are completely applicable and accurate.

Everything described in this blog is not confined to any particular time period.
However it manifested itself in the West and in the U.S. in the 1960's as well as today.
I had no idea at the time but I suspect, without proof, that the Macrobiotics, Bioenergetics,
Sri Chinmoy, Bubba Free John, Sachidananda and many other organizations were completely
serious as far as their stated intentions and completely rigged after a certain point.  Was it
government that was doing this?  Doubtful.  Federal cooperation at the very top is assumed.

The groups in question had excellent PR depending on the image they wanted projected.
Whether miracles, badboy radicals operating on the bleeding edge complete with
reported orgies (fake planted rumor?) or relatively conservative but with the guru's
in question following a possible unwritten script which involved getting "caught" taking
advantage of female followers while otherwise prescribing celibacy.  IOW, deliberate
negative PR campaigns as an offset to being an object of worship and fame.

Did I say that guru's getting caught with the females was scripted?  Many guru's, leaders,
celebrities, some of the very rich (Mel Gibson) seem to be obliged to manufacture some
kind of large scale seemingly deliberate public humiliation or downfall under the guise of
sex, mental illness or substance abuse or all three.  The humiliation is real, but in many
cases the people being brought low get to control how and what is made public.  A kind of
imposed voluntary karmic balancing act.  In addition are the many who went wild
in a drugs, sex, jubilee bacchanal kind of way and paid no price or who really were
surprised when their world fell apart.  What is reported and what actually happens are
two different things.

This would account for many "new age" groups of the 1960's - 80's and also I suspect most
"deprogrammers" of same.  IOW, and so typically, a perverse PR game has the public
coming and going.  In other contexts, large scale drug smuggling on one hand and for-
profit high-end rehab treatment centers on the other.  Coming and going.  Does that qualify
as "sweeping unproven contrary generalization and accusation"?   I think it does and
I don't say it because I'm attracted to contrary conspiracy theories to make sense of the world.
I present unproven claims like the people accuse.  I also seem to say 'but mine are better.'  - Human height?

Overarching characteristics of the people involved: (some applicable to any group)
More extremely tall people of both sexes than I or anyone would consider normal or average.
Women over 6' 1" in flats are not unusual.  Males 6' 4" and over are not just seen now and
then but constantly.  I briefly spoke to a woman who looked to be in her 70's, easily over
6' 4" who might have been related to a girl of average height I worked with and went
with back in 2002 (who licked her pasta sauce off her plate in a restaurant).  The older
woman was the only one I can remember in that age group and that tall which means,
of course, it happens and who cares?

Extreme height is one example of what happens when extremes are made to become
routine across age groups, sexes, races or nationality.  (And it will be said, "well,
of course, tall people stand out and are noticed and what's the rumpus already?")

Nephilim?  Is that the thought I'm supposed to entertain?   Biblical offspring
"sons of God" and "daughters of men" before the Deluge of Noah?  Referenced
on many biblical sites and on additional fringe internet sites all but telling the viewer
'we are faking delusion and extreme religiosity and we don't mind if you know it.'

Did I just say faking delusion?  And how do I know that?  Am I assuming motive?

And who am I to call something fringe or absurd when writing something like this?
Besides being a retired 6' boomer, probably look 40's - 50's, average health, lazy,
anxious, no medication, no nose rings or ponytails, no shaved head, dreds, drugs or tattoos.
Altogether, pretty dull despite or even because of the nonsense in plain sight that is
made to seem like a no remedy reality to adapt to or not.  It doesn't seem to make any dif.

All the negative aspects in the last paragraph are the programmed constants of visual
extremes that I experience day in and day out.  Far in excess of what is characteristic
of my or any big city neighborhood.  My age might suggest someone projecting or
is having trouble coping with the disruptions of changing attitudes etc.

I can take more than occasional crowds, loud music, can cope with differences and
disruptions that are part of or exceed the average persons day to day experience.  I'm not
talking about anything close to the normal day to day.  What I am describing is "unpossible"
except that nothing written here can now be considered by me to be in any way exceptional.

Many of those I am trying to describe favor vegetarianism (as I did for many years).
Nothing unusual there.  "They" seem to eat little, sleep little and have no particular
interest in sex unless called upon to take on an outrageous outdated 1980's punkish,
split kneed, sexually suggestive attitude or ambiguous appearance.  Contrived appearance,
contrived ambiguity with none seeming to mind having a forced or contrived look.
I would use the Kurzweil term "spiritual machines" to describe what I see, implementing
every move to perfection.

Obsessive cleanliness is a common factor.  Sleeping for two hours strains the immune system.
This is compensated for by a perpetual boot camp lifestyle of obsessive exercise or hyperactivity.
Keeping everything extremely clean seems to be a way to reduce immune stressors and a
way of keeping busy, keeping active.  Normally very commendable.

A contrived overly polite manner and an emphasis on public service (well gee, what's wrong
with that?) also seems to be used to counter any deliberate weirdness in appearance
and to enhance the impression of being average upstanding citizens beyond reproach.

When ordering in a store women make a point of speaking in overly polite
exaggerated little girl "up-talk" tempos.  Or clipped tones of "yeah yeah."  I hear
raised voices in restaurants as if mimicking what women are supposed to sound like
around alcohol while raising the decibel level for restaurant employees not to mention me.
Guy's take on deliberately fake vocal fry, mission control talk or else the opposite,
gay effeminate mannerisms and speech over and over beyond any Google IT employee norm.

Women that I went with for some months always did something publicly beyond
inappropriate.  Licking pasta source from a plate in a restaurant.  Putting a bare
hand into a restaurant buffet.  Wearing big cleverge in very cold way below freezing
weather.  Completely covered in 80 degrees.

The multiple messages from these different women besides get lost:
'I don't operate and have no need to operate as you do.'   'My purpose is to disrupt,
keep your distance.'  None were the result of mood, eccentricity, jokes, or lack of
intelligence.  They did it for a reason and I never took their unspoken advice.

A kind of routine hyperactivity is emphasized.  Putting on a gross amount of
weight and taking it off or going in the opposite extreme.  As a guess, not being
in constant motion invites some kind of automatic direct or indirect negative feedback.
They are big in music, art and meditation and at the same time, lying and deceit exceeding psychopathic compulsivity.  Martial arts skills acting, entertainment, improvisation,
crossword puzzles, PR, propaganda and manipulation of sound and language.
All of which are typical of certain populations and not any kind of smoking gun.

In summery: a 1960's or 1980 retro appearance, varying degrees
of physical deformity, too many doofy looking bearded white street people
dreadlocked, tattooed, homeless, begging and then alternated with their opposites.
Grossly over developed over-amped military types with arms and chests so large
(like turkeys) they are forced to move or pretend to move in stupidly exaggerated
marching usually by themselves.  Seen and encountered until replaced by something
equally monotonously repulsive not in kind but in frequency.

The unstated overriding "gangs talking" (gang stalking) message is like something
Buddhist or like a Dylan or Tom Petty song, "Like A Rolling Stone" or "Free Falling."
Notions of security or personal enjoyment are nullified with the person on the
receiving end made numb to same in ways described below.

"There's something happening here" and I do and do not know what it is and not
because my name isn't Alex Jones.  (When the unknown Dylan first came to NYC
he just happened to share a place in the Village that had one of the larger personal
libraries of poetry books to draw on)

Maybe he too experienced some 1962 version of the following in his travels:
Extreme visuals used to replace physical contact.  Attacking his cultural identity
by visual means beyond extremes and beyond anything considered reasonable.
Reason or moderation seems to be considered commensurate with cowardliness
or mediocrity to be avoided at any cost.

This is very close to the movie "Jacob's Ladder" without combat based PTSD or
the Hollywood elememts of demons, drugs, psychosis, or hallucination.  Accounting
for that, this movie, which came out in 1990, was not originally written as fiction but
to depict something all too stupidly real.

The lead character Jacob is stabbed in the stomach by one of his own men while in
Vietnam.  I had sternum to pelvic bone surgery in 1985 for intestinal blockage.
One of the girls mentioned above left me immediately after.  The extreme guilt depicted
in the loss of a son was also duplicated in my case but not in the same way.  I was
never in combat but I served during the Vietnam period and the post combat scenes
described on this page are all too similar and beyond coincidence or any desperate
need on my part to make sense of my life by comparing it to one of the strangest
movies ever to be made. ("Wow, I can identify, Tim Robbins' Jacob Singer is about me,
I'm somebody, I'm blah blah blah") (Saw Robbins playing street hockey in the park
on sixth and Houston St. a few years ago looking bored out of his mind, nothing close
to his age and unrecognized by passersby)

Nothing that I see in public is as it should be but, at the same time, nothing looks
flagrantly out of sync to casual observers.  All can be seen as classic ______(fill in the
symptomatic blanks) or just crotchety old age or dementia.

(Am I having some kind of paranoid breakdown confusing reality with fictional
movies?  See, I'm even talking (or typing) to myself.  Evident lack of insight.)

Of course, none of this depends on my mood, selective attention, particular
preoccupations, hallucinations or dislikes.  I have long since stopped questioning
my senses, or thinking I am having a bad day, month, year or life.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


"We can tranquilize, impede, immobilize, harass, shock, upset, stupefy, nauseate, chill, temporarily blind, deafen, or just scare the wits out of anyone the police have a proper need to control."...Rep. James Scheuer, 1970 (Harvard MBA, Columbia Law) US Congressman, NYS, 1973 - 1993.

The unfortunate realities covered in this blog are stranger than most fiction, difficult to express and even more difficult for the average person to believe.This blog is not about 911, terrorism, new world orders, immanent police states, immanent threat or disaster, ebola, contagion or rightwing endtime fear and doom.

Cognitive dissonance however is hard to avoid. The experts precede me. As in...

...thousands of bogus fear and doom videos and sites that pretend to expose government sponsored mind control which are, in reality, nothing but present day manifestations of "Big Brother" doublethink manipulations made by people who instigate the very thing they pretend to be against. Blogs like mine are anticipated which is one reason why these deliberately stupid, laughable videos are made in the first place.

The following video by Dr. Michio Kaku does not fit that category.

After land, sea, air, the internet, space, there is another final frontier, another domain of
contention. The sixth domain, the human brain and the control of same. 

What better way to approach the brain than through sound which is invisible but can be felt.
"Non-lethal" sound weaponry commercialized and advertised to be used by police departments
and by governments crowds, on battlefields, but never advertised on there use on individuals.
Appealing benign as well as malevolent science fiction PR names are used way beyond
Alex Jones fringe categories like Remote Neural Surveillance and Influence", "Voice of God".

From the free Google Book by Juliette Volker, "Extremely Loud", (all old news by now)

Names and acronyms for commercially available sound used as a weapon:
Magnetic Audio Device, or MAD, and Sound Commander, Hyperspike, Banshee II, Sonic Nausea,
Sonic Devastator, the Inferno Intenso, the Shout, the Shriek, the Scream (used by Israel since 2004 induces nausea and dizziness. In combining two low frequencies "knees buckle, the brain aches, the stomach turns...", oh yes, yes, I'll have what she's having, give me more), the SHOFAR (by the Israeli EORD - "non-lethal" high-power acoustic radiator with 36 acoustic boxes functioning in phase to reach a claimed amplitude of 128 bD at 50 meters), The MOSQUITO by the British company Compound Security Systems (CSS). Under the name of Beethoven you can get "a sound that softens behavior" (said the website slogan before it disappeared). 


NYPD officer stands ready with the LRAD 500X at an 
Occupy Wall Street protest. on November 17, 2011 near city hall.

infrasound - Skeptics Dictionary: 

Infrasound refers to extreme bass waves or vibrations, those with a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear (20 Hz to 22 kHz). Even though these waves can't be heard by us, they can be felt and have been shown to produce a range of effects in some people including anxiety, extreme sorrow, and chills. "Loud infrasound in the range of 0.5 to 10 Hz is sufficient to activate the vestibular, or balance system, in the inner ear."* (PsychologistRichard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire thinks that the odd sensations that people attribute to ghosts may be caused by infrasonic vibrations.*)

Along with other even catchier military covert spy-talk descriptions found on legitimate corporate sites sometimes indicating that such and such "non-lethal" (always put in quotes in this blog) technology was abandoned as not practical as a battlefield or crowd control weapon with no
indication of further deployment or development.

What is always left out is functionality under controlled conditions apart from crowds,
demonstrations and battlefield events. How convenient? The proof? You'll never find it on
the internet. You will find plenty of sites by people pretending to insanity while dropping
hints at an inconvenient reality then surrounding it with as much new world order, Illuminati
nonsense as possible so that the latter discredits the former by association.

See "The "Next" Warfare Domain" entry for relevant links that provide
a valuable context for the anecdotal but non-speculative claims made here.


"The energy used is invisible, as are its outcomes...One may manage to prove a wound was caused by a club or a Flash-ball but it would be more difficult to blame an LRAD...."
"Extremely Loud" Using Sound As A Weapon by Juliette Volker, free Google book.
(Sound weapons are useful introductions but the reality is much more complicated)áclav_Havel

Havel's Civic Forum party played a major role in the Velvet Revolution that toppled communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989. He assumed the presidency shortly thereafter, and was reelected in a landslide the following year and after Slovak independence in 1993. Havel was instrumental in dismantling the Warsaw Pact and expanding NATO

FRANZ KAFKA'S MR. K.  The New Yorker 12/01/14:

"One of them is a profound, banal, and therefore utterly vague sensation of culpability, as though my very existence were a kind of sin.  Then there is a powerful feeling of general alienation, both my own and relating to everything around me, that helps to create such feelings; an experience of unbearable oppressiveness, a need constantly to explain myself to someone, to defend myself, a longing for an unattainable order of things, a longing that increases as the terrain I walk through becomes more muddled and confusing."

About the only thing I have in common with Vaclav Havel is that my
last name also begins with H and nothing in this blog compares
to what what he experienced in prison before the Prague Spring
in the freeing of Czechoslovakia from communism and the Warsaw Pact.

The words in that speech reflect my experience.  Need to read more Kafka
who was Czech.  I can see why President Clinton wanted to hangout with
President Havel possibly after reading the above translation of Havel's speech
and especially after dealing with 1994 Republicans and Newt Gingrich.

Double Plus Un-Good: 
(bureaucratic Orwellian news-speak) 

Any corporate or government agency can get away with anything when everything 
they do, classic surveillance and use of remote sound weaponry mimicks and sounds 
like classic paranoia and psychosis when described after the fact having built-in 
plausible deniability.  When the above is implemented correctly it is indistinguishable 
from psychosis.  When and if the surveilled is made aware of what is happening and 
is fool enough to blog or complain he finds out that nothing can affect eventual outcomes.
No tinfoil Faraday screens, no magick force fields. 

(Typical response: "What's that? You're being hit by invisible rays by invisible men?
Golly, that's too bad.  Check out some Thorazine flavored Kool-Aid for relief.")

I used to be very smug and very sure that my version of things was "right".
There have always been mentally ill people who believe they are victimized by
whoever he or she believes the enemy or "They" happen to be.  Everything in this blog
can be interpreted in that light.  Understandable but incorrect. I was completely wrong
in my assumptions and no one could tell me otherwise.

aggressive after 2001:

1) Remote, "action at a distance" frequency combinations projecting voice and
sound effects.  A remote duel use communication, stim/ torture procedure inducing
total sleep deprivation and brainwashing for 3/4 of a year with potential use for
indifinite periods of time.

These are and are not experimemts. Sleep deprivation for this amount of time seems
to be very routine which means keeping a person alive and totally sleepless doesn't
seem to present much of a problem for the high functioning morons hidding behind
an impenetrable veil of disbelief.

New methods are added in pursuit of absolute overwhelming
intimidation, domination and control always with the overriding intention
of implementing torture with zero physical contact which serves to subvert
any possible local and federal laws, lawsuits or credible complaint.
In interrogation circles what greater challenge could there be? 
Psychological and physical torture without physical touch.

An extension and improvement over the now infamous no-touch Cheney Bush
torture methodology implemented in Iraq and Guantanamo, Cuba.  Sound
frequency combinations are invasive, invisible, leave no incriminating marks
and yet are capable of "touching" and causing extreme physical pain, nausea,
heating of the skin or racing the heart to the point of death.

1) Victims are kept alive and relatively healthy in a kind of functional half-life.
Involuntary sleep deprivation and disruption uses verbiage, sound effects 
focused sound frequencies capable of communication, remotely stimulating 
or depressing major organs, modulating blood flow and body fluids.

2) During that 3/4 of a year sleepless marathon the only external obvious
differences in the home environment besides those mentioned are a noticeable
aerosol chemical smell (Nothing to do with that resulting from cold-turkey
drug rehab) that probably has stimulant effects and an almost constant hissing
white-noise-like sound both in the ears (blood flow?) and, at times, projected
into the surrounding apartment space reaching a crescendo effect around the
sleepless endpoint.  This happens in the person's own apartment which was
and still is more of an electronic (e)-prison than a place to live.

3) Classic surveillance combined with remote sound "monitoring"
(Monitoring? Typical Kafkaesque Orwellian understated PR talk) are inherently
indistinguishable from auditory hallucinations and psychosis. No third party,
doctor or lawyer can tell the difference and if anything is suspected or known
those suspicions will most assuredly be ignored as if they were never considered.

At the mere mention of "hearing voices" doctors, in these hopefully rare cases, can't
be blamed for prescribing useless anti-psychotic drugs because even the individual
being sleep deprived has no conception, reason or experience to know what's behind
any of this.  The person will believe they are paranoid schizophrenic or psychotic.

People who experience intractable delusion and hallucinations also experience
sleep deprivation and believe, wrongly, that they are the victims of externally
sourced plots.  After the six to eight months of sleeplessness I assumed, wrongly,
that I had a psychotic break leading to auditory hallucinations and sleeplessness.
It took me years, and increased sleep, to see things differently.  This can be seen
as an attempt to talk myself out of and change inconvenient reality except for
the fact that I will later mention details that are difficult to imagine, copy, contrive or make up.

I can't prove I was completely awake for 3/4 of a year.  It can be said, "well, staying awake
that long is impossible anyway, so why even bother?"  Or "you had to have been on drugs and
forgotten that you slept for brief periods."

All kinds of scenarios can be implied or imagined: Street or prescription stimulants?
Persecution complexes along with a desperate need for attention?  Making the whole thing up
or mixing select truth and fantasy, or, or, or anything but what I'm saying.  Convenient
understandable automatic default settings that people always fall back on because what
is being said is inconvenient or makes no apparent sense.

Total sleeplessness conveniently hinders awareness of what should be seen as obvious.
What proves eventually to be so obvious is an insidious non-imagined 24/7 remote
interference in every aspect of waking and sleeping life.  Sub-vocalized brainwashing
below levels of hearing and below consciousness can potentially account for any
remaining volition.

The above manifested in my case around 2002 some months after 911, in my fifties.
But was also a continuation of a more subdued series of personal events starting in

The latter saw the start of some startling news revelations completely apart from
the first WTC bombing and having nothing to do with terrorism or technology.
These news scandals correlated with subsequent happenings mentioned later on in
this blog, had nothing to do with me personally but did have an indirect effect.

This blog attempts to shed some light on the updated present day bleeding edge in
private contractor Big Brother invasiveness. The motive behind the method is the
selling of recorded responses to unrelenting psychological stress and torture
to the military which is, most likely, much in demand after the events of 911.

Why private contractors? What publicly funded agency could withstand a possible
Ed Snowden style insider breech involving outright psychological torture of US civilians?
With the above mentioned methods available there is little chance of that happening.
The actual implementation of which goes way beyond my limited discriptive abilities.
The more accurate the description the less likelihood of being believed. Not to worry.
It is beyond description and believability anyway.


(always projected into "the future")


Photo: Joint Base Lewis McChord / Flickr

"It’s been fashionable in military circles to talk about cyberspace as a 
"fifth domain” for warfare, along with land, space, air and sea. But 
there’s a sixth and arguably more important war fighting domain 
emerging: the human brain."

"This new battlespace is not just about influencing hearts and minds
with people seeking information. It’s about involuntarily penetrating, 
shaping, and coercing the mind in the ultimate realization of Clausewitz’s 
definition of war: compelling an adversary to submit to one’s will. 
And the most powerful tool in this war is brain-computer interface (BCI) 
technologies, which connect the human brain to robotic systems."

"Where BCIs can provide opportunities for injured or disabled soldiers 
to remain on active duty post injury, enable paralyzed individuals to 
use their brain to type, or allow amputees to feel using bionic limbs
they can also be exploited if hacked. BCIs can be used to manipulate 
or kill for security or humanitarian purposes, the reality is that 
misapplication of such research and technology has significant 
implications for the future of warfare."

"Recently, security expert *Barnaby Jack demonstrated the vulnerability of 
biotechnological systems by highlighting how easilypacemakers and implantable 
cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) could be hacked, raising fears about the susceptibility 
of even life-saving biotechnological implants. This vulnerability could easily be extended to 
biotechnologies that connect directly to the brain, such as vagus nerve stimulation or
deep-brain stimulation."

*(Security expert "Barnaby Jack" died in 2013)

"Outside the body, recent experiments have proven that the brain can control and maneuver quadcopter drones and metal exoskeletons. How long before we harness the power of mind-controlled weaponized drones – or use BCIs to enhance the power, efficiency, and sheer 
lethality of our soldiers?"

The Wired article is not just asking these questions to provoke fear and doom. It is asking
the reader to just use some inference, some imagination as to the actual possibilities that 
are not and cannot be made public.  Methods that mix technology and what is usually thought to 
be something akin to "magic" but is not.  In reality there is no compunction about doing
any of this on civilians.  All of it is sanctioned and winked at as no big deal. "Hey", I guess
it could be said, "these are the breaks, it used to be worse, like when there was no internet
to keep malcontents like you occupied with that waste of time thing called blogging
about something that causes sane people to do involuntary eye-rolls in stupefied wonder."


Ivy League universities and low paid researchers were able to skim large amounts from
CIA black budgets while believing they were patriots contributing to some greater cause.

Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, who led the MKULTRA program, apparently found out differently
and eventually said publicly that his work in this program was effectively useless.
For once, and contrary to all published reports, he was probably telling the truth.

Gottlieb, of Jewish-Hungarian parents, was born in the Bronx as Joseph Scheider in 1918. He received a Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. A stutterer from childhood, Gottlieb also earned a master's degree in speech therapy. He had a club foot, which kept him out of World War II, but did not prevent his pursuit of folk dancing, a lifelong passion.[1]

(Being rejected from the WWII draft was considered the worst that could happen to a draft age male of that time.  That and having a stutter made a perfect setting for the perfect fanatic by way of over compensation) Parentheses mine.

In 1951, aged 33, Gottlieb joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As a poison expert, he headed the chemical division of the Technical Services Staff (TSS). Gottlieb became known as the "Black Sorcerer" and the "Dirty Trickster."[citation needed] He supervised preparations of lethal poisons and drug experiments in mind control.

In April 1953 Gottlieb became head of the secret Project MKULTRA which was activated on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles. In this capacity, he administered LSD and other psycho-active drugs to unwitting subjects and financed psychiatric research and development of "techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything".[citation needed] He sponsored physicians such as Ewen Cameron and Harris Isbell in controversial psychiatric research including unconsented human subjects research. Many people suffered serious adverse effects from research financed by Gottlieb and the Rockefeller Foundation. 

Gottlieb was the liaison to the military subcontractor Lockheed, then working on Project Aquatone for the C.I.A. which would later be known as the U-2 spy plane. In 1953 he procured a Safe House for L.A.S.D. (Lockheed Aeronautics Services Division) which would have easy egress for secretive affairs.[citation needed]

By 1955 the project had grown so large that a new procurement was needed. At this point subproject 27 was merely a funding subproject which combined all previous subprojects, including those involving LSD, payment to Sandoz, magic and the art of distraction John Mulholland's manual (subproject 15 magic support, Mulholland Supplement) and the procurement of more LSD (subproject 18) but it continues on to include almost 150 known and documented subprojects
including a microwave gun and the search for alternatives to LSD which lead to the later programs like Project MKCHICKWIT, most of which focused on South America and mushrooms.[citation needed]

The present reality of "non-lethal" acoustic neural weaponry has duel function:
1) remote frequency stimulus or depression of brain and body for 6-8 months of sleeplessness.
2) enabling a one and two way neurohack by way of scaring the living crap out of the victim.
Then a continuing nightly psychic driving where every word is spoken in textured unison
"driving" an e-filtered mix of simple wordage thousands of times into the brain and psyche.
The latter is done routinely, programmed step by step, probably cannot be done randomly
without preparation of a given neural template but who is to say?

Remote, "action at a distance" means directing frequencies that "touch" and that particular
touch may or may be subtle enough not be felt on the skin.  Sound frequencies can adjust,
stimulate, depress specific areas of the brain and body and psyche without, let me say again,
without physical contact and be felt consciously or not.

The implications comprise every paranoid's and public/ private security interrogators wet dreams come true.

*My guess is the above is monetized by exchanging recorded data responses to extreme unrelenting stimuli and psychological stress and torture, for a share of the Dept. of Defense budget. The above, it will be said, is impossible.  Apparently not.  Can I be fooled?  Yes. But after awhile the veil and what's behind can be guessed at and inferred based on the probable not the provable.

(*Not to mention the little known taxpayer subsidization of private contractor pensions/ healthcare for contractors in subsidized federal projects.)

Looking for on-line proof for this blogs contentions?  Good luck! You will see plenty of YT
PR salesmen imitating seriousness or insanity creating deliberate doublethink smokescreens by
the thousand.  This manufactured confusion is where paid and unpaid contractor actors create, fabricate their own opposition and then attack their own creation and vice versa with 
both sides "winning" both arguments.  Rent the Matt Damon movie "Promised Land" 
to see how corporate American contractors operate when dealing with average people, 
in that case, on the issue of fracking.  It is amazing to see it unfold even as fiction.  Yes, 
I still see it as amazing which I shouldn't. 

"Us", in all too many cases, are people pretending to be freedom loving civil 
libertarian "good guys" in opposition to "Them" "bad guys". "Us" and "Them" 
are frequently one in the same when it comes to some on-line double-think 




In 2009, it was shown that the amount of telomerase activity significantly 
increased due to psychological stress. Across the sample of patients 
telomerase activity increased by 18% one hour after the end of the stress. 
Telomerase activity was examined in peripheral blood mononuclear cells.[41]

Apply this Telomerase entry to the references in this blog.

People on the receiving end of this maddness are prevented from living and have the added 
bonus of extended lifespans and, in theory, get to keep on keeping on while being told day 
after day, year after year, "don't give up the ship and don't give up on us".

Like many of their kinsmen of the recent past the high functioning morons who play and prey on
the human proclivity of hoping and seizing on any and every deliberate deception that says the waking nightmare will soon be over. Like a concentration camp or life consuming malignancy,
it will be over when I'm dead.

From Martin Amos' recent novel "Zone of Interest", chapter titled "Brown Snow".
(The reason behind the color of the snow can be imagined)

Auschwitz prison camp Commandant Paul Doll (Rudolf Höss)
ruminating about how to handle the next trainload of Jewish humanity
without incident. Occupants stuffed in train after train up till that time
were always told they were "settlers" merely being transferred to work
teams in eastern territories with a "stopover", for hygienic reasons, at a bath "spa".

Commandant Paul Doll: "The people in the target communities
are drawing their own conclusions from an obvious and irrefutable truth:
Nobody Has Ever Come Back. Thus they've put 2 and 2 together,
and we have lost the "element of surprise"...". "All right, I'll phrase
that slightly differently: in the matter of what awaits these "settlers"
in the eastern territories, we no longer have the advantage of being
unbelievable. The decisive asset of being beyond belief."

The last two words make everything described in this blog possible.
That said, NOTHING in this blog in any way is comparable to the
horror of Auchwitz except, in these cases, the operators involved can still
hide behind, as Martin Amos puts it so well, "the decisive asset of being
beyond belief." No one can conceptualize this except with disbelief.
The few that can will just as likely trivialize it as a defense mechanism
because they are unable to think about it any further because it's not
happening to them.


"Respected" researchers like Henry Murray, Ewen Cameron, "Dr. Green", Sydney Gottlieb of the US and Canada probably thought the MKUltra program goals were as stated: behavior modification to assist in interrogation, torture and control.  They were right and also wrong.

IMO, with few exceptions the entire program might have been an expensive diversion to compensate for the following....

"The project (MKUltra) began during a period of what Rupert Cornwell described as "paranoia" at the CIA, when America had lost its nuclear monopoly, and fear of Communism (China went communist) was at its height. [23] James Jesus Angletonhead of CIA counter-intelligence, 
believed that the organization had been penetrated by a mole at the highest levels.[23]"   
Parentheses mine

(James Jesus Angleton had regular drinking sessions with high ranking British spy Kim Philby.
The bad guy was right under his prominent paranoid nose. Philby later defected to Russia, an apparent traitor.)

The above resulted in a CIA manufactured MKUltra "mind control, brainwashing gap" where Russians and Koreans were, as always, made to appear as way ahead. Communist "Red Scares" before and after Joe McCarthy (based on some reality and much more hysteria), non-existent "bomber gaps", Sputnik satellite technology gaps, "missile gaps" and ensuing Cold War
paranoia leading to intended increases to CIA and defense budgets.

Complete sleep deprivation has always been used for interrogative brain washing. What was
added at some point was remote directed stim necessary to keep people completely sleepless
and alive for months while controlling, "adjusting", programming them to believe and do just
about anything for extended periods with even the possibility of wiping out some or all memory.

"The unwitting undergraduates were submitted to what Murray himself called "vehement, sweeping and personally abusive" attacks. Assaults to their egos, cherished ideas and beliefs were the vehicle used to cause high levels of stress and distress to Murray's unwitting guinea pigs." 

IOW, a psychological living death the effects of which vary in intensity from day to day both indoors and out.

This exactly summerizes present day versions of the above programs.  Combining methods
that resemble the somewhat familiar remote sound weaponry and classic surveillance on
steroids with operator numbers beyond logic and comprehension which in itself is certain
to discredit any description as imagined or psychotic in origin.  The stupidly large numbers
of people who lend themselves to this insanity is used to instill in the mind of the person
on the receiving end that "They" are everywhere".  If stated as such the typical response
might be, "sounds like the world really is out to get you" and "you mean, like, everyone
is in on the conspiracy"?  No, but causing victims to think so is one objective.  Regardless
of how it sounds, the people who do this don't sit around asking themselves, is such an
such tactic reasonable or logical or even necessary?  No!  It is just implemented.  The
impact and effectiveness within a much larger context is what counts.