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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_Love...BIG BROTHER 1.0


http://www.wired.com/2012/12/the-next-warfare-domain-is-your-brain/...BIG BRO 2.0

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"...Arthur C. Clarke


  • Theodore Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, was among the twenty-two Harvardundergraduates used as a guinea pig in ethically questionable experiments conducted at Harvard by Henry Murray. In the experiment each student received a code name. Theodore John Kaczynski, who later became known as Unabomber, was given the code name "Lawful". Among other purposes, Murray's experiments was focused on measuring people's reaction under extreme stress. The unwitting undergraduates were submitted to what Murray himself called "vehement sweeping and personally abusive" attacks. Assaults on their egos and cherished ideas and beliefs were the vehicles used to cause high levels of stress and distress to Murry's unwitting guinea pigs.[77]
* Some historians have asserted that creating a "Manchurian Candidate" subject through "mind control" techniques was a goal of MKUltra and related CIA projects.[26] Alfred McCoy has claimed that the CIA attempted to focus media attention on these sorts of "ridiculous" programs, so that the public would not look at the primary goal of the research, which was developing effective methods of torture and interrogation. 
One 1955 MKUltra document described the program as follows:[27

  1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.
  2. Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.
  3. Materials which will cause the victim to age faster/slower in maturity.
  4. Materials which. will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol.
  5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.
  6. Materials which will cause temporary/permanent brain damage and loss of memory.
  7. Substances which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture and coercion during interrogation and so-called "brain-washing".
  8. Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.
  9. Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.
  10. Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc
  11. Substances which will produce a chemical that can cause blisters.
  12. Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the
  13. recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced
  14. A material which will cause mental confusion of such a type that the individual under its influence will find it difficult to maintain a fabrication under questioning.
  15. Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.
  16. Substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eyesight or hearing faculties, preferably without permanent effects.
  17. A knockout pill which can surreptitiously be administered in drinks, food, cigarettes, as an aerosol, etc., which will be safe to use, provide a maximum of amnesia, and be suitable for use by agent types on an ad hoc basis.A material which can be surreptitiously administered by the above routes and which in very small amounts will make it impossible for a person to perform physical activity

IMO, while the programs were destructive to so many volunteers and
non-volunteers, spent millions, very little of the above, then or now,
(besides #1 and a few others) was accomplished efficiently through
the use of "materials", "substances" or hallucinogens like LSD.
Even in 1953, LSD much like "Manchurian Candidate" hypnosis and
brainwashing was likely used as a rudimentary crude smoke screen
distraction from something else.

(Yup, another unproven MKUltra theory not for wow effects
but for constructive effects.)

"At least one subproject of the MK Ultra project was about the electronic control of human  behaviour (subproject 119). Subproject 119 had the purpose to provide funds for a study to make a critical review of the literature and scientific developments related to the recording, analysis and interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism, and activation of the human behaviour by remote means. The survey encompassed five main areas: techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means, bio-electric sensors, recording, analysis and standardization of data."

IMHO, per the last graph, the underplayed something else?
"...scientific developments related to the recording, analysis and 
interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism,
and activation of the human behavior by remote means...bio-
electric sensors, recording, analysis and standardization of data"

Refined to include directed acoustic weaponized sound
delivered also by "by remote means" and to be
commercialized years later, used infrequently on
battlefields, in crowd control (2000's) but mainly
on individuals enabling complete sleep deprivation,
sensing and recording and brainwashing for many
months or indefinitely while capable of keeping
subjects alive, looking fit, young, controlled
without lasting negative effects. Very closely
held and, a very big deal.
Most countries do all these things and much worse.
We don't have to imagine the British, German,
Russian, Japanese, Israeli or Chinese versions.-(

"The unwitting undergraduates were submitted to what Murry himself 
called "vehement, sweeping and personally abusive" attacks. Assaults 
to their egos, cherished ideas and beliefs were the vehicle used to cause 
high levels of stress and distress to Murry's unwitting guinea pigs." 

(This occurs mainly outdoors, in public, designed to be undetectable.)

In 2009, it was shown that the amount of telomerase activity significantly 
increased due to psychological stress. Across the sample of patients 
telomerase activity increased by 18% one hour after the end of the stress. 
Telomerase activity was examined in peripheral blood mononuclear cells.[41]
A study in 2010 found that there was "significantly greater" telomerase activity in participants than controls after a three-month meditation retreat.[42]

Remote surveillance stress tests refined to an art.

What were "respected" researchers like Doctor's, Henry Murray,
Ewen Cameron and Sydney Gottlieb of the US and Canada after?
Well yes, behavior modification to assist in interrogation, torture
and control would seem to be the answer.

The programs originated because of the Cold War with
Russia and post Korean War manufactured paranoia involving
brainwashing, "mind control" scares identical to future non-
existent "bomber gaps", "missile gaps", Sputnik satellite
technology gaps of the 1950's, 60's through to the present in
different forms.

"The project began during a period of what Rupert Cornwell described as "paranoia" at the CIA, when America had lost its nuclear monopoly, and fear of Communism was at its height.[23] James Jesus Angleton, head of CIA counter-intelligence, believed that the organization had been penetrated by a mole at the highest levels.[23]"

The very paranoid Angelton had friendly drinking contests with one Kim Philby.
The high ranking spy he was looking for was right under his nose. Philby
later defected to Russia.

These were all public scare tactic conspiracies and excuses for
Cold War increases to CIA and DoD defense budgets...and something else.

Complete sleep deprivation has been used for thousands of years for
interrogative brain washing. What was missing was the ability to keep
people completely sleepless and alive for months while "adjusting"
"changing minds" and getting them to do and believe just about
anything while alive and healthy enough to function normally when
convenient. The technology rendered MKUltra fake and useless even,
IMO, before it was an active program costing millions.

Ivy League universities and low paid researchers were able to
skim large amounts from CIA black budgets while believing
they were patriots contributing to some greater cause.
Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, who headed the program, apparently
found out differently when the funding stopped and publicly
admitted his work was useless.

Remote "non-lethal" Acoustic technology, now old tech, (how old?)
has a duel function. 1) Stimulating brain, renal and other vital
functions, a remote frequency stimulus or depression of brain
and body and 2) enabling a one and two way wireless brain
hacking communication system. That is a very big deal.

Remote, action at a distance means directing frequencies that
"touch" and adjust, stimulate, depress specific areas of the brain
and body without physical contact.

The implications comprise every paranoid's and public/ 
private security interrogators wet dream come true.

Again, IMO, outsourced to civilian corporate security contractors
exchanging recorded data response to extreme unrelenting
stimuli for a share of the DOD, Department of Defense
budget. (That includes taxpayer subsidized pensions/ healthcare
for otherwise very profitable defense corporations whenever
contracting with the federal government/ military.)

Looking for on-line proof? Good luck! You will see plenty of
You Tube PR salesmen ranting about "them", Satan, aliens,
UFO's, "New World Order", Illuminati, government,
"Them" and "Us", in these cases, are the same.


"It’s been fashionable in military circles to talk about cyberspace as a 
"fifth domain” for warfare, along with land, space, air and sea. But 
there’s a sixth and arguably more important war fighting domain 
emerging: the human brain."
"This new battlespace is not just about influencing hearts and minds 
with people seeking information. It’s about involuntarily penetrating, 
shaping, and coercing the mind in the ultimate realization of Clausewitz’s 
definition of war: compelling an adversary to submit to one’s will. 
And the most powerful tool in this war is brain-computer interface (BCI) 
technologies, which connect the human brain to robotic systems."

"Where BCIs can provide opportunities for injured or disabled soldiers 
to remain on active duty post injury, enable paralyzed individuals to 
use their brain to type, or allow amputees to feel using bionic limbs
they can also be exploited if hacked. BCIs can be used to manipulate 
or kill for security or humanitarian purposes, the reality is that 
misapplication of such research and technology has significant 
implications for the future of warfare."
"Recently, security expert Barnaby Jack demonstrated the vulnerability of 
biotechnological systems by highlighting how easilypacemakers and implantable 
cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) could be hacked, raising fears about the susceptibility of even life-saving biotechnological implants. This vulnerability could easily be extended to 
biotechnologies that connect directly to the brain, such as vagus nerve stimulation or deep-brain stimulation."
(Security expert "Barnaby Jack", as of 2013, is no longer with us.)
"Outside the body, recent experiments have proven that the brain can control and maneuver quadcopter drones and metal exoskeletons. How long before we harness the power of mind-controlled weaponized drones – or use BCIs to enhance the power, efficiency, and sheer lethality of our soldiers?"

1) Remote "action at a distance" remote voice and sound effects
induce complete sleep deprivation brain washing for 3/4 of a year
or longer while keeping subjects alive and relatively healthy.
2) during that 3/4 of a year sleepless marathon, a slight chemical
aerosol "substance" and a constant hissing sound is heard in
both in the ears and surrounding apartment rooms.

3) keeping the person sleepless. It is meant to be indistinguishable
from auditory hallucinations and psychosis when described afterward.

At the mere mention of "hearing voices" you can't really blame doctors
in these rare cases for prescribing useless anti-psych drugs because no one,
including the individual being sleep deprived, can distinguish whether
what is taking place is simulated or self-generated.

Why? Sleeplessness conveniently hinders awareness of what should be
seen as obvious. A non-imagined 24/7 interference in every aspect
of waking and sleeping life. Sub-vocalized brainwashing below
levels of hearing and consciousness can account for any remaining

The above aggressive tactics manifest in the persons early sixties
preceded by an impossible to believe imposed reality at work and
neighbors in the area of the home. Imposed isolation and augmented
reality via the systemic classic spreading of rumors and innuendo
several years prior to retirement from work.

This blog attempts to shed some light on updated present day
involuntary versions of the above MKUltra, Big Brother
intrusive technology by probable private security networks
with the intention of disrupting real lives and selling
much in demand post 911 data and results.

*Any corporate or government agency can get away with anything when
everything, including the still difficult to believe technology simulates/
mimics delusion and schizophrenia.

("Hey, just because the technology exists doesn't mean it's being
used on you? You must be really someone "special"")

The mere existence of this potentially devastatingly invasive technology
doesn't automatically indicate anything nefarious. Insane people throughout
history always believe they have been picked out and victimized by
whoever he or she believes "they" happen to be. Everything in this blog
can be interpreted in that light. That would be an understandable but
incorrect interpretation. If anything I am underestimating and understating.

* The methods and reality I describe are stranger than most fiction,
difficult to express and even more difficult for the average person to believe.
Cognitive dissonance is hard to avoid. The experts precede me. As in...

thousands of bogus videos and sites that are present day manifestations of "Big Bro"
double think in the process of creating and populating their own fake opposition.

The following video by Dr. Michio Kaku does not fall into that category.

Yes, the sixth arena, the human brain and access to thoughts. The last barrier
between world and self has long been breached. It cannot be done at random.

Remote two-way neural hacking technology is only hinted at on the
internet usually deliberately surrounded by a mountain of BS.

"Non-lethal" tech with names like "Remote Neural Surveillance/ Influence",
"Voice of God" along with other even catchier military covert spy-talk
descriptions can be found on a few legitimate and on many rogue videos.

The problem remains that documentation is sparse. What is available
often indicates that such and such "non-lethal" (always put in quotes in this blog) technology was abandoned because it did not prove practical as a battlefield or
crowd control weapon with no indication of further deployment or development.

What is left out is their functionality under controlled circumstances
apart from crowds, demonstrations and battlefield events. How
convenient? The proof?

Unlike the thousands of right wing leaning sites about "bogeyman"
smart meters lurking in peoples basements presented as "proof"
that "they", the government, the NSA are watching and doing bad
things to its citizens. Always closely followed by Alaska's HAARP
raining mind control frequencies on millions or Chemtrail
"Morgellons" "nano bots" mind controlling unsuspecting
human brains. All of it is John Birch Society, fundamentalist
or Tea Party superstition and more deliberate distraction
always referred to as fringe but at the same time always cultivated
by the mainstream right wing political parties. This blog, if anyone 
cares, is not a more reasonable lefty version of obvious mass psychosis.

The reason so much of the above exists on the internet
is to make any unproven circumstantial statements, like some
contained in this blog, impossible to believe.

To that point, it is not a good idea to for a blog to posit the existence of
remote highly accurate synthetic telepathy. Without proof it is probably 
better to classify it as junk or speculative science, science fiction and
not use Dr. Kaku's excellent video as a prop to justify what is unverifiable.

That said, the following questions are worth asking:
How might it be possible to bypass the brain and quantum entanglement?
What are the effects of psychic driving and sleep deprivation/ disruption
lasting many years or a life time?

One guess:
* MRI's, electrodes or headsets are not needed. 

* Neural templates are conditioned and controlled below consciousness.

From here the reality gets even stranger and more difficult to express.

* Nightly remote psychic driving consist of sound effects and verbal 
inputs consisting of the repetition of simple phrases for many years 
with each word in each sentence spoken and heard in textured 3-4 
part harmonic unison and thus more easily "driven" into the brain 
rendering it sleepless and alive for extended periods. Sexual 
manipulation plays a major part in keeping "the product" sufficiently motivated.

* Sleep disruption and then sleep deprivation and manipulation of every 
aspect of sleep results in overstimulated verbal centers in the brain 
which, in turn, causes each thought to reflect as subvocalized words in 
the area of the vocal cords and even on the breathe in the area where 
the brainstem almost touches the voice box where thoughts can possibly 
be picked up and understood word for word.

The practical reality is not so elaborate. I don't know how but the
telepathic function of two-way brain hacking is effective and
operates in efficient real time. Psychic driving sleep disruption
seems necessary for implementation. Can I be fooled? Of
course. (I am conscious of the fact that these claims comprise
timeless ravings of schizophrenics since consciousness began)

Nightly disruption of sleep, dreaming and REM cycles over a
lifetime have the following effects: early in the persons life brain
and body function sub-optimally and manifest in wakeup fatigued
each and every morning always compensated for with more sleep.
The labels "lazy" or "in a fog" are two results. That, of course,
is common enough and indicative of nothing it itself.

At age 60 the person is subject to:
1)complete sleep deprivation for eight months
2) months of sleep disruption
3)followed by three to four months of more complete sleeplessness
with continuous on-going sleep disruption without chemical aerosols.

The person remains unaware of the true cause.


(And no, present day abuse of tattoos are not an implanted telepathic
microprinted conspiracy except maybe in Charles Stross science fiction)

The "Ministry of Love" link on the first page was the "Doublethink" 
paradoxically named section of government from George Orwell's
novel "1984" (written in 1948) devoted to propaganda, fear and
brainwashing upon the fictional, always seemingly at war distracted
state of Oceania (sound familiar?). The Ministry of Love contained the 
infamous Room 101 which implemented "love" though torture and
brainwashing. After a course of treatment in Room 101, "thought
criminals" like the main character, Winston Smith, were supposed to
learn a perverted masochistic "love" for "Dear Leader", Big Brother.

Martin Amis' novel "Money", published in 1984, does not deal with
fascist or communist dictatorships. It humorously deals with the late
20th century tyranny mentioned in the title. (If Orwell/ Eric Blair had
any he would have been able to afford treatment for the tuberculous
that eventually killed him.)

The narrator of "Money", John "Self", is a drunken little dictator
tyrant in the kingdoms of advertising and Hollywood. Amis,
a character in his own novel (wha?) uses a female character named
Twain to recommend George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984"
as "how-to kits" for understanding the twentieth century. 21st also.

It helps to be an Eric Blair or Martin Amis or be in intelligence,
advertising/ political PR or work in Hollywood to be able to
decipher all of this and make it understandable even to myself.
I am not involved in any of the above as anyone can see.

These days in the US we have many labeling themselves "thought criminals"
pretending to be "standing up to" or "sticking it to the man" (non-lethally of
course) or government tyranny. Overheated political theater is routinely used
in partisan political posturing particularly by NRA pro PR provocateurs
and by individuals or celebrities trying desperately to explain away bazaar behavior.
They blame everything on "mind control" implemented by "NWO Illuminati"
satellites or Satan or "Bilderberg" elites. Then after rehab they look remarkably
like "reborn" Christians having nothing to do with that alcoholic addicted
"other fella" of six months ago.

Conservative leaders like the undeclared "pope" Rush Limbaugh,
now feel entitled to call the real Pope, Pope Francis, a Marxist.
President Obama has long had that label, in addition to "fascist,
socialist, Muslim, racist, anti-Christ, radical tyrant" going beyond
conservative political theater into the realm of Room 101 induced
mass insanity expertly manipulated and manufactured for an
overly emotional easily manipulated populist conservative public.

There is more than one way to imprison someone besides:
1) Russian gulags
2) Chinese prisons for the "crime" of  expressing "unpatriotic emotion"
3) The millions in the US imprisoned in for-profit jails for excessive
terms for non-violent crime keeping those beds filled.

Then there are the few locked up in E-prisons who are easily
dismissed as locked up in imaginary prisons of id delusion.

Technology, classic surveillance combined with 
occasional empathy, manipulated sex, pep talk slogans, 
("don't give up the ship, don't give up on us") that keep
modern day Winston Smith's alive in updated 2.0 versions 
of Big Bro's Rm.101 operating without walls, bars or constraints. 

Human lab subjects are rarely physically touched leaving no 
physical proof that anything out of the ordinary, much 
less electronic torture has occurred. These sanctioned 
perfect crimes have been rendered routine. When crime is
routine it had better be routinely carried out to perfection.

Even physical signs like resting heart rates and blood pressure 
measure in lower normal ranges even after a lifetime of 
figuratively having their faces slammed into the ground.
Strong emotions, anger, sex, frustration are programmed, 
"adjusted" out so that "the product", on the receiving end of this 
stupidity can be presented as normal. Anger and accumulated
stress show up in occasional provoked verbal altercations.

Doublethink is defined by Wiki as "the act of simultaneously accepting 
two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct" (sign of perverted genius?). 
An example is the name of the fictional "Ministry of Love" itself. 
"Newspeak" or "Doublepeak", a close relative, is defined by Wiki as 
"language that deliberately disguises, distorts or reverses the meaning of words".
A corruption of language and the resulting corruption of thought when
repeated from several different directions.

I am not talking about the state of everyday commercial and 
government influenced news or the dumbing down of same. 
I am not talking about everyday advertising. Nothing here
has anything to do with PD surveillance, conditions in actual
prisons, computer (electronic) tracking or stalking, conditions at
Gitmo in Cuba, or orthodox "neighborhood watch" versions of same.

Private corporate security contractors  have the means and personnel to
form a literal surveillance "army". On subsequent blog pages I use a NPR
podcast that can be seen as blatant FBI "spook country" PR entertainment
for the "informed public". It uses the terms "surveillance army". That is
not exaggeration. In that context this "army" is said to be used on gangsters,
terrorists and rogue FBI agents. The reality I present is very different.

Tactics are the same, not carried out by the FBI but by what appear to
be paid and unpaid civilian employees and volunteers apparently
managed by ex-law enforcement, ex-intel with federal access,
credentials and funding. IOW, civilians are used so that public
agencies can avoid direct linkage and potentially untold PR damage.

Over a period of years targets are nudged, shoved, forced in desired
directions without their knowledge with simple classic surveillance.
At the same time, remotely delivered sleep deprivation/ disruption,
also without their knowledge, leads to what seems to them like
naturally occurring anxiety, depression, dreamless disrupted sleep,
faulty decision making, subpar mental functioning, drinking, the
acquiring over time of seemingly "spontaneous" but always stupidly
abusive fake "friendships", "lovers", co-workers. The real kind 
are simply not allowed. 

Cringeworthy, unbelievable but accurate.

For many years the person is completely unaware of what is being
done until, he or she is made to know. When that happens it is an
indication that the persons life has already been turned into a living
hell with the always built-in plausible deniability used to nullify
any future credibility or lawsuits.

After credibility and reputation have been completely destroyed it
doesn't matter that the person knows they are being managed.
No one can believe their very real situations are not imaginary.

By its very nature any remote, at a distance, acoustic neural weaponry
is difficult to prove. It's existence and use with impunity on what is
hopefully a small number of people makes anything said by private
contractor Edward Snowden regarding NSA PRISM internet and cell
phone surveillance (restarted in 2007) sound hopelessly outdated and
almost trivial.

Cell phone recording, even on a massive scale, is truly small time
compared to what is going on. The difference being, Snowden has
the proof and I do not.

Ruppert Murdoch's right wing newspapers, always the first to
complain about invasive government overreach routinely violated
non-celebrity cell phone privacy and are a prime example of out of
control corporate security even as the stock price of News Corp.
reaches new highs.

Dick Cheney and government in general have been there, done
that and are now decades beyond it. The public is, as always,
ten to thirty years behind. Much of the world still exists as if
frozen in 1984. And they are considered ahead of the 1954
proud-to-be-left-behind religious minorities with very large
sums of money, multiple media outlets and an unsuspecting
public at their disposal performing intentional disinformation
dis-service along with the CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI etc.

1) Despit right wing NRA claims: Orwellian police siege states calling 
themselves democracies are in place elsewhere in the world but not in the US.
Martial law contingencies and all other contingencies are just that.
2) Current MKUltra programs have very few victims but many enablers.
3) Internet claims of being a "targeted individual" (TI), or electronically harassed 
by government are nearly all by people who are neither electronically "harassed"
nor crazy despite appearance and talk. Associating hard to believe reality with
tinfoil hattery is their MO.
4) B/ c the targets are US citizens programs are likely outsource to civilian security.
5) False claims of massive scale involuntary "chip implants" and electronic subjugation 
of thousands are made to proactively discredit accurate reporting.
6) The above is accompanied by a religious and political propaganda war on reality manifesting as separate facts, separate (Fox) news, economics, and science accommodated by mainstream media, religious hierarchies and conservative pundits. 
7) Media personalities Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Glenn Beck are doing their jobs...
PR persuasion, entertainment, manufacturing controversy, doubt and confusion.
8) Most YT claims/ testimonials of being "targeted" are made by scripted play-actors.
9) Like Big Brother the people who make MC, GS videos fight both ends of the argument. Instigate horrific programs. Pretend to fight these same programs.
I0) Like the fictional Big Brother they form and populate their own opposition.
Fake organizations and websites pretending to fight...themselves. "Peacepink", "Kassandra Project", "Above Top Secret", "Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance". On a slightly higher level is Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" and Alex Jones'
"Infowars". Then comes Rush Limbaugh, "The Drudge Report", Tea Party Republicans... all easily accommodated by so-called "reasonable" moderates who hope that the ground beneath them isn't slowly disappearing.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013




"Basically, he’s (Rep. Marco Rubio) given up on reasoning with them (T-Party).
Instead, he figures the only way to win them over is to appeal to their paranoid
belief in Obama the tyrant, the man who’s unilaterally ruining America by
running roughshod over Congress with his dictatorial executive order powers.
Reason might not work, but perhaps they hate and fear Obama even more 

than 11 million undocumented immigrants."... my parentheses.

That which should be fringe political paranoia has always been given 
mainstream Republican money but not as much recent control.
How many of the T-Party are in on the joke? How many believe the 
farce that makes up much of their political beliefs? The answer? 
It doesn't matter. The very act of hearing, repeating or reading the 
word tyrant associated with President Obama thousands of times
causes fiction to replaces reality in the minds of impressionable listeners 
and even in the minds of the pros like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck
whose job is to repeat common themes over and over.

One level of disinformation supports and perpetuates the other providing 
a background upon which more disinformation is distributed. Sites are 
designed to appear as either "alternative" or comically "paranoid" 
depending on the viewers mental capacity. Most are, as said, neither.

It would seem illogical (as Spock would say) to complain about Orwellian 

intrusive technology while attacking the very people who say they are 
guarding the gates of freedom against intrusive government and who 
advocate conservative time honored constraint and limits on same. 
It also might appear that I'm accusing conspiracy sites of being part of 
a concerted meta conspiracy (I am) and that I'm participating in the 
paranoia (I'm not). IOW, that I'm cognitively dissonant (resonant).

Which party is synonymous with domestic and foreign security in 
triplicate? Fusion and militarized police departments, and seemingly 
infinite Pentagon budgets? Both parties do it but one seems content 
with purging elected moderates out of Congress. Republicans even 
feel entitled to lead the Defense Dept. under Democratic presidents. 
Conservatives are against big government except for the "deficits 
don't matter" defense budget and spreading the seemingly infinite 
wealth of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. 

Not the ones to turn to if you are describing that which is considerably 
worse than anything proven by former contractor employee Ed Snowden.

"Reducing and restructuring government is going to take time and careful 
planning, but what we see from the Republicans—abetted by certain 
activist groups and entertainers who feed off over-emotional listeners, 
viewers, and donors—is a party whose leadership and record in power 
is big government and whose committed small-government faction is 
crippling rather than augmenting its appeal to the country as a whole."

When everything done is designed to resemble schizophrenia you 
can get away with anything.

Not unlike the T-Party who actually represent the big DoD government
they pretend to fight. 

No one is supposed to notice the pointed pretend conservative finger 
is reflected back as if in a mirror. Like Big Brother, whose "underground" 
opposition in "1984" was run by the state, the Republican Tea Party, 
"the party of small government", is also the party of endless war both 
domestically and abroad who advocate big government weaponized 
Keynesianism of contractor cost overruns, spreading the wealth of 
billions of tax dollars flying out the "fog of war" open window.

It can be said that Sen. Cruz has been forced into the role of weirdo 

Joe McCarthy conservative both because his party is going in that 
direction, because he can, and because his father, Rafael, is a one 
person radical religious sect in which his son is conveniently seen 
as the "Chosen One" (does Pastor Rafael have that "hated" IRS tax 
exemption?) The burden and cross of being "the chosen" is made 
easier to bear by the fact that his wife is a "Goldman Saxon" of the sun.
A VP at Goldman Sachs. Republicans, desperate to split the hispanic 
vote in the Nov 2014 Congressional elections and are pushing Cruz 
and Marco Rubio into leadership roles and as presidential candidates for 2016. 

Sen. Ted Cruz in some ways replaces defeated Rep. Allen West 
(now of Fox News) as a minority who can get away with saying things 
about a mixed race President without being called racist. A kind of 
perverse racism insurance that comes in handy when building 
towards the Nov. 2014 and 2016.

There are many similarities between methods used by BB2.0 and the white
elephant in the Fox News "Fox and  Friends" living-room of willful lies.

The default GOP arguments are, "they all do it, both parties lie", 
"MSNBC is the left wing version of Fox News". Totally false
equivalence but used to great effect by the CNN competition who use the
term "bias" knowing the public generally does not differentiate between
accurate and inaccurate biases (because "truth" for them "is a matter of

interpretation") which leaves CNN to use both. Candy Crowley will 
never correct GOP propaganda...except during all important Presidential
debates when she confirmed President Obama's version of his Benghazi

Of course both political parties lie, but with Fox News you are supposed 
to believe and not believe photos of palm trees at "Wisconsin demonstrations".
Believe, not believe and not laugh when Republicans in trouble are identified 
as Democrats in Fox "News" graphics. Monolithic authoritarian control over 
Republican pundits like Bruce Bartlette and elected officials is not to be noticed.

Doublethink manufactured reality is to be believed until replaced with 

alternate doublethink "realities". After defeat nationally, Rep. Paul Ryan,
Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio invoke "compassionate" conservatism in 
contrast to reverse Robin Hood Ryan unnamed budget cuts favoring the 
rich even while his party blackmails the nation over debt ceilings and 
threatens US credit ratings. 

After the 2012 election defeat, aspects of the "Dream Act" suddenly 
appear on the GOP agenda as if by magic. The Tea Party will make 
sure that dream disappears.

Per Stephen Colbert:

The new improved GOP tries to be all for immigration and legalization of 

medicinal and recreational pot as a states rights issue. Very reasonable and 
regular fellas all of a sudden...until Nov. 2014 and Nov. 2016. 



...democracy is insidiously subverted by technologies of surveillance, and control is 
enthusiastically rebranded as “participation..." Julian Assange




"Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information. For this reason, it is synonymous with and sometimes called black propaganda. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false.

1) "A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth and observation with false conclusions
and lies,...Wikipedia.

2h This tactic is used to great effect by the PR experts who know how to destroy
already difficult to believe facts by blending them with willful obvious lies.

3) This blog says the internet is choking on willful disinformation not just mistaken irrational beliefs.

Speaking of which, I now introduce the YT masterpiece of banality "Satan's Robots".

(Golly, "Mike S" looks like my old boss, "Tim Derim", N.Y.S. Compliance Unit, Brooklyn, NY)

Not to belabor the ridiculous, but why did "Mike" make this video? 
Is he making simple analogy? Is it because he's nuts? Neither. 
About half way through, 22:40 if you can last that long, he talks about reptilians 
& then takes us on a journey to the Garden of Eden with Adam, Eve and Steve, 
the snake fella. Quite a change from the reasonable average guy doing innocent 
analogies on typical workplace and driving annoyances.

Was he being "stalked"? Why would anyone bother! 

Is he trivializing something real and serious?

Yes he is in his own peculiar way. Contrary to what you see in the 2nd half
Mike/ Tim was and probably still is very sane, very smart.

It could be asked, am I the only one who can detect these,
um, "secret meanings" in these videos?

I have been reduced or forced to wade into this mountain of crap and in doing so I 
have come up with issues that are, in genuine newspeak, "cause for concern"
for anyone with any degree of curiosity. That leaves out quite a few.

1) PR people doing scripted play-acting as reasonable everyday working citizens...
until they "go off" half way through like this guy. He is not crazy. Just the opposite.
(Great acting by the way. Coherence, reasonable, incoherence and then back again)

2) Well, so what and who cares, why even mention it? Good questions. (See #4)
No one goes to these sites except the young, the gullible, the mentally ill,
and the people who make these crafty contrivances. They are, unfortunately,
the only proof of my contentions, right out in the open for anyone to see 
subject to, of course, seeing them for what they are not what they claim to be. 
That is truly a sad state of affairs come to think of it because nobody cares
either way but should they? Yes! What was he said, "the truth is a lie and the lie
is the truth"? Gosh, let me pray on that one.-( 

3) Sites and videos like this are obviously deranged and rigged.
I'm saying they are rigged but in ways that are not obvious

4) I worked for Mike/ Tim for about two years. He would deny ever knowing me. 
He might say I was mistaken, confused or maybe even one of "Satan's  Robots" 
"stalking & out to get him". He would be lying. 

While working with him and others back in the early 90's (yup, 25 years ago) 
I knew something was wrong with the work situation but, like a good little worker, 
never questioned my lying eyes except to blame myself for everything.

Most of the time that might be commendable. The "sane" thing to do. I wasn't 
prepared nor had I any knowledge that questioning was even necessary. 

After all, "reality" is what it is, right? People who think they are the object of a 
conspiracy are obviously "paranoid" or one of "them" and not one of "us". In 
most cases that would be true. To say otherwise is only something that becomes 
apparent in retrospect. And anyway, there is no proof of what I am saying in 
impugning this "reasonable fella's" motives. After all, I'm not a mind reader. At all.

5) And yes, in the strict sense, I am assuming and assigning motives without proof.
In the face of horrific absurdities like this video it's better to err on the side of the
probable not the provable.

6) I never confronted "Mike" "Tim" but I have confronted others who were doing
essentially the same thing. All they do is deny deny and, most importantly, 
double down on whatever the lie happens to be at the time. 

7) Per the above links concerning the "mixing of  truth and observation
with false conclusions and lies". What facts in the video is "Mike" 
trying to discredit by blending with "false conclusions and lies"?

8) His reference to a "framing" job he had did not frame pictures. He
and others framed people and in doing so made the lives of these people
a living hell with work place taunting and rumor. The framing reference is
"Tim" doing a deliberate play-act "wag of the finger, tip of the hat"
(as Colbert would say).

All these thousands of videos are also saying in so many words, 
"we act serious but we all but tell you we are lying". "We practically 
tell you we are acting". Always counting on the viewer to jump to the 
immediate superficial conclusion that what they are seeing is crazy
obvious paranoia. 

Alternating reason with unreason and back to the reasonable 
producing the following results:
1) The totality of these videos make absurd the idea that programs of surveillance on steroids exist.
2) The results are honey-traps of deception. Viewers are forced to into a "I saw through that one" sense of superiority. Said viewer has nevertheless absorbed the intended meaning. See #1.
3) A mountain of confusion eventually making its way into mainstream media in one form or another.
4) How? Resonating with radical political and religious tropes manifesting as "canaries in the coal mine" warnings of American government sponsored tyranny. How Tea Party familiar?




These are recycled versions of endless rumors passing for fact in the 
1950's when John Birch conservatives claimed government was 
building concentration camps in Alaska to imprison religious conservatives. 
This grand tradition was recently recycled as FEMA camps and Obamacare 
"death panels" by someone who is currently the most popular Republican in 
the US, former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. 

In the future this BS will resurface yet again in another form as the latest 
immanent threat that all right wing politicians must use to keep their constituents 
excited and distracted. If they don't, their supporters will get someone else to 
come up with an existential "they" or "them", Old Testament fury, or "fire this 
time" in our life time. Just ask Sarah. 

The word "tyrant" is repeated over and over in Republican circles and is to be
linked to the famously repeated Thomas Jefferson quote concerning "the tree of 
liberty" needing to be watered "by the blood of patriots and tyrants". We don't 
have to guess who the martyred blood shedding "patriots" are and who the 
"tyrant" is designated to be. An ingenious indirect seemingly benign obvious 
threat to the President by the richest, most powerful non-state propaganda 
machine in history, the Republican Party. 

It can be construed that I'm cherry picking certain claims and presenting them to 
resemble some kind of pre-designated conclusion. That would be an incorrect conclusion.

"The entire populist conservative mindset is encapsulated:
the sense that everything has gone to shit...
but people stick with Democrats because they're takers...
while conservatives are makers...
and that if it continues much longer ... 
violence!"... KOS OF DAILY KOS 

Violence? Leading up to the Nov 2010 US Congressional elections conservatives
used gun sights over pics of Rep. Gabriel Giffords and others for having the audacity:
A) to be a Democrat,
B) a Democrat running for reelection to Congress in Arizona against an ex-Marine
serviceman running on the Republican ticket.
C) for having the "nerve" to vote yes on ACA, Obamacare, in Feb. 2010.

Over and above the tragic 2011 attempted assassination and loss of life we will
never know how many threats Rep. Giffords received after her vote on ACA
and before the Nov 2010 Congressional election which she had the added
"nerve" to win.