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David Chalmers, The Character of Consciousness, 2010 Oxford Books:
"Where physics is concerned with the microscopic processes that underlie macroscopic 
reality, metaphysics is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality.  metaphysical 
hypothesis might make a claim about the reality that underlies physics itself. Alternatively, 
it might say something about the nature of our minds, or the creation of our world"...
David Chalmers, PhD, Rhodes Scholar, Australian philosopher and cognitive scientist specializing in the areas of philosophy of mind and philosophy of language.

SERIOUS/ HUMOROUS COMPARISONS (and the point of this posting)
using David Chalmers' hypothetical thought experiments per Wikipedia:
philosophical zombie.[12] or pZombie (**particle, political) "unlike the zombie of 
popular fiction, in philosophy of mind and perception is a hypothetical being that 
from the outside is indistinguishable from a normal human being but lacks conscious experience, qualia, or sentience.”
  • behavioral zombie (bZombie) is behaviorally indistinguishable from a human.
  • neurological zombie (nZombie) has a human brain and is generally physiologically indistinguishable from a human.[5]
  • Put em all together and whattayaget? 
The Nov. 2016 U.S. and New York City premier of “Fantastic Beasts and 
Where To Find Them" coincided with the release of a different sort of Beast, 
the Nov 2016 Presidential election of Donald J. Trump.  Despite one being fictional 
they have some things in common that go beyond release dates. 

Fantastic Beasts Summary: (Spoiler alert)
The main characters: Credence Barebone, he of a suppressed destructive monstrous id
is played by Ezra Miller (no relation to Stephen) serving as counterpart to Newt Scamander
played by Eddie Redmayne.  Along with supernatural powers, out of focus schizy eyes,
itchy face, duck-toed walk, Scamander has no need for eating, sleeping or getting along
with ordinary people.

Scamander is also keeper of the “Fantastic Beasts” loosed upon 1920’s NYC from his 5th dimensional James Bond-like device-loaded suitcase.  The beasts contained are then falsely
blamed by the MACUSA magical ruling class for unexplained 1920's NYC mayhem which
needs be stopped before attracting attention and thus betraying the existence of supernatural
beings with the look of ordinary humans who intrude upon this world and have the added
advantage of hiding and existing behind a wall of disbelief.

The Credence Barebone character is a foster child with nasty abilities completely opposite
his look.  (Bigger the front, bigger the back.)  Porpentina "Tina" Goldstein played by
Katherine Waterston is the rare 1920's "career girl" who is tall, wears asexual double-
breasted men's suit jackets and is a forebear across fictional barriers of Emmanuel
Goldstein the alleged underground resistance leader of Orwell’s 1984.  Tina's sister, Queenie
Goldstein, supposedly violates all rules of magic by being attracted to nomag baker-to-be,
Jacob “Muggles" Kowalski.  She knows the quickest way to Jake's heart is through her
own 1920's version of magical fast food strudel, double-plus ungood fast talk and telepathic
powers.  Her inability to read Scamander’s mind is due to his British accent acting as telepathic
encryption.  (Suggesting atypical good reasons for being around lots of foreigners)

This is the fantastical Harry Potter universe of meta-physicians existing in and out of a space-
time dimension that intrudes on "our" everyday existence everyday in every way.  (The reality
based movie “Personal Shopper" with Kristen Stewart understates the intrusion)  The MACUSA
or Magical Congress USA makes sure their kind remain on the borders of superstition held by ordinary humans.

(MACUSA, is also a play on the very real Professor Herbert Marcuse of 1940's - 50's America
that Senator Joseph McCarthy and his witch hunting HUAC made into a Communist bogeyman
incarnate surpassing even that of Saul Alinsky, stupidly billed by today’s Republicans as Hillary
Clinton’s evil “wizard” subversive mentor.  Prof. Macuse is depicted in two recent movies,
"Hail Cesar" about Hollywood writers of the 40’s and 50’s and other recent blacklist movies.)

Here is an excellent video of silent era star Buster Keaton.  Ezra Miller's resemblance to Keaton
was acknowledged by screenwriter JK Rowling.  Other characters of the movie have deliberate
but unacknowledged physical resemblances to real well known personalities of Prohibition Roaring 20’s New York City.  Like newspaper tycoon and media star William Randolph Hearst and NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker.


The Roaring Twenties of the movie was typified by NY State Senator and NY City Mayor,
Jimmy Walker the real-life subject of the 1956 Bob Hope comedy, “Beau James."  He is
depicted in Fantastic Beasts as US Senator Henry Shaw played by Josh Cowdary who was
undoubtedly chosen because of his resemblance to the real life NY State Senator and Mayor
as shown in You Tube old footage below followed by a segment of the movie in question.

Jimmy Walker was a New York State Senator until 1926 which is exactly when
the movie takes place.  His political mentor was the famed Al Smith.  Walker was the
fancy dressing corrupt populist thrown out of office as NYC Mayor in 1929 by then
New York State Governor and future President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Just in time for
Republican President Herbert Hoover’s 1929 Great Depression.

Here are some scenes showing Credence, U.S. Senator Henry Shaw (Walker) and his
powerful newspaper tycoon father, Shaw Sr. (Hearst) and JK Rowling dialogue from #2 son
Langdon Shaw, “the people behind this aren't like you or me.  This is witchcraft don't you see."

The belief in witchcraft and demons in the NYC of that time was likely very common.
The Harry Potter term "Muggles" or "Nomag" refers to ordinary humans (paroles or
proletariat) who can be bumped, taunted, mugged, stepped on, made to trip over suitcases,
be manipulated, chased, humiliated, but never killed.  Senator Shaw is the exception.

As shown above Sen. Shaw has the misfortune of calling Credence a freak in front of
his adopted family.  The resulting uncontrolled rage manifests as a free floating
monster of the id called an Obsecuret (or Obsecurus) unleashed on an unsuspecting
Senator Shaw, Wizard Graves and New York City.

In the movie, John Voight plays Henry Shaw Sr. father of the US Senator.  Voight is most
assuredly a stand-in for newspaper tycoon, William Randolph Hearst, America's first media
star.  Hearst overextended himself and lost much of his newspaper fortune in real estate
by buying and refitting old mansions and castles.  Pictures of Hearst are usually shown
with darkened dyed hair.  Aside from that there's a loose resemblance between him and
the grey haired Voight.  Hearst newspapers of the pre-WWII 1930's would run unopposed
columns by Germany's Hitler and Göring.

Voight's newspaper tycoon character gives a fund raiser for his son the Senator resembling
the famous Al Smith dinners given in NYC that in 2016 hosted Presidential candidates
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The movie fund raiser version doesn't turn out so well.
The Senator, Shaw Jr., is violently killed in front of his father by Credence in Obscurial form.

In stranger than fiction reality, the real life John Voight gave the introductory speech prior
to the 2017 Washington DC inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.


Should anything like Credence exist today, possibly in the forms of present and former Trump
officials Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller (no relation but in the obscurant looks department he’s much better than Ezra).  Let’s hope they show some restraint should they ever turn on their Wizard Master, 45.

**Update to this posting originally made shortly after Voight introduced Trump’s January 2017 inaugural celebration and revised after Bannon left the Trump administration.  As predicted, Steve Bannon’s January 2018 exposé via Michael Wolf, “Fire and Fury, Inside The Trump White House”, has had results similar to those in the Fantastic Beasts movie.  Wizard Graves changed identities,
was unmasked for who and what he was.  As was blizzard and Wizard of lies, 45.

Except everyone, his administration, his voters already had a good idea of who and what Trump
was so the surprise was muted.  Supposedly, the Trump administration expected a positive Bannon appraisal of his administration’s first year.  I find that difficult to believe.  Nonetheless...

Get a load of the cut and buff otherworldly Stephen Miller who, as William Gibson noted on
Twitter, apparently doesn’t have a blink reflex:

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