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03/17/17 - I'm not a Harry Potter fan.  Haven't read the books.  Like the latest Star Wars
movies, visual effects can't compensate for thin HP movie material.  Since I haven't any
audience to speak of I don't need to do spoiler trigger warnings.

I've been seeing "a few" Credence Barebone types in real life NYC completely apart
from the fictional, "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them." The much improved
prequel is centered in 1926 New York City.

In the context of the movie, Credence's supressed powers manifest as destructive
counterpart to Newt Scamander the main character played by Eddie Redmayne.
The movie makes a point of showing Scamander's out of focus eyes, duck-toed walk,
dislike of small talk or getting along with average people.  In contrast he is also keeper
of the metaphysical Fantastic Beasts loosed upon NYC from a double plus ungood 4+
dimensional magic HP James Bond device loaded suitcase.  The beasts contained therein
are falsely blamed for the unexplained mahem taking place in New York City.

Both male characters match all too many commonly seen on the streets of today's NYC.
From penguin walks to cut and buff types in suits who, despite the perfect image, look
more than slightly off.  Tattooed guys with man buns/ beards growing in opposite directions
would find it difficult in 1926 New York City outside of Coney Island or Barnum and Bailey.

The Credence Barebone character is an abused foster child with a nasty id completely
opposite his look.  The bigger the front, the bigger the back.  The main female character
is tall and dresses in Roaring Twenties second hand male suit jackets.  Another character,
Queeny, is square jawed and extremely attracted to muggles Kowalski, the baker to be.
She loves doing the magi 1920's version of fast food, instant dinner.

This is the Harry Potter universe of metaphysical's existing in and out of a space time
dimension that intrudes on the everyday in every way.  Just as it does apart from movie
fantasy fiction.  Based on nasty experience I've found that the two realities are intertwined
to such an extent as to be inherently inseparable.  HP living metaphysical entities must
never let themselves be known by humans.  These days it's a little different.  Similar
entities in human form can never acknowledge who they are and must never acknowledge
others like themselves.  There being few left to notice the difference either way.

Here is a video of silent era star, Buster Keaton.  Ezra Miller's resemblance to Keaton was
deliberate and acknowledged by everyone connected with the film as well as the author and
screenwriter for Fantastic Beasts, AJ Rowling.

Perceval Graves, in black and while uniform played by Colin Farrell has a weird
"deathly hollows" scene in more ways than one with Ezra Miller's Credence Barebone.

The political Roaring Twenties icon, NYS Senator, NYC Mayor, "Beau James",
Jimmy Walker was the real life subject of the 1956 Bob Hope movie comedy by
that name.  Unacknowledged by anyone is the unmistakable resemblance between
Fantastic Beasts character Senator Henry Shaw played by Josh Cowdary and the real
life Mayor Jimmy Walker who is shown below in old footage:

Jimmy Walker was a New York State Senator until 1926 which is exactly when
the movie takes place.  Walker embodied the roaring twenties.  His political mentor
was the famous Al Smith.  Walker was the fancy dressing corrupt populist thrown out of
office as NYC Mayor in 1929 by then New York State Governor and future President,
Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Just in time for the Republican Hoover Great Depression of 1929.

John Voight plays Henry Shaw senior, father of Senator Henry Shaw Jr.  Voight is a look alike
stand-in for newspaper tycoon, William Randolph Hearst, America's first media star
who overextended himself in real estate by buying and refitting old HP mansions and castles.
His newspapers of the pre-war 1930's ran unopposed columns by Germany's Hitler and Göring.

Here are some scenes depicting the movie character of Senator Henry Shaw and his
powerful newspaper tycoon father.  AJ Rowling dialogue from Langdon Shaw,
"The people behind this aren't like you or me.  This is witchcraft don't you see."

I'm not a believer in witches, Nomags or Muggles.  The latter, in movie context
are humans (paroles) who can can be bumped, taunted, (mugged) made to trip over
suitcases, be manipulated, humiliated but not killed.  Sen. Shaw is the exception.
He had the misfortune of calling Credence a freak in front of his adopted family.
This results in an uncontrolled rage that manifests as a free floating monster of the id
called an Obsecuret (or Obsecur-us) unleashed on an unsuspecting Senator and New York City.

It's undoubtedly a coincidence that Voight's character in the movie gives a fund raiser
for his son (or maybe the famous Al Smith dinner).  The fund raiser doesn't turn out
so well for the Senator who is violently killed in ways that can't easily be described.

In stranger than fiction reality John Voight gave the intro speech prior to the Washington
DC inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Let's hope the updated version of Credence (in whatever form Bannon/ Steve Miller takes)


has acquired some restraint over the years should his 2017 equivalent seek to make movie
fantasy into reality.

The country was attacked during the first year of every President since Bill Clinton.
Let the analogy not translate any further.  Nor, God forbid, a terror attack on Trump
Tower, airliners or anything else.

Something Trump seems very aware of as his poll numbers decline and as he signs off on
easily overturned Executive Orders.  It's probable he knew they'd be reversed.  Every move
he makes can be seen as setting up his political opposition.  Should an airliner be brought
down (as was attempted during Obama's first year) or a terrorist shooting happen he can
easily say or imply that he tried to save the country but was thwarted and obstructed at
every turn in his attempt to deport potential radical Islamists.  (There's a Bowling Green
location and subways station South of Wall Street in NYC to account for Kellyanne
Conway's as yet imaginary "Bowling Green massacre."  Let's hope it stays imaginary)

I disagree with Trump's deportations but leftist extreme positions opposite Trump's all
but beg for bad outcomes.  IOW, Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot,
allowing themselves to feel better while losing elections and the country.  Combine that
with the same Republican Party that blocked President Obama's TSA appointment during
his first year of 2009.  Yes, that Republican Party.  That "loyal" opposition.

Trump's now infamous inaugural speech in part depicted America as a "drug infested"
"barren landscape" resembling something straight out of a dystopian Mad Max movie.
As if he were playing to an end-time fundamentalist John Hagee audience.  Or an RT
audience whose petrostate unofficial sponsor, Vlad Putin, uses the network as a platform
depicting the U.S. in decline.

This is part of his years long strategy of reversing media and internet news that puts
closed authoritarian Fight Club societies like Russia and China in a bad light.
Whose systems of government (always in transition) and shear size leave them no
choice but to employ Big Brother censorship and control far exceeding the many
flaws of Western media.

Russian opposition media exists but when "Nothing Is True Everything Is Possible:
The Surreal Heart of the New Russia", the 2015 book by ex-Russian journalist,
Peter Pomerantsev summarizing Russian media and propaganda strategies perfectly.
The Russian local internet was polluted and turned upside down years ago.  Putin
turned his attention to the world beyond Russia's borders for similar results.

The U.S. nearly full employment economy that greeted Trump on January 20th, 2017 was in
sharp contrast to the 800,000 job loses occurring the month before Barack Obama took office
in 2009.  For the latter disaster we can thank "excellent" chess moves of one Dick Cheney
of the Cheney Bush administration and the Republican Party that left Democrats to their
traditional role of recovery and digging out from Republican deregulation which resulted
in the (1929) 2008 Great Recession.  It took till 2013 for major banks to only began to recover.

This was in addition to overseeing an Iraq Afpak occupation and scheduled withdrawal.
Leaving America's first African-American President with options both bad and terrible.
Things were left in such bad shape that Cheney famously predicted that President Obama
would be a one-term President.  That the combined disasters would overcome anyone so
unfortunate as to serve after a Republican like 5 draft deferrmemt DC, Dick Cheney,
had eight years to deregulate and cause mahem.  Cheney was wrong.  His daughter Liz
was elected to Congress in 2016 to offset his powers of prediction.

(In 2008, elements of right wing America thought President Obama was going to
take away *freedumbs* and guns.  This resulted in an exponential uptick in death threats.
Typical and expected from NRA Purge Night skinheads of the country and world.
How many believed such hyperbolic crap?  (Is this blog equally hyperbolic?)  Doesn't matter.  Political power, oil and party over country is what matters for the GOP per veteran Republican's, Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein and liberal moderate heavyweights like George Packer.

Going from Fantastic Beasts to "President" Trump and Steve Bannon to Dick Cheney wasn't
such a stretch after all.

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