Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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"So do yourself a favor and get a glimpse of the insanity now dominating what was once a vibrant intellectual culture by reading Ron Radosh’s devastating review of the book. (David Horowitz
gives his side of the kerfuffle here.) Front Page offered West equal space to respond but she wisely
refused (see her position here). After reading Radosh, you realize why. She’s got nothing. But she
still has much of the movement right on her side." Radosh:
As a historian I normally would not have agreed to review a book such as this one.  But I changed my mind after seeing the reckless endorsements of its unhinged theories by a number of conservative individuals and organizations.
These included the Heritage Foundation which has hosted her for book promotions at a lunchtime speech and a dinner; which is serializing America Betrayed; PJ Media which has already run three favorable features on West; Amity Shlaes, who writes unnervingly that West’s book, “masterfully reminds us what history is for: to suggest action for the present”; and by conservative political scientist and media commentator Monica Crowley, who called West’s book “A monumental achievement.” 

1993 - 2000

Unattached individuals have their lives exchanged for a nightmarish 
reality using classic false rumor and innuendo in order to completely
and seamlessly crash and overwhelm the sense of self and reputation
enabling the imposition of a manufactured augmented (AR) controlled reality.

People on the receiving end of this programmed hell see their lives
disintegrating while completely sure they are the source of the trouble.
These are not activists, perverts, addicts, law breakers, whistleblowers,
the paranoid or the mentally ill. These are working people or retired
completely unaware their realities are being manipulated
even when work life is turned into a source of humiliation
approximately ten years prior to retirement.

It never occurred at the time that this exact scenario was previously 

forced on my unaware sleep disrupted father who worked in shifts
and was forced into a similar crisis leading up to retirement.  The 
similarities were meant not even to be noticed except vaguely as family 

genetic disposition.  After the imposed crisis came a steady, prolonged 

mental and physical deterioration starting with the eyes and balance.

In the same family a 90 year old mother was subject to continuous 
hang-up "gas-lighting" phone calls attributed to "neighbors" until 
her death.  It was not the neighbors.  Without proof it isn't even speculation.


Psychic driving is a form of brainwashing.  It involves, in these 
cases, the remote repetition of key simple phrases thousands of 
times over many years "driving" them into the brain. 

** Starting with electronically distorted "E-SCREAM" sound effects
always heard to originate when indoors from a short distance overhead 
and outside apartment walls.  The main vehicle for inducing sleep deprivation.
Traditional cultures, like Voodoo, use constant drumming equivalents.  

Comparable CIA anti-terrorist interrogation programs in Iraq
used sleep deprivation for 5 - 8 days accompanied by extremely
loud heavy metal music replacing the electronically altered e-
"scream" effects.

en manipulated.  (Really?
And how is this done, by who?)  The person at the end of all
this ridiculous interest initially worries about compromised

on-line bank account passwords.  Normally this would would
be a legitimate concern.  It turns out to be the very least of concerns.
Sleep deprivation causes forgetfulness and so many financial errors
that no outside entity has to worry about outright stealing.

Mistakes accumulate, injuries occur with frequency.  Depression
and learned helplessness cause the persons life to slowly fall apart.
Credit limits are reduced and then magically increased when
balances begin to get paid down.  The balances, IOW, never get
paid down.  This is stealing with finesse and sounds for all the
world like intractable delusion and the blaming of others for ones
own defects.

High functioning moron operators steal lives and time but not
money directly.  The labels: entitled, sick, self-righteous,
mercenary or parasite are, for this bunch, something to strive for.
Something like, 'now I know I'm doing my job.'

Manipulation of sleep states, sex urge, or what's left of it and
nightly psychic driving are key in keeping the organism angry
enough to stay alive.

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