Saturday, May 28, 2016


The Glenn Beck effect is timeless.  Millions pretend to believe everything he
says even after he admits to being an off the wall "rodeo clown."  In that exact moment
he will immediately double-down into another hypnotizing con-vincing con-
artist diatribe calling Obama a radical socialist or breaking out in crocodile tears, crying
for the state of his country under "tyrant" Obama.  Steve Jobs, a voice of no nonsense
took all Apple advertising off Fox "News" after hearing Beck seriously call Obama
a racist against all whiteness and Christianity.

Beck, Roger Ailes' highest rated TV host at the time and Mormon convert,
has, as his main sponsor, Goldline, a seller of gold and gold coins
(or Mormon "dream mines").  Goldline was investigated and forced to
"refund" (not fined of course) millions of dollars to its customers.

Beck, at one point had a spray painted yellow halo on top of his otherwise grey crewcut.
Because of his clean living Mormonism this comical hint of a sprayed on halo and gold
coin was supposed to be an indication of his Latter Day Sainthood and living gold coin
advert for his sponsor.  The only one who had the nerve to call him on it was Anderson
Cooper as a guest after he, Cooper, was asked by Beck how much his salary was at CNN.

Is this what passes for conservative "Christian" Merkin manhood?
Glenn Beck is rich and living in Texas these days making his Alamo
last stand against the invading Obama Muslim Jade Helm hordes at
the gates of freedom.  If not Glenn Beck, who?  Who among us will stand with him?
Not I.

All of it...
nothing but an act mixed in with ADHD compulsive lying.  Conservative ideologies
are naturally conducive to lying above the low political bar set by the very same
right wingers last election cycle.

Beck, after all this time and all the real and imagined ailments suffered publicly, is
only in his 50's.  His competition, Alex Jones is only in his early 40's having made it
that far no doubt because of his recent born again Christianity and his advertised vitamins.
*Hey'll, that there Nano Silver can't hurt none, right?* You can take the conman out of
Texas, but you can't take the con out of the man.  Both Beck and Jones are likely
relatively sane.  Their job is to manufacture doubt about opposition news and reality
itself with enough money to supply their own versions of reality when convenient.

Enough said about something that, like Seinfeld, is only seemingly about nothing.

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