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On a more serious note, there are seemingly few speculate about the following:
The country was attacked or attempts were made during the first year of every
President since Bill Clinton.

As President Trump signs off on easily overturned Executive Orders, it's probable
that many of his moves can be seen as setting up his political opposition.  IF an
airliner is attacked, as was attempted during Obama's first year, DT can deflect
and claim that his attempts to save the country were thwarted and obstructed by
liberals and the judiciary while a SCOTUS decision is pending.

On the other hand DT represents the same Republican Party that obstructed and blocked
President Obama's TSA appointment during his first year of 2009.  Yes, that Republican Party.
A "loyal" opposition that easily gets away with indirectly abetting an attack in plain sight.
When the attempt failed the Republican Senator who blocked the appointment was the
first to criticize the President and FBI's handling of the "Christmas Bomber" case.
Later rumors and RW manufactured news claimed that team Obama arranged the whole thing.

6/6/17 - I wrote the above and tweeted about this since Trump's first EO February 2017.
I was unaware of anyone else but apparently others like Jack Goldsmith of lawfareblog did also.
I only started following him on Twitter recently unaware that we had similar blog posts. (EO = Presidential Executive Orders)

Last night I tweeted: “Increasingly apparent—from the way Trump rolled out EO to his attack on courts—that he wants EO struck down. Not just incompetence.”  

Here is what I meant.   The clearly foreseeable consequence of the roll-out combined with Trump’s tweets is to weaken the case for the legality of the EO in court.  Why might Trump want to do that?  Assuming that he is acting with knowledge and purpose (an assumption I question below), the only reason I can think of is that Trump is setting the scene to blame judges after an attack that has any conceivable connection to immigration.  If Trump loses in court he credibly will say to the American people that he tried and failed to create tighter immigration controls.  This will deflect blame for the attack.  And it will also help Trump to enhance his power after the attack.  After a bad terrorist attack at home, politicians are always under intense pressure to loosen legal constraints.  (This was even true for near-misses, such as the failed Underwear bomber, which caused the Obama administration to loosen constraints on its counterterrorism policies in many ways.)  Courts feel these pressures, and those pressures will be significantly heightened, and any countervailing tendency to guard against 
executive overreaction diminished, if courts are widely seen to be responsible for an actual terrorist attack.  More broadly, the usual security panic after a bad attack will be enhanced quite a lot—in courts and in Congress—if before the attack legal and judicial constraints are seen to block safety.   If Trump assumes that there will be a bad terrorist attack on his watch, blaming judges now will 
deflect blame and enhance his power more than usual after the next attack. 

Trump's now infamous inaugural speech in part depicted America as a dystopian Mad Max
landscape filled with "rusted out factories like tombstones" as if playing to an end-time fundamentalist John Hagee audience.  Or an RT audience whose petrostate unofficial sponsor,
Vlad Putin, uses the network as a platform to depict everything imaginably negative regarding
the U.S.

This is part of Putin's years long strategy of reversing media and internet news that puts
closed authoritarian Fight Club kleptocracies like Russia and China in a bad light.
Whose systems of government (always in transition) and shear size leave them no
choice but to employ Big Brother censorship and control far exceeding the many
flaws of Western media.

Russian opposition media exists but when "Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible:
The Surreal Heart of the New Russia" necessitates a 2015 book by ex-Russian journalist
Peter Pomerantsev that summarizes Russian media and propaganda strategies perfectly.
The Russian local internet was polluted and turned upside down years ago.  Putin then
turned his attention to the world beyond Russia's borders for similar results.  None of
which is in any way new.  We do not now live in a post fact post truth environment despite
years of You Tube and social media manipulation by Russian, Religious Right, alt/ right,
Alex Jones, fake YT radio channels, 4-Chan, National Enquirer, David Icke troll farm networks.

I digress.  The full employment economy in the U.S. that greeted Trump on January 20th,
2017 was in sharp contrast to the 800,000 job loses occurring the month before Barack
Obama took office in 2009.  For the latter disaster we can thank "excellent" chess moves of
Dick Cheney of the Cheney Bush administration and the Republican Party that left Democrats
to their traditional role of recovery and digging out from Republican deregulation which
gave us (1929) 2008 Great Recession.  Taking until 2013 for major banks to pay off fines.

Leaving America's first African-American President with options both terrible and bad.
Things were left in such bad shape that Cheney famously predicted that President Obama
would be a one-term President.  That the combined disasters would overcome anyone so
unfortunate as to serve after a Republican such as like 5 draft deferment (DC) Dick Cheney,
who had eight years to deregulate and unleash beasts of economic mayhem.  Cheney was
very wrong.  His daughter Liz, however, was elected to Congress in 2016 as an offset to his
powers of prediction.  Possibly to challenge a faltering Trump and or Pense in 2020 and horror show nightmare at a time.

In 2008, elements of right wing America thought President Obama was going to

take away *freedumbs* and guns.  This resulted in an exponential uptick in death threats.
Typical and expected from NRA Purge Night skinheads of the U.S.  How many believed
such hyperbolic crap?  (Is this blog equally hyperbolic?  Not even close)  Political power,
oil and nihilistic party over country is what matters for the GOP as per moderate heavyweight
George Packer and Republican moderates Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein who have singled
out their own party with worse descriptions.

Going from Fantastic Beast Obscurets to Trump and Bannon to Dick Cheney wasn't a stretch after all.

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