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On a more serious note, there were seemingly few speculations
about the following:

The country was attacked or attempts were made during the first
year of every President since Bill Clinton.  (Apparently the attack
in question was on our U.S. election in 2016 via Russian hackers,
fight club Russian trolls helping the infatigable Trump)

As President Trump signs off on easily overturned Executive Orders,
it's probable that many of his moves can be seen as setting up his
political opposition.  IF an airliner is attacked, as was attempted
during Obama's first year, DT can deflect and claim that his attempts
to save the country were thwarted and obstructed by the "lying"
liberal press, and the judiciary with SCOTUS decisions pending.

On the other hand DT represents the same Republican Party that
obstructed and blocked President Obama's TSA appointment
during his first year of 2009.  Yes, that Republican Party.
A "loyal" opposition that easily gets away with national security
obstruction in plain sight.  When the “Christmas Bomber” airline
attack failed Republican Senator Jim DeMint, who blocked the TSA
appointment, was the first to criticize the President and FBI's handling
of the attempt to bring down an airliner over an American city.
Rumors and manufactured news by Republican bomb throwers
claimed that team Obama arranged the attack to fail.

6/6/17 - I wrote the above about Trump's EO's when he made them
in February 2017.  I was unaware of anyone else doing the same.
It turns out that Jack Goldsmith of the influential “lawfareblog” was
one of the few with nerve enough to call attention to what was and is
on everyone’s mind but which no one dares to write about.
(EO = Presidential Executive Orders)

Per Jack Goldsmith:
"Last night I tweeted: “Increasingly apparent—from the 
way Trump rolled out EO to his attack on courts—that 
he wants EO struck down.  Not just incompetence.”"

"Here is what I meant.   The clearly foreseeable 
consequence of the roll-out combined with Trump’s 
tweets is to weaken the case for the legality of the EO 
in court.  Why might Trump want to do that?  
Assuming that he is acting with knowledge and purpose 
(an assumption I question below), the only reason I can 
think of is that Trump is setting the scene to blame 
judges after an attack that has any conceivable connection 
to immigration.  If Trump loses in court he credibly will 
say to the American people that he tried and failed to 
create tighter immigration controls.  This will deflect blame 
for the attack.  And it will also help Trump to enhance his 
power after the attack.  After a bad terrorist attack at home, 
politicians are always under intense pressure to loosen legal 
constraints.  (This was even true for near-misses, such as the 
failed Underwear bomber, which caused the Obama 
administration to loosen constraints on its counterterrorism 
policies in many ways.)  Courts feel these pressures, 
and those pressures will be significantly heightened, and any 
countervailing tendency to guard against executive 
overreaction diminished, if courts are widely seen to be 
responsible for an actual terrorist attack.  More broadly, the 
usual security panic after a bad attack will be enhanced quite 
a lot—in courts and in Congress—if before the attack legal 
and judicial constraints are seen to block safety.  If Trump 
assumes that there will be a bad terrorist attack on his watch, 
blaming judges now will deflect blame and enhance his power more 
than usual after the next attack."....Jack Goldsmith, lawfareblog. 

And now a take on President Trump by conservative, Max Boot:

"Donald Trump’s caustic, ill-tempered, and divisive inaugural address 
sounded as if it came from a different world from the one I inhabit — 
or, to be exact, from a different America than I have known for the 
40 of my 47 years that I have been lucky enough to live in this 
wonderful country." 

"Trump's America is full of “rusted-out factories scattered like 
tombstones across the landscape of our nation.” It is home to 
an education system “which leaves our young and beautiful 
students deprived of knowledge.” It is rife with “crime and 
gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed 
our country of so much unrealized potential.” And who is 
responsible for this “American carnage”? Trump heaped 
blame on other countries and on disloyal American elites"" 
Max Boot, Foreign Policy, 1/21/17 (whose family immigrated 
to the US from Russia.) 

“That’s some weird shit.” Bush’s reaction to DT’s Inaugural speech...

which, in part, depicted America as a dystopian Mad Max landscape filled
with the above named "rusted out factories scattered like tombstones" as if
playing to endtime fundamentalists or an RT audience whose petrostate
unofficial government news sponsor, Czar Vlad Putin, uses RT network as a
platform to carefully depict everything imaginably negative regarding the U.S.
disguised as straight news reporting particularly by in-house RT liberals like
Thom Hartmann.  Putin’s job made easier by America’s open critical media
with or without the present administration.  RT and Sputnik play at straight
news reporting until events like the US presidential elections.  At which point
they diverge into carefully manipulated propaganda from the right and left.

President Trump's inaugural speech assisted Putin in his years long strategy
of reversing media and internet news that puts closed authoritarian Russian
Fight Club kleptocracies in a bad light.  Russia's history and system of
government before and after Stalin, always said to be in transition, leave
them no choice but to employ Big Brother censorship to the point of
murdering (vaporizing) journalists and opposition leaders right now,
today, not during Stalin’s rule, not 34 years ago when the KGB and Stasi
in East Germany’s GDR (German Democratic Republic) and the KGB’s
Col. Putin competed with the Nazis to see whose vision of hell was worse.

The recent movie spy thriller, Atomic Blonde had an E. German spy
working against the GDR named Merkel and a balding KGB stand-in
for Vlad “The Impaler” Putin whose character gets shot at the end
and bleeds out from the neck.  (Who says Hollywood writers have no
sense of humor?).  Nonetheless Putin's troll farms of today with frequent
assistance from RT guests like ex-CIA Putin fan, Hillary hater and 911
truther, Ray McGovern.  How can anyone dislike smooth as silk Irish
jokester Ray McGovern?

Russian opposition media exists but is so diminished as to necessitate
books with titles like, "Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible:
The Surreal Heart of the New Russia" a 2015 book by ex-Russian
journalist Peter Pomerantsev that summarizes Russian media and
propaganda strategies perfectly.  I read the glowing reviews in the
NY Times in 2015.  Apparently few others bothered.

The Russian local internet was polluted and turned upside down years ago.
At the same time Putin turned his attention to the world beyond Russia's
borders for similar results.  None of which is in any way new.  We do not
now live in a post fact, post truth world despite years of You Tube and
social media manipulation by Religious Right, alt/ right, Alex Jones,
fake YT radio channels, 4-Chan, National Enquirer and especially, Russian
troll farms.  Which of the above aided Trump’s advance on Casablanca (DC)?
All the above.

The full employment economy in the U.S. that greeted Trump on January
20th, 2017 was in sharp contrast to the 800,000 job loses occurring the
month before Barack Obama took office in 2009.  For the latter disaster
we can thank "excellent" chess moves of Dick Cheney of the Cheney Bush
administration and a Republican Party that left Democrats to their traditional
role of digging out from Republican deregulation which gave us a (1929)
2008 Great Recession.  It took until 2013 for major banks to pay off fines.
Deutsche Bank, one of the few majors that would still lend to Trump Inc,
fined for LIBOR manipulation was also fined for laundering money for
Russian oligarchs (blamed on an American employee of course) and is
still paying off fines assessed in the billions by the Obama DOJ in 2016.

In reprisal Deutschebank falsely announced before the 2016 election that the
US was in recession.  Duly reported on bogus financial sites who mimick
Russian talking points.  Like Zero Hedge” (right wing) and “Naked
Capitalism” (left wing).  Glenn Greenwald?  *ucker Carlson of Fox
“News” calls him “a very brave man” for standing up to “Russophobic”
onslaught of the “MSM.”  Fox “News” is somehow seen to be an outsider.

2008 left America's first African-American President with options both
bad and terrible.  Things were in such horrific shape that Dick Cheney
famously predicted that President Obama could only be a one-term President.
That the combination of two wars and near economic collapse would
overcome any administration so unfortunate as to follow 8 years of
Cheney and Republican controlled deregulation.

Dick (DC) Cheney had eight years to deregulate, and, with the help
of mortgage loan fraud specialist Roland Arnall, the Cheney Bush
SEC and cooperation from Cheney's long time “friend" across three
Republican Presidents Allan Greenspan - who together unleashed the
beasts of "free market" predatory economic mayhem upon the U.S.
and the world.

The main predators were fraud based subprime real estate loan
companies like Arnall's Ameriquest.  Arnall was the number one
2004 Bush campaign contributor which is how he stayed ahead of
fines imposed by Democratic Attorney General's.  Ameriquest
sponsored the Bush owned Texas Rangers baseball team until the
publicity, scandals and fines forced them to change the name of their
field from Ameriquest Field.

Cheney, as it turned out was very wrong.  Republican challenger
Mitt Romney could not read his own Benghazi press release soon
after the Sept 2012 attack.  The U.S. Ambassador Stevens died and
was not taken hostage, there was no September surprise to match
Reagan’s October surprise vs Carter.  Obama won his second term.
Secretary Clinton came to realize that everyone up the chain of
command had failed which ultimately left the blame on her for 2016.

Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz, however, was finally elected to Congress
in 2016 to offset her fathers powers of prediction.  Possibly as a challenge
to a faltering Trump and or Pence in 2020 as the first female VP or
Republican Presidential candidate.  Enough!  The world can only
handle so many horror reality shows at one time.

In 2008, elements of right wing America thought President Obama was
going to take away their *freedumbs* and guns.  This resulted in an
exponential uptick in death threats and the sale of guns and ammo.
Typical and expected from NRA “Purge Night” Skinheads.  How
many believed such hyperbolic crap?  (Is this blog equally hyperbolic?
Not even close)  Political power, oil and nihilistic party over country
is what matters for the GOP as per moderate heavyweight George Packer
at the 2017 NYPL.  Republican moderates Thomas Mann and Norm
Ornstein have rightly singled out their own party with worse descriptions.

Going from Cheney to Fantastic Beast Obscurants, Trump, Miller,
Bannon and Jeff Sessions wasn't such a stretch after all.

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