Sunday, January 1, 2017


Ob-ama Wan Kanobi you were our last hope...
in fighting the weirdest creatures you've ever seen...
You will never find a more retched hive of Trumpian scum and villainy...

On The Amazon, a loose metaphor for NYC:


* Extreme man-made climate change across the earth. 
* Extreme displacement of nine simultaneous "Arab Spring" Islamic civil wars.
* Extreme right wing nationalist resurgent politics worldwide. 
Millions of displaced flowing into Western and Easten Europe and the Americas. 
* Extreme economic volatility, the 2008 Great Recession to the collapse of oil to Brexit.
* Extreme 6' 8" Tatooined humanoids gay and straight, male and female out of Moz 
Cantina, NYC.

Now what is all this about extreme size and height?  I don't see 6' 5" women every time I go out.
But close to it.  The average height is still supposed to be 5' 10” for men and 5' 6" for women.

It’s my view that the...
internet sites and videos about Nephilim "sons of God" “daughters of men"
who supposedly existed before Noah referenced not just on biblical sites but on 
hundreds of rigged bogus blogs and videos whose deliberately provocative fake 
presentation repeats the terms "Reptilians" and "ancient space aliens" to convince 
those not in on the joke that the internet is teaming with sub IQ 80 Religious Right 
delusional nutjobs.

A few are...nuts that is.  A few videos and comments are by and for the insane but the majority
of fringe sites and channels are by people who’re likely far from insane.  If these were a
couple of hundred sites no one including me would care.  The same troll/ bot farms likely also account for toxic internet trolling and threats directed mainly at women always said to be
by male Gamergate fanatics of all ages.  IMO, it is all done to degrade internet usage for
everyone and women in particular.  This blog might indicate who these idiots are generally
which means nothing as Leonard Cohen used to say, because "That's the way it goes,
everybody knows."  Except slow learner me.

Are videos, forums and blogs on mind control, "targeted individuals", chemtrails, aliens,
FEMA coffin, financial, nuclear, Fukushima, and religious end-times-all-the-time all by the
same few loosely defined troll networks all with the same motive?  No, not all.  The vast majority.  On social networks like You Tube they're the work of few troll farms mostly I would guess of
Russian origin along with the usual suspects like Alex Jones, David Icke and hundreds of
imitators doing YT fake recorded call-in talk radio shows consisting of "alternative" "news"
the "government doesn't want you to know."

Am I am telling my nonexistent readers that there is something wrong that goes slightly
beyond my personal projections of what people should look like, think like or what
should and should not be?  Yes I am.  There's no one listening except for one nonexistent
female follower.  The first one was identified as from US military Intel.  Stupidly bogus.
Replaced by her opposite, a retired US expatriate living in South of France who favors 911 conspiracies cultivated mainly by the extreme right wing, and by RT or Sputnik "news" outlets
presenting themselves as legitimate.  Everyone is supposed to forget they are fronts for the
prototypical surveillance klepto petrostate, Russia.  Master propagandists who, like a lot of
pretender compulsive lying liars, point the finger of blame everywhere but at themselves.

Besides my being a retired, lazy, 6' aging boomer who might look to 40 - 50 of average health,
who doesn't take prescription or non-prescription drugs, no hair dye, no nose rings or ponytails,
no shaved head, dreads, addictions, no tattoos, man buns/ beards/ mood swings going in opposite directions.

Pretty dull and nothing in common with posthumans too numerous to count who look straight
out of a Trump inaugural speech, the meth amphetamined "Mad Max" barren rusted-out drug
infested or walking monument alien hookers from the 1996 movie, "Mars Attacks."  The aliens
are not from space.  They're from Earth.  Or like the old Twilight Zone segment maybe I'm the alien.

On the internet there is a special emphasis on endtimes-all-the-time which for many means there
is no future because it's literally always Apocalypse Now!  Recycled over and over through wars, famine, recycled lifetimes and whose voice has always been SILENT.  The internal latent witness
aspect is no longer silent.  Maybe the drama and the fire will come next week.

Oingo Boingo from The Ritz of NYC 30 years ago:

All the negatives mentioned before the OB video that I avoid are constants of visual 
extremes experienced day after day far in excess of what should be characteristic of 
my or any densely populated mixed neighborhood.  It could be said that this blog is 
an exhibit A example of how projecting negativity affects the content of a persons world view.  This blog can be seen as an "The Only Little Boy In New York" delusional manifesto illustrative of wild imaginings or lack of coping abilities.  Some of that is true just like the 
1960's were a shock for my father.  Except that none of what I see can be explained by 
the usual default settings. 

My imagination isn't up to the task of projecting or imagining what I see in the streets 
of NYC every single day.  

Crowds, loud music, differences and disruptions that are part of or exceed the average persons
day to day experience are no big deal for me.  What I am describing is "unpossible" except
that nothing written about here can be considered proof.  Except by me, a left behinder
who still can't believe his lying eyes.  Per the song, my invite either has or hasn't arrived...
to a party where no one's alive...

....NYC in a time warp looking more and more like the NYC of 1984 without the crime.
The city has become a dead zone, an overcrowded graveyard reflective of things that are part
of and apart from global events.  Disrupted people not accounted for by official or unofficial
U-6 unemployment, the homeless, addicted or displaced migrants but includes all of those.
As of post election 2016 things are improving slightly.  As if the election of "The Don", a
reality show host and real estate mafioso, has somehow pacified some invisible beast.

Conservative appearance  now alternates with Zoolander posthuman wildlife.  (A tweet by
Ben Stiller who acted and wrote the movie Zoolander just crossed my screen.  Jussst coincidence.  Stiller rarely tweets)

The reality is mirrored on TV and movie entertainment (Gotham, Left Behind, Walking Dead,
Star Wars) but never openly acknowledged except on rigged sites using rhetoric and paranoid
images designed to be seen as the product of delusion and lunacy. These are disinformation not misinformation sites.  In my view these are not the mentally ill imitating each other.  Gang
stalking testimonials by people looking and talking just a little to scripted, never fumbling over thoughts or words.  Always claiming large numbers like themselves being mind control, stalked, "electronically harassed" 24/7 by U.S. government intelligence or police networks.  How convenient.

Aside from TV and movies any other existential anguish is to be confined to fiction or
paintings like "Der Schrei der Natur" a/k/a "The Scream of Nature" by Edvard Munch.
IMO, the painting resonates with circumstances surrounding a certain Judge named
Daniel Paul Schreber (Schrei) who had his famous Freudian second psychotic "nervous
episode" in 1893 the same year as one of the Munch paintings.  With the "other", the alien,
or Munch's unfortunate sister supposedly with tinnitus in the foreground who was confined to
an asylum depicted in the background below the bridge.

A screaming comes across the sky.  It has happened before, but there is nothing 
to compare it to now."  Famous timeless opening lines to Thomas Pynchon's 
1973 novel Gravity's Rainbow regarding WWII German V-2 rockets over London.  
It happened before and after when screaming 747 airliners used as missiles 
were heard over New York City.  The destruction was seen by me at a distance 
from Brooklyn and also on TV. 

2003 - 2005, I heard an electronically altered air raid siren combined with a human 
scream sound effect.  Sounding like the old duck-and-cover sirens of the 1950's 
with a scream from hell attached.  Or like WWII imminent V-2 attack sirens heard 
over England along with the V-2 missiles themselves breaking the sound barrier.  
And then it stopped.  And no, it wasn't a delayed post 911 auditory sonic shock.  
It was more than subjective.  (Yeah sure, it was significant.  "They" all say that)

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