Thursday, June 30, 2016


I introduce the repellant YT masterpiece of banality,
"Gang Stalkers Satan's Robots"

Who, what, when where and who cares why?  "Mike S" looks kinda sad,
maybe a little sleep deprived but most of all, just like my old boss, "Tim Derim",
with the title of TCA 2 working for N.Y.S. in Brooklyn before moving on to
Albany, NY well before 911.

Not to belabor the ridiculous, but why did "Mike" "Tim" make this video?
He starts off reasonably enough then at the 2:00 point he does a slow fade
in a downhill direction.  He isn't crazy, he's acting.

Here is why it matters to me:
I worked directly for Mike/ Tim for about two years.
He would deny ever knowing me.  He might say I was mistaken, 
confused, that he never worked for NYS or might even lie for the 
sake of convenience and say that I am one of "Them" "Satan's Robots" 
stalking and out to get him.  If he did he would only be doing 
what he did for the years I worked with him and continues to do 
in these videos.  In terms that actors use, he and those like him 
never break and always stay in character, which is to say, keep lying
because lying is the truth, and the truth, according to him, is a lie. 

At 21:50 Mike talks about his new neighbor in "Pittsburg" back in the day
who mowed his lawn potbellied, dressed in cutoffs, with black socks and
shined dress shoes.  This neighbor is described with a straight face as a
"agent" who worked for "an agency" headed by Satan or Louie Cypher himself.

The lawnmower story is taken from the movie, "The Truman Show" where Jim Carrey
is seen doing just that.  Mowing the lawn in cut-offs and shined dress shoes sans pot belly.

Slight digression:
In the opening narrative of the movie, Tomorrowland, actor George Clooney 
can be seen with the same head movements and inflections as "Mike S."  The
similarities of delivery that obviously don't include facial looks is unmistakable.

The "wheat and chaff" analogy mentioned in this video plays a major uncredited
roll in the movie with repeated scenes of flowing wheat fields in the middle
of which is seen the futuristic city or "chaff" of Tomorrowland as a heavenly
interdimencional Silicon Valley of the future.  I would say rent the movie and
see the similarities in delivery between Clooney and our hero Mike/ Tim. But
since no one is out there I won't say that.  I'll probably buy the movie and see it again.

Further digression:
And didn't the movie Tomorrowland also coincide with the arrival of the U.S.
satellite New Horizons probe taking the first pictures of Pluto and its moons.
One of the darker characters of the movie is Governor Nix, ruler of Tomorrowland.
Nix or Nyx is also a moon of Pluto, god of shadow and darkness.  I wonder why
the city of tomorrow is shown to be deserted except for Nix and crew at the end of the movie?

Let me not guess.

Anyway, fast forward to 22:40 in Satan's Robots, GS and you will hear "Mike" talk 
very reasonably about reptilians or Satan and inter-dimensional beings, or angles
as if it's something ordinary folks like him talk about all the time.  Then he journeys 
to the Garden of Eden with the serpent, Adam, Eve.  No mention of "Steve" (Jobs?).

"Tim" was one of the few good guys when I worked with him 25 years before
this video was made.  That said, when we worked together he indirectly 
took part in the very things he complains about as do all the narrators in all 
these intentionally psychotic videos.  Mike or Tim and one other person on
YT who called himself "Ron Richter" worked with me for 20 years at the same place. 
"Ron" or "Dave" (of 2001, Space Odyssey Dave Bowman) or "Cecil" or "The Guardians"
whose act is in the whoopsiedoodle improv direction exactly opposite of low key Mike S.
One extreme to the other.

Is "Mike" trivializing something real with a serious straight face?  That's 
the whole idea of this and all so-called "gang stalking" mind control videos.  
Mike does something else.  He moves the usually hysterical context of most of
these videos down a few notches into droll passive aggressive reasonableness.

Mike/ Tim was and no doubt still is very sane, very smart, now grey 
haired and semi-bald on top.  Who can blame him for adding the darkened 
production values to mix with his darkened dyed hair and beard. 

It could be asked sarcastically, "are you the only one who can detect the, um
'secret meanings' in all these videos?"  "Do these videos speak to you in 
secret code that only a few of the chosen like you understand?"

I have been reduced to venturing into these YT Bullshit Mountain videos while 
coming up with things that are, in Fox Newspeak, "of genuine concern" for anyone
with a degree of curiosity.  Which leaves out quite a few.  Maybe everyone.

These videos are made to be repellant which should be why no one else that I've seen
notices the obvious points I'm making.  Normally it would be because the videos are too
insane to be watched.  But that's not the case at all.  Besides their obvious redundancy
people pretend these videos are made by and for people with delusion imitating each other
and communicating their shared view of the world with others like themselves.  The
repeated obviously fake themes acted out by actors faking paranoia is ignored and thus
does not exist except in the fever swamps of my imagination.  Around the turn of the
last century the filling up of the Internet with BS whether deliberately or by the uninformed
was something of a hot topic.  Now, not so much.  It's almost as if a switch was thrown
and everybody "unknows" or "disremembers" until an unspoken signal is again given and it
then becomes an acceptable topic again to wonder about the actual source of these videos
and the shear repetitive numbers that go beyond "gamergate" Internet bullies and into
something known as state sponsored troll networks or Russian troll farms.  In Israel they're
called hasbara brigades.  The Religious Right also make their willfully ignorant contributions.

After 22:40, Mike", "Tim" or whatever even looks like the spirit has 
taken over filling him with conviction (and many priors).

("Well, so what, why make so much about nothing?" 
And why am I asking myself that question?)

No one watches videos like Satan's Robots except the very young,
the gullible, the mentally ill, people looking for a kickass laugh, and
people like Tim Derim aka Mike S who make these crafty contrivances 
with the usual cast of mostly fake supporting You Tube comments.  
They are, unfortunately, the closest thing to proof that can be had of my contentions.

...that is truly a sad state of affairs come to think of it because nobody cares
either way but should they?  These videos are in plane sight for anyone to see.
Subject to seeing them for what they are, not what they claim to be.  But how
do Inknow that?

I never confronted "Mike" "Tim" who came across as a rare good guy
but I have confronted others who were doing essentially the same thing.
They get angry.  Ever confront a guy whose eyes go into REM motion 
while awake and talking to you?  Involuntarily darting back and forth.  
This was someone I met a few years ago who I knew briefly back in the 80's.  

His name then was "Curt" or "Kurt" who I knew as another so-called 
good guy in a group of about six.  I didn't recognize him right away 
because he had a reconstructed nose and facial discolorations that 
implied he might have been in a combat zone or accident. 

He tried to cover his peculiar eye movements by blinking hard. 
He might have had PTSD or was putting on a terrific act never 
letting on that he knew me.  "He did follow a script seen in similar 
confrontations: a series of denials, implied bigotry and, most 
importantly, a doubling down on whatever made up version of reality is 
under discussion.  IOW, 2 +2 = 5.  And if they're really good 2 + 2 = 22 

How am I going to segway from my ex-boss to fake Tea Party disrupters
and Rick Santomum?  Easy, lies, like rats, migrate.  Unless Tim or this "crazy"
lady or Rick decides to fess up to lying there will never be proof of any of
these statements which does smack of assuming motives without proof.
The left had their days of rage, sanity/ insanity in the 1960's - 80's
in direct reaction to the 1950's.  One extreme to the other.  Now we
travel to Republican territory and a probable Trump voter in the making:

The Southern patriot crying game I will safely assume is fake.  
She does manage to say that President Obama tried to nuk Charleston, 
SC and is leading the abortion culture of death. 

With a straight and lawyerly Jimmy Stewart face, ex-Senator Santorum 
adds to the insanity and calls President Obama "tyrant" following the 
prescribed script (and he better).  President Obama is called that for specific 
reasons having nothing to do with accuracy.   Non-existent readers 
are directed to The Tyrant Lie below the links.   


These are recycled versions of endless rumors passing for fact in the 
1950's when John Birch Society conservatives claimed government was 
building concentration camps in Alaska (coinciding with statehood)
for religious conservatives.  This grand tradition was recently recycled 
as FEMA camps, FEMA coffins and Obamacare "death panels" by someone 
who is currently the most popular Republican in the US, former Governor of
Alaska, Sarah Palin. (Replaced now by Donald Trump)

In the future this BS will resurface yet again in another form as the latest 
immanent threat that all right wing preachers and politicians must use to keep their 
constituents distracted.  If they don't, their supporters will get someone else to 
come up with an existential "they" or "them", Old Testament fury, or "fire this 
time" in our life time.  Just ask St. Sarah. (See the book, "The New Hate" which
was published too late to account for the convoluted love between the Israeli
and the US right wing.  The latter being the center of Henry Ford financed
anti-Semitism in the US up till the 1980s.  Now all is forgiven.  Netanyahu
is now called the unofficial majority leader of the Republican Party.


The word "tyrant" is repeated over and over in Republican circles so as to be
linked to the famously repeated Thomas Jefferson quote concerning "the tree of 
liberty" needing to be watered "by the blood of patriots and tyrants".  We don't 
have to guess who the martyred crying (Glenn Beck) blood shedding "patriots" 
are and who the bleeding "tyrant" is designated to be.  An ingenious indirect 
threat to President Obama who has for years been labeled "imperial tyrant"
and usurper of the Constitution.   While Fox "News" contributors Rudy Giuliani 
and Ralph Peters went on TV saying they admired the church-going manly 
leadership of Big Daddy Skinhead Putin, an actual socialist tyrant oil klepto. 
But a white Christian one.  Their kind of Christian. 

They, and Mr. Conservative, Pat Buchanan, do so for the following reasons: 
Vlad is now said to be a regular church goer and, as such, is seen to be a Christian 
and one of "Us" as opposed to that "Muslim" dark skinned imposter fella in the 
suit who insists on calling himself a Christian and also President.  IOW, Putin was 
seen as the more legitimate leader especially in the run up to the November 2014 
Congressional elections.  Republicans swept the election for a reason.  GOP voter 
suppression while Trump set about to humiliate his own leader via birtherism. 
Trump has since conceded that President Obama is indeed American.  What a relief?

As the Rev. Franklin Graham has s
aid, "Obama says he's a Christian, 
I take his word for it."  So generous is the son of Rev. Billy.  This from a 
second generation princeling representative of the richest, most powerful 
"non-state" propaganda machine in history, the Republican T- (Trump) Party.

"The entire populist conservative mindset is encapsulated:
The sense that everything has gone to shit...
but people stick with Democrats because they're takers...
while conservatives are makers...
and that if it continues much longer ... 
Violence!"... Markos of "Daily Kos"

Violence? Leading up to the Nov 2010 US Congressional elections conservatives
used gun sights over pics of Rep. Gabriel Giffords and others for having the audacity:
a) to be Democrats.
b) a Democrat running for reelection to Congress in Arizona against an ex-Marine.
c) for having the added "nerve" to vote yes on ACA, Obamacare, in Feb. 2010.
d) having a duel citizenship between the U.S. and Israel. 
(See the excellent book "A Safeway In Arizona" by Tom Zoellner) 

Over and above the tragic 2011 attempted assassination and loss of life we will
never know how many threats Rep. Giffords received after her vote on ACA
and before the Nov 2010 Congressional election which she won.
("Well hey, goes the response, that's politics for ya.  If ya can't stand the "heat"...)

The question of 'how many threats' Rep. Giffords received is a little too 
complicated and embarrassing for one political party for which we will 
never see an answer.  Gabrielle Giffords could not run again in 2012.  
A fellow Democrat who was injured the day she was shot ran won in her place.
Her seat is now Republican as of 2014. 

Her husband, Mark Kelly, is one half of a team of astronaut twins.
He is Earth-side while his brother has just been launched into
space for 350 days (now safely returned)  He should have taken the
woman in the video and Rick Santorum with him and jettison both into the void.
(In Fox Newspeak, am I being rather too "meanspirited" in wishing such a
terrible nasty thing?)

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