Thursday, June 30, 2016


I introduce the repellant YT masterpiece of banality, "Gang Stalkers Satan's Robots":
(One video among the thousands of RW "alternative" channels on You Tube)

Who, what, when where and who cares why?  "Mike S" looks kinda sad,
maybe a little sleep deprived but most of all, just like my old boss, "Tim Derim."
We worked together for N.Y.S. in Brooklyn before he moved on to Albany, NY in
the 90's well before 911.

* Mike/ Tim was and no doubt still is very sane, very smart, now grey haired 
and semi-bald on top.  Who can blame him for adding the darkened 
production values to mix with his darkened dyed hair and beard.   

I worked directly for Mike/ Tim for about two years.
He would deny ever knowing me.  He might say I was mistaken, 
confused, that he never worked for NYS or might even lie for the 
sake of convenience and say that I am one of "Them" "Satan's Robots" 
stalking and out to get him.  In terms actors use, he and those like him 
never break character, which is to say, they keep play-acting and lying. 

* "Mike" deliberately picks a title for the video suggesting either comedy or insanity.  
He seriously and ponderously goes back and forth between confusion and weirdness 
but in disarming reasonable tones once you get past the title.   A formula repeated 
again and again across the "alternative" fringe of You Tube covering thousands of 
channels particularly the gang stalking mind control categories.

Their are few who can stand to listen to the entire video to the end.  If you fast forward:

* to 18:00, Mike talks about his new nasty next door neighbor in "Pittsburg" back
in the day who mowed his lawn potbellied, dressed in cutoffs, with black socks and shined
dress shoes.  Said to be a robot of Louie Cypher, Satan himself.  The lawnmower man story
is lifted from the movie, "The Truman Show" where Jim Carrey is seen doing just that.
Mowing the lawn in cut-offs and shined dress shoes sans pot belly.

*@22:40, "Mike" does a slow fade into confusion.  Except he's not stupid or crazy, he's acting.
He regresses into Alex Jones David Icke reptilian territory, the Garden of Eden with Adam, 
Eve without mentioning serpent "Steve" by that name. 

* Mike moves the usually hysterical context of most of these videos down a few notches 
into droll passive aggressive banality.  

* It could be asked sarcastically, "are you the only one who can detect the, um,
'secret meanings' in all these videos?"  "Do these videos speak to you in secret 
code that only a few of the chosen like you understand?  Where's your proof?" 

Around the turn of the last century the filling up of the internet with BS was a hot topic.
Said to be the product lunacy or the misinformed IQ80.  Now, not so much.  It's almost
as if a switch was thrown and everybody "unknows" or "disremembers" and such things
aren't spoken about until an unspoken signal is again given and it again becomes
acceptable to wonder about the actual source and shear repetitive numbers and nature
of these videos.  In the latter part of 2016 and the election of Trump the signal was given
and now, very slowly, the media adjusts to an avalanche of accumulated disinformation.

Slight digression:
In the opening narrative of the movie, Tomorrowland, actor George Clooney 
can be seen with the same head movements and inflections "Mike" uses in this video.
The similarities of delivery apart from facial looks are unmistakable.

The "wheat and chaff" analogy mentioned in SR plays a major uncredited roll in
"Tomorrowland" with repeated scenes of flowing wheat fields in the middle of
which is seen the futuristic city or "chaff" of Tomorrowland as a heavenly inter-
dimensional Silicon Valley of the future.  I would say rent the movie and see the
similarities in delivery between Clooney and our hero Mike/ Tim.  But since no
one is "out there" I won't say that.

Further digression:
And didn't the movie Tomorrowland also coincide with the arrival of the American
New Horizons satellite probe taking the first pictures of Pluto and its moons.  One
of the darker characters of the movie is Governor Nix, ruler of Tomorrowland played
by English actor Hugh Laurie.  Nix or Nyx just happens to be a moon of Pluto, god
of shadow and darkness.  (Subject of the novel "The Nix" by Nathan Hill)

Let me not guess why the city of Tomorrowland is shown to be deserted at the end
of the movie except for Nix and crew?  ("Hey relax, it's only a SF movie") Is it
because all the occupants were holograms?  Or did the Tomorrowland Gernsback
population get reborn into this space time continuum, both solid and
holographic, both post-human and drone hybrid simulations?

Back to the topic at hand: "Tim" was one of the few good guys when I worked
with him 25 years before this video was made.  That said, when we worked together 
he indirectly took part in the very things he complains about as do all the narrators in 
all these intentionally psychotic videos.  Mike or Tim and one other person on
YT who called himself "Ron Richter" worked with me for 20 years at the same place. 

Going by the on-line names of "Dave" (of 2001, Space Odyssey Dave Bowman) or "Cecil"
or a "guardian" whose act is the improvisational whoopsiedoodle opposite of low key Mike.
One extreme to the other.  Seriously confused gravitas vs Ron Richter as Alex Jones Zoolander.
In all cases, including the persona named Alex Jones, these guys are lying and acting.
And there is never a time when they aren't acting.  It's apparently impossible for them to go
off script.  IOW, doublethinking duckspeaking post human.

I have been reduced to venturing into the swamps of Bullshit Bald Mountain mentioning 
things that are, in Fox Newspeak, "of genuine concern" for anyone with a degree of curiosity.
Which leaves out quite a few.  Maybe everyone.

These videos are made to be repellant which should be why no one else that I've seen
notices the obvious points I'm making.  Normally it would be because the videos are too
insane to be watched.  But that's not the case at all.  Besides their obvious redundancy
people pretend these videos are made by and for people with delusion imitating each other
and communicating their shared view of the world with others like themselves.  The
repeated obviously fake themes acted out by drone actors faking paranoia are ignored
and thus does not exist except in the fever swamps of my imagination.

It's obvious at least to me that this is way beyond "gamergate" 4-Chan Alt/ right politics.
Totally beyond paranoids imitating each other's lingo regarding state sponsored mind
control and surveillance.  These are disinformants not misinformants.  These are right wing
troll networks, Russian troll farms or Israeli hasbara brigades.  The Religious Right
also make their willfully ignorant contributions starring proud ex-con, Pastor Jim
Bakker and his endtimes prepper food bucket brigades.

After 22:40, Mike", "Tim" or whatever even looks like the spirit has taken over filling
him with conviction (and many priors).

Well, so what, why make so much about nothing?" 

No one watches videos like this except the very young, the gullible, the mentally ill,
people looking for a kickass laugh, and people like Tim Derim aka Mike S who make
these cleaver contrivances with the usual cast of equally fake supporting comments.  
They are, unfortunately, the closest thing to proof that can be had of my contentions.

...that is truly a sad state of affairs come to think of it because nobody cares
either way but should they?  These videos are in plain sight for anyone to see.
Subject to seeing them for what they are, not what they claim to be.  But how
do I know that?  Did I mention the words troll farm?

I never confronted "Mike" "Tim" but I have confronted others who were 
doing essentially the same thing.  They get angry.  Ever confront a guy 
whose eyes go into REM motion while talking to you?  Involuntarily darting 
back and forth.  This was someone I met a few years ago who I knew briefly 
back in the 80's.  

His name then was "Curt" or "Kurt" who I knew as another so-called 
good guy in a group of about six doublethink nightmares.  I didn't 
recognize him right away because he had a reconstructed nose and forehead 
discolorations that implied he might have been in a combat zone or accident. 

He tried to cover his peculiar eye movements by blinking hard. 
He might have had PTSD or was putting on a terrific act never 
letting on that he knew me.  "He did follow a script seen in similar 
confrontations: a series of denials, implied bigotry and, most importantly, 
a doubling down on whatever made up version of reality is under discussion.  
IOW, 2 +2 = 5.  And if they're really good 2 + 2 = 22 

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