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Lawyers Guns and Money, "Went home with the waitress, just like I always do,
and how was I to know she was with the "Russians" too, Ha!"  The late Warren
Zevon on David Letterman: (No, not likely the actual Russians, the other "Russians")

"..the America which see homosexuals as a conspiracy; feminists as a conspiracy; perhaps 
even women as a conspiracy. It is time that we reminded ourselves, and said aloud and 
more often, that it is from these people that nastiness comes. It is time that we pointed 
out to the neo-conservatives that democracy has never been subverted from the left but 
always from the right,” – Henry Fairlie, 1980.

The Republic is somehow still here despite immanent fear and doom by Pastor Joyner 
who is probably now with Pastor Hagee putting off end-times Rapture dates.  Again:
"There’s no way our Republic can last much longer. It may not last through Obama’s 
second term.  There are a lot of people who feel that it can’t.  That there are forces right 
now that are seeking to undermine and to destroy the Republic.  There’s almost a glib 
and almost a joyful disregard of the Constitution and belittling of the Constitution. 
We can’t make it without that.  It’s our foundation, our moorings.  We’re headed for 
serious tyranny…Rick Joyner, Dominionist Pastor 

Seemingly channeling the Charles Stross co-written on-line Sci/ fi satire 
"Rapture of The Nerds" where a transexual Judge (Schreber) named 
Giuliani makes his stranger than science fictional debut.  Apart from fiction, 
Giuliani, while NYC mayor, once dressed like his transexual hero, Judge 
Daniel Schreber whose fake breasts were nuzzled by one Donald J. Trump.  
Will Giuliani replace Scalia or will it be Sen. Cruz?  The religious right, 
Rev. Franklin Graham and Jimmy Bakker await with jaws clenched tight.  
Again.  Alelu-ya!

In Stross' "Rule 34" a "schizophrenic" named Christie made his SF debut.  
The character was actually controlled by a rogue AI which made him, Christie
hallucinate with voices in his head operated from an overhead direction.
Since Christie was a prosecutor Stross seems to do CYA by also linking the name 
with an actual British serial killer of the 1950's.  The fact that both politicians 
were named in separate novels ten years ago may or may not be construed as 
coincidence.  The fact that both played oversized roles in electing a Potemkin 
"President" Trump in 2017 is duly noted.

IMO, the enfolding "group think" of populist conservatism seems to lurk in vats of 
preservatives suspended in time.  They don't forget and pretend to live in a present 
where the Civil War was last year, the Scopes Trial last month and Jim Crow laws yesterday.  Marxistsenemies du jour and immanent ISIS threats real and imagined are everywhere.
What do they believe and what are they lying about?  Is there a difference?  Power is
the difference.

Maybe Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, will put them in their place.  Maybe not:
"If the Christian is a restorationist, a legalist, if he wants everything clear and safe, 
then he will find nothing.  Tradition and memory of the past must help us to have 
the courage to open up new areas to God.  Those who today always look for 
disciplinarian solutions, those who long for an exaggerated doctrinal ‘security,’ 
those who stubbornly try to recover a past that no longer exists, they have a static 
and inward directed view of things.  In this way, faith becomes an ideology among 
other ideologies."....Pope Francis, Casa Marta Carta, one floor up in Room 201

Trump, Avigdor Lieberman, Pastor Hagee and Vlad Putin:
A present day enfolding protective group expresses itself, 
however much it might be denied or projected onto the 
opposition, in the authoritarian top-down, highly 
regimented orthodox GOP which feels entitled to attack 
opponents as fascist or imperial tyrants but who themselves 
purge their elected moderates from office always wrapping 
themselves and their message in God and flag. 

Like their Muslim fundamentalist counterparts many 
favor theocratic unity of  Church and State.  Political 
partisanship from the pulpit goes without threat to 
tax exemptions.  Corporations are given the same rights 
as individuals.  While there are opposing GOP extremes 
like hegemonic Neocons and the Rand Paul "libertarianish" 
gold standard fiat money crowd, try breaking ranks with the 
RNC on a major vote or any vote once you have accepted 
their money as historian and columnist, Bruce Bartlett 
found out when he committed truth and lost his job at AEI.
Norm Ornstein still keeps his job at AEI due to seniority
and maybe he can be pointed to or at as an example of
what a gosh darned big tent the RAY-publican Party is.

Generally, inequality is a NORMAL result in a capitalist society.  
Extreme inequality produces extreme financial speculation, 
extreme lobbying for government protection and influence by 
corporations and religions who are becoming hard to distinguish.

John "Blood Moon" Hagee:
The Pastor has finally transcended himself and
End Time rapture dates previously embraced by him
and his followers.  Replaced now by periods of war and
strife after the recent "blood moon" events.
Netanyahu has appointed the USSR born Avigdor
Lieberman as Israeli Defense Minister.  Trump is
elected President.  Rapture Ready?  Here we come.

Max Blumenthal's video prequel to his devastating
book, "Goliath."  Peace treaty?  Like the 2016 peace
treaty with Iran being attacked from every direction
including Iranian hardliners.  Just listening to a right wing
local politician from Queens NYC Dov Hykind go after
Sen. Schumer over the treaty and you can imagine what the
Israeli Knesset is like.


"I am against all sex education for the children"
Says Russia’s child rights commissioner
(Pavel Astakhov) in a television interview. 
“It is unacceptable to allow things that could 
corrupt children.”  Despite one of the world’s 
fastest-growing HIV epidemics, Russia has 
no sex education in schools, owing to the 
influence of the Russian Orthodox church and 
conservative social forces.  Astakhov, a 
powerful official who reports directly to the 
president, Vladimir Skinhead Putin..."
Putin attends services on high holy days.
Putin out-Christians President Obama and
both attend services more than Bush 43 who rarely went.
Putin is a climate change denier.  Is there
another reason why Pat Buchanan (TAC) and Trump
all but saluted Putin in 2011?  Fox News
guest commentator's Rudy Giuliani and Ralph
Peters praised Putin for his "leadership" in the Ukraine
and his moral leadership against gays in 2014 leading up to
the Nov. 2014 Congressional elections?

In 2016 Giuliani joined the law firm that represents Trump.
What do they have in common with Putin besides Christianity?
What does Giuliani have in store for us?  Governor of N.Y.?
Head of the FBI?

There's oil and the sub-$50 price of same?  Disrupting oil economies
of Texas, Alaskan, Kansas, Oklahoman and Russia along with vacated
offshore oil drilling.  Fossil fuels account for half of Russia's revenues.
Oil funds a good deal of the Republican base.

When no one will lend you $ you partner with the Russians.
You borrow from Chinese and troubled banking giant Deutschebank
one of the few banks left that lent hundreds of millions to Trump.

Deutschebank announced in Sept. 2016 that the U.S.
was in recession just as the U.S. DOJ imposed a fine of billions.
TBTF Deutsche.  Deutsche stock took off after the election.
There are pipelines to be built in Russia, Texas has a new vast
oil field waiting.  Exxon's Sec. of State Rex Tillerson to the rescue.

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