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More extremely tall people of both sexes does not usually qualify for mention.  I'm six foot
and no longer considered short or tall.  In the middle as usual.  Each generation gets taller.
Much taller.

I briefly spoke to a woman at the Chelsea Market in NYC probably in her 70's, easily
over 6' 4" who looked to be related to another woman of average height I worked.
The older version was the only one I can remember in that age group and of that height
which means, of course, it happens and who cares?  Except that...

...extreme height is but one example of what happens when extremes of every kind 
are normalized across age groups, genders, races,  nations, geography, weather, US Presidents.  

And it will be said, "well, of course, extemely tall people stand out and are noticed and so what?"

I spoke about the large number of tall women to my sister.  First day of her 2015 arrival in NYC
we met in an Irish bar that used to be near 34th Street on 8th Ave.  A tall transvestite drew
fake whistles from the crowded bar.  On her last day in town a 6' 11" woman entered a
restaurant in a three piece male suit and tie.  I didn't think to take out my i-Pad for a picture.
The two non-events just happened to sandwich her visit.  6' 11" females are very rare.  6' 5"
females are not common but I see them in flats and sneakers everyday.

The "whatever you do don't stare" warning was given by Han Solo in two separate Star Wars
movies before entering the Star Wars Intergalactic Cantina.  This was the zeitgeist hinting of
what was to come, not to a galaxy far far away, but as normalized extremes of our everyday.

*Like the fictional Newt Scamander from the movie Fantastic Beasts, those I am trying to
describe seem to eat little, sleep little (machine shut-down), take on outrageous or sexually ambiguous appearance.  One extreme to another.  Contrived appearances, contrived gender ambiguity straight out of Room 101.
*The distressed jeans effect is like the beginning of Salman Rushdie's novel Midnight's
Children where a female wears a sheet with all the main areas covered but with holes
everywhere else.
* Street people with over-amped musculature or the opposite, drugged out sedated,
covered with tattoos (graffiti), just released from rehab with red or orange sneakers,
backwards ballcaps.
* Beards, man-buns growing in opposite directions, soggy bottomed on-the-down-low
* Sitting in one place too long  in public produces a slow motion visual waterboarding
effect as my visual field slowly degrades as more and more freaks and repellant
types (skins from a factory floor) go by followed in quick succession by their opposites,
Asian female eye-candy, repeat, wash, sim, spin, yin and yang having nothing to do with
subjective projection.  (The park where I'm sitting in the shadow of the Flatiron Bldg is the appropriately named Mad. Sq. Park just off 23rd Street home of the famous "23 Skadoo")

IOW, posthumans of all ages mimicking what everyone associates with teen rebellion.
In the building next door to mine is an "August Rush" skateboarder group home.  For years
they wore dyed black hair standing straight up with yellow dyed tips like Christmas tree lights.  Could have been 15, 25, 45 or 55 years old.  August Rush was probably the only bad movie
Robin Williams ever made.  The movie continues in real life with skateboarding at all hours
with different bleeding colors on potted plant heads always ready to act against type with big
smiles compensating for illuminated "artistic" looks.

* A contrived overly polite manner is used to counter any gross weirdness such as obscurant
hair braids, bleached white hair or or dyed blond hair and beards on brown skinned males.
*Behavioral opposite extremes: grappling or deliberate blindside bumping in stores or on empty sidewalks followed by apologies.  Like with someone who looks like the black actor from the
movie "They Live."
* Other times exactly opposite: holding doors and smiling excessively like Jim Carrey from
"The Truman Show" with his famous wave and smile "have a good day, and if I don't see ya,
have a good afternoon and good night."
* Passive aggressiveness on steroids and nobody notices.  No one left to notice.
* Summer of 2016 I saw the actor Benedict Cumberbatch with completely grey Shakespearian
hair walking his dog on 23rd Street.  No one else even pretended not to notice.  He was
prepping for Shakespeare at Brooklyn's BAM before his big Marvel Dr Strange superhero
movie came out.
* 2011- 2016, too many caucasian women speaking in overly polite little girl Valley Girl
"up-talk" in NYC while fishing in their pocketbooks for wallets and exact change.
* Conversely, for a couple of years too many guys took on a deliberately fake vocal fry,
mission control exaggerated laughable macho speech pattern.  Followed by effeminacy
over and above any Google IT, gay or nerd stereotypes.

How can that be possible?  It's not.  It's the opposite of possible.

A seemingly rehearsed nonstop standup comedy act seen for a few months and replaced by
something else going from dumb to dumber.  The return of Judge Schreber's Improvisational
People?  All the same entity with different faces and genders?  Signaling what?  A sim reality?
That the end isn't just near, it already happened.  And continues to happen, Apocalypse Right Now!

Any description of extreme opposites like these can easily be dismissed as sour grapes
reflecting or projecting delusional states or bipolar opposite moods resulting in a carnival
Truman freak show delusion of my own making.  It is a freak show that much is true.

*Women that I went with in the early 2000's (mentioned elsewhere) once made a point
of licking pasta sauce off a plate in a restaurant.
* Another would put a bare hand into a restaurant buffet.
* Another one wore big cleverge in twenty degree weather and the opposite in 80+ degree weather.

The unstated multiple messages by the above:
Beyond disruptive, addicted, crazy, average or normal.  Sex?  Take it or leave it.  (Or fake it)
Once started don't try to stop it.  AND you will have to stop it.  Don't get attached.
You will become attached.  When convenient: deny who they are, deny who you are,
forget how to count, forget what year it is.  In the next instant out think and out talk anyone.

Symptoms of speed diet pill addiction or extreme menstral cycles don't begin to explain it.
None were working for any deep dark government agency getting paid in bitcoins
or any other physical currency.  None of it was the result of anger, bipolar mood change,
hot flashes, menopause, eccentricity, playing jokes, self hate, psychopathy, deficits of intelligence
or my imagination.  None of the DSM or psych-boilerplate cliches apply.  Were they trying
to get rid of me?  Of course.  Keeping me hooked?  Of course.  Either deliberately toxic and
nasty or "Yes sir, you're the boss, anything you say" extreme passivity.

Reflective of other things:
* A kind of routine hyperactivity. As a guess, not being in constant motion and busy invites
some kind of automatic direct or indirect negative feedback.
* The more you directly engage or question the more they must compulsively lie.
* Benito Mussolini tough guys one instant, swallowing air the next.
* Big on fighting.  In each relationship the female picks either physical or knife fights.
* Loud nearby conversations either in gibberish English duckspeak or exaggerated foreign
tongues sounding like language software modules in fast forward.
* A synchronized smart mobbing plays out in public before disbelieving eyes.
* All lines in store's are especially favorited for manipulation with ppl hanging off the line.
* For a time lots of "Dios De Los Muertos" skull tattoos and imagery on shirts and hats.
* Women's loud exaggerated greetings in OMG!  OH!  MY!  GOD! More often than too often.
* Gay and straight couples doing porno public kissing routines past the point of comedy or parody.
* Occasionally in public there's a palpable depressing "dead air" effect.  Like air sucked out of a room or out of the inner ear during a medical ear exam.  (Maxwell Smart "Cone of Silence") With certain females the opposite occurred.  A sharp zero point focus in the brain.
* Spastic male model runway penguin walk with hands in jean pockets attempting outdated
James Dean hustler style or addicted street people (Scarecrow) dreadlocked, tattooed, homeless, begging, K-2, heroin and fentanyl users stretched out on streets, in subways in and outside NYC.

* Grossly over developed over-amped fake military types (Tin Men) with arms and chests
enlarged like turkeys with bent arms swinging robot style in front instead of at their sides.

* As of mid-year 2016 there's more of a cut and buff conservative look with tapered
dress shirts, skinny dress pants, boat like dress shoes.

**Reasonable people would say this is no big deal in itself and I would agree.  If it didn't
happen just a little too often.  ("Reasonable" in this case might be defined as reading scripted
cliched lines as if from a teleprompter from behind lying eyes)

The above is the grinding boot heel.  Visual and psychological waterboarding both in variety
and monotony.  Quite a metaphysical feat of choreography.

If and when it stops it'll all seem like a bad dream.  Or events will just change in their variety.
Under no circumstances it seems can I be allowed to experience the people in this world
normally especially when committing the sin of "freeloading."  IOW, not working after retirement.  THAT must never stand.

Nothing I see is as it should be but, at the same time, nothing looks flagrantly out of sync to non-existent observers.  All can be seen as classic ______(fill in the symptomatic blanks) or just
crotchety dementia, Alzheimer's, "evident lack of insight", the usual DSM language of
convenience sounding more comical and weirder than what is being described.

I don't have any particular need for complete normalcy or want people to look like me,
or like Tru-man Burbank and certainly not like Donald Tru-mp (Lying King), he of
spray-can (don't you dare laugh at my) hair and face-on-fire complexion.

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