Friday, June 10, 2016


And now, the former US Attorney General, John Ashcroft, defeated by
a dead man and that man's wife for his 2001 Missouri U. S. Senate seat
and subsequently elevated to the AG spot under Bush 43.  We honor
him and the song he wrote in demonically backward mode.
Take it away Johnny A:

"What I need from you is to know what you can do, you and your fellow non-communist
colleagues in the lower House, what you can do to stop these communist tyrannical executive
orders laid down by this foreign-born, America-hating communist despot?” an Alabama tea-party supporter regarding President Obama.

The only media lower than Alex Jones is the "Globe" and "National Enquirer" who
regularly make up headlines about affairs by President Obama with staffers or with
white blonde ex-girl friend prostitutes. This tripe showed up on their front pages when the
GOP were prepping their voters for Nov. 2010 and 2014 Congressional elections
looking for majorities in both houses of Congress in 2014.  Mission Accomplished.

"But no one reads crap like that." Wrong!  Those papers make millions and those
headlines are seen by many thousands at checkout counters across the world
finding their way into the conscious or unconsciously receptive brains of many
secular and religious conservatives who lie to themselves concerning politics
and believe the unbelievable because it's convenient.

It happens everywhere but in countries like China and Russia it is total and complete.
A Chinese government official on the proliferation of government slogans and 
propaganda on the walls of buildings in China:
"Of course it's stupid!"  "But who cares?"  "We can stick that stupid stuff on all those walls.
"Can you?"...The New Face Of Chinese Propaganda", NY Times, Murong Xuecun

Let that quote read, "Of coarse it's stupid."  "But who cares?"  "We can stick that 
deliberately stupid stuff on thousands of You Tube channels.  Can you?"

And now another post human pretend moron complaining about DEW Mars attack (ack ack ack)
for your viewing dysplasia:


According to his YT channel this is Mike Matloff who may or
may not also be a musician from Brooklyn named Jon Madoff
(spelled incorrectly) with neither apparently spoofing the infamous
Ponzi schemer Mike Madoff who made-off...(you know the rest)

Jon and his band can be seen elsewhere on YT looking almost like a
different person playing ska jazz guitar.

Is the last video a sneezing fit with sound filtered out and deliberate
low background laughter left in?  This is one of thousands of fake
targeted individual's known as "TI's"  "Mike" is pretending seriousnes
and IMO, faking delusion about being hit by good old (Mountain) DEW
or Directed Energy Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Can I prove he's pretending?  No.  Can I prove he isn't insane or
doing a You Tube joke?  No.  So why even waste time on it?
Because his channel is just one of thousands using a similar formula.
The only difference being I obviously can't say the above videos are "scripted".

"Mike's YT description says, "I am being shot in the nose with bursts 
of directed energy" or DEW (cocaine) delivered, according to him, by the "Mafia."

Go for it Mike, take some foil from your tinfoil hat and cook up some crack;( 

Comically confused appearances are used here and elsewhere a prop.

"Mike's" other videos all but tell you:
"My demented look and talk is deliberate.  I'm not an actor, I'm not crazy but I try
like hell to make you think I am.  Crazy that is.  Just doing my small part along
with thousands of other fake inmates across YT doing the same dumb act."
"We do it because we can.  Can you?"  "And don't ask me who "we" are.
It makes me so angry I could sneeze."

Directed Energy Weapons are real, but these videos by our fake hero aren't. 
Giving you, my nonexistent reader, an idea as to the motivation behind this
and thousands of similar videos across You Tube.

If he is a frat house nutter from another or works for "The Onion" then the 
jokes on me.  This play-actor also simulates the stressed-out look of induced
sleep deprivation very well.  Nominate this inmate in residence for best actor
in the pseudo "Paranoid Style."  One flew east, one flew west...

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