Saturday, May 28, 2016


The Glenn Beck effect is timeless.  Millions pretend to believe everything he
says even after he admits to being an off the wall "rodeo clown."  In that exact moment
he will immediately double-down into another hypnotizing con-vincing con-
artist diatribe calling Obama a radical socialist or breaking out in crocodile tears, crying
for the state of his country under "tyrant" Obama.  Steve Jobs, a voice of no nonsense
took all Apple advertising off Fox "News" after hearing Beck seriously call Obama
a racist against all whiteness and Christianity.

Beck, Roger Ailes' highest rated TV host at the time and Mormon convert,
has, as his main sponsor, Goldline, a seller of gold and gold coins
(or Mormon "dream mines").  Goldline was investigated and forced to
"refund" (not fined of course) millions of dollars to its customers.

Beck, at one point had a spray painted yellow halo on top of his otherwise grey crewcut.
Because of his clean living Mormonism this comical hint of a sprayed on halo and gold
coin was supposed to be an indication of his Latter Day Sainthood and living gold coin
advert for his sponsor.  The only one who had the nerve to call him on it was Anderson
Cooper as a guest after he, Cooper, was asked by Beck how much his salary was at CNN.

Is this what passes for conservative "Christian" Merkin manhood?
Glenn Beck is rich and living in Texas these days making his Alamo
last stand against the invading Obama Muslim Jade Helm hordes at
the gates of freedom.  If not Glenn Beck, who?  Who among us will stand with him?
Not I.

All of it...
nothing but an act mixed in with ADHD compulsive lying.  Conservative ideologies
are naturally conducive to lying above the low political bar set by the very same
right wingers last election cycle.

Beck, after all this time and all the real and imagined ailments suffered publicly, is
only in his 50's.  His competition, Alex Jones is only in his early 40's having made it
that far no doubt because of his recent born again Christianity and his advertised vitamins.
*Hey'll, that there Nano Silver can't hurt none, right?* You can take the conman out of
Texas, but you can't take the con out of the man.  Both Beck and Jones are likely
relatively sane.  Their job is to manufacture doubt about opposition news and reality
itself with enough money to supply their own versions of reality when convenient.

Enough said about something that, like Seinfeld, is only seemingly about nothing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Some TSD Effects:
  1. Extreme mental paralysis and at the same time the ability to concentrate on difficult reading for long periods despite sleeplessness. Inability to plan or anticipate. 
  2. On and off tinnitus (Tintin?) hissing in the ears.
  3. Accumulated anger at what is happening is not felt, emotions are dulled and numbed out.
  4. Anxiety, weakness, extreme exhaustion after any exercise or aerobics for even 1/4 mile.
  5. Initially, distorted electronic scream effects are heard on and off.  These resemble but turn out not to be auditory hallucinations and like everything else are temporary. 
  6. Reduced sleep lowers immunity leading to over-reactions to food, drink, extreme indigestion.
  7. Urine becomes colorless for some reason during prolonged sleeplessness.
  8. Overreactions to news and movies.
  9. Learned helplessness, overwhelmed nervous system from lack of sleep, an induced nausea, skin heating just above the head, racing heart, extreme on and off chest pains diagnosed as "anxiety".
  10. Heart exams in the middle 1990's would go like this: via stethoscope a family doctor refuses to corroborate felt skipped irregular heartbeats until finally acknowledging same after 1- 2 minutes of going over the same small chest area again and again.  Nothing was done, no medication.  Tried fixing me up with receptionist but I was too unnerved to even notice. 

TSD short of a year:

  1. The first thing affected is digestion.  Digesting any food and drink makes working a job impossible leading to forced retirement.  All the above 1 - 10. Chemical smell in home space. 
  2. Arthritis-like pain in the legs and shoulders, stiffness at the base of the skull and upper back, leg cramps, leg muscle twitching, significant anxiety, loss of sexual function.  All temporary. 
  3. Numbness in left fingers, peripheral areas of biceps, outside thighs, upper back, neck.  Brief intense pains in the heart area. Stim streaming effects are constantly felt in adrenals, kidney's. 
  4. Peripheral vision is affected with orbiting light effects while in darkness.  Cleared up w/ sleep.
  5. All strong emotions (sex, anger, hopelessness) are "adjusted" and neutralized to keep the person controlled and and looking "normal" for another day, month, year, decade.
  6. Floaters in the eyes become very noticeable during sleeplessness for weeks and months.  Blood pressure, resting heart rate is and has always been very low to normal, all other vitals test ok.  Medical complaints of extemely painful back immobility are said to be self induced because all tests are normal.  
  7. Self-centered extremes are countered by constant deliberate challenges to cultural norms or visual waterboarding "incidents" in public. 
  8. All threatening verbiage is heard as coming from an overhead direction whether in or outdoors   apparently observing the laws of physics. When indoors and covering ears the sound lowers considerably.  Of course *I "imagine" the sounds and "imagine" the lowered volume*  Hah! 
  9. Temporary Parkinson's like symptoms, inability to write or form letters in signing own name.  
  10. There is no objective proof of anything occurring out of the ordinary.  A diary I had was "lost". The effects of the above are a kind of mental trauma, induced helplessness and depression still felt ten years later. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016


"I found out something I never knew. I found out that my world was not the real world"....
The late US Attorney General and NY Senator, Robert F. Kennedy, original, very sane
conspiracy theorist, RFK always thought it would be him instead of his brother.  It was both.

"They said she would pursue me for the rest of my life."...Tom Watson, British MP, in his on-
going efforts to reverse the pursuit against him by Rupert Murdoch's former News Corp
executive, Rebecca Brooks. "Our Miss Brooks" recently beat a jail term.  Too bad.  Cell
phone hacking by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., NSA or Dick Cheney is truly small
time as is the NSA's PRISM program which was restarted in 2007 by the same Cheney
Bush regime.

Comment: Concerning the Maddness of Martha Mitchell, by Vaughan Bell:
Roko's Basilisk is a thought experiment about the potential risks involved in developing artificial intelligence
The experiment's premise is that an all-powerful artificial intelligence from the future could retroactively 
punish those who did not help bring about its existence, including those who merely knew about the possible 
development of such a being. It resembles a futurist version of Pascal's wager, in that it suggests people should 
weigh possible punishment versus reward and as a result accept particular singularitarian ideas or financially 
support their development. It is named after the member of the rationalist community LessWrong who first 
publicly described it, though he did not originate it or the underlying ideas.

Self-learning AI, DR. Vaughan Bell's blog, Mindhacks:
From the link: "Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning" and describes an
AI system which without any prior training, learned to play a series of Atari 2600
games to the point of out-performing humans. It is not yet an "I."  "AI that worked out its 
environment, its actions, and what it needs to do to 'survive', without any prior information."  

My guess at what I have been experiencing might come from a semi-sentient metaphysical programmable golem-like AI the sum of whose peripheral parts equal the whole.   IOW,
what is always associated with an active "witness" entity always said to be latent and silent
in most people.  Said to be but isn't.  Mine became active at 55.  I was a left behind slow learner.
On two occasions I saw how my own mind and dreams could be programmed.  
One of those times words streamed into my brain as audible hypnotic whispers from
what seemed like remote digital software.  I "saw" color visuals with each column 
reacting up and down to each spoken word.  These seemed like projected images not a 
dream or a visual hallucination.  It seemed to be a demonstration of how my nervous system 
can be made to react to future linear commands with or w/o extended sleep manipulation.
Programs to possibly direct not only dreaming, but to "nudge", and manipulate future
waking moods, actions and behavior.  Of course this can be seen as just another vivid dream
of whispered words commonly referred to as revelations from God, Jesus, demons, spirits
relatives, aliens or something that people read and repeat from books by Oliver Sacks.

In one other rare scenario, thousands of speeded-up words were heard streaming in mid-air
in a decending acoustic vortex pattern toward my head.  Can the brain make sense of messages containing thousands of words streaming too rapidly to decipher and yet act upon them in
some near future like an uploaded computer program?

Working Out The Bugs - describing the fictional red dotted all-seeing eye.
The once and future HAL 9000 AI from Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey.
Q. "There seems to be a serious problem Dave."
A. Really Hal?  Is the problem you? Your programming?  Both? 

The machine-like simple minded staccato baby talk described
earlier and still heard nightly goes like this, "This-is-how, 
this is how, this is how, we are...going to-be do-ing this"
with machine like emphasis on all the wrong words 
and syllables.  "It" or something else can then switch to 
human-like cadences.

After many more than 2001 repetitions it sounds like,
"this is HAL, this is HAL, we are go-ing to be do-ing this".  
"This" got much more aggressive after Sept. 11th, 2001
especially in the latter part of 2002 when I moved into a
certain cheap Manhattan coop and was dumped by the girl
I worked with.

A machine-like auditory HAL-lucination??

The simple machine-like verbiage I hear has no resemblance to the
slightly British accented voice doing HAL in the movie who spoke
in normal human tones.  I live and function in two different worlds, or Pynchon's Bleeding Edge but mine aren't the result of fantasy or imagination. (Famous split personality last words)

Via Andrew Sullivan:
Ross Andersen worries about artificial intelligence gaining power over us: It is tempting to think that programming empathy into an AI would be easy, but designing a friendly machine is more difficult than it looks.  You could give it a benevolent goal — something cuddly and utilitarian, like maximising human happiness.  But an AI might think that human happiness is a biochemical phenomenon. It might think that flooding your 
bloodstream with non-lethal doses of heroin is the best way to maximise your happiness.  It might also predict that shortsighted humans will fail to see the wisdom of its interventions.  It might plan out a sequence of cunning chess moves to insulate itself
from resistance.  Maybe it would surround itself with impenetrable defenses, or maybe it would confine humans —
in prisons of undreamt of efficiency.

"In prisons of undreamt efficiency?"  Not quite undreamt, but very efficient in the result if not in the means. 
Wiki entry on Integral Psychology:

"The Subtle physical is Sri Aurobindo's term for a subtler aspect of the
physical nature. This has many qualities not found in the gross physical nature...."

"The term "subtle physical" to distinguish from gross (sthula) or outer material physical. 
There is a subtle physical also with a subtler consciousness in it which can, for instance,
go to a distance from the body and yet feel and be aware of things in a not merely
mental or vital way. The subtle physical has a freedom, plasticity, intensity, power, colour, 
wide and manifold play (there are thousands of things there that are not here) of which,
as yet, we have no possibility on earth."  (Not yet?)

Combine the above two speculative concepts, a metaphysical AI gestalt connecting all
but one or a few of Earth's population.  Suggesting an Everett many worlds just-in-time
very advanced simulation.  Remind me again why no one will be reading this blog?