Thursday, June 30, 2016


I introduce the repellant YT masterpiece of banality, "Gang Stalkers Satan's Robots":
(One video among the thousands of RW "alternative" channels on You Tube)

Who, what, when where and who cares why?  "Mike S" looks kinda sad,
maybe a little sleep deprived but most of all, just like my old boss, "Tim Derim."
We worked together for N.Y.S. in Brooklyn before he moved on to Albany, NY in
the 90's well before 911.

* Mike/ Tim was and no doubt still is very sane, very smart, now grey haired 
and semi-bald on top.  Who can blame him for adding the darkened 
production values to mix with his darkened dyed hair and beard.   

I worked directly for Mike/ Tim for about two years.
He would deny ever knowing me.  He might say I was mistaken, 
confused, that he never worked for NYS or might even lie for the 
sake of convenience and say that I am one of "Them" "Satan's Robots" 
stalking and out to get him.  In terms actors use, he and those like him 
never break character, which is to say, they keep play-acting and lying. 

* "Mike" deliberately picks a title for the video suggesting either comedy or insanity.  
He seriously and ponderously goes back and forth between confusion and weirdness 
but in disarming reasonable tones once you get past the title.   A formula repeated 
again and again across the "alternative" fringe of You Tube covering thousands of 
channels particularly the gang stalking mind control categories.

Their are few who can stand to listen to the entire video to the end.  If you fast forward:

* to 18:00, Mike talks about his new nasty next door neighbor in "Pittsburg" back
in the day who mowed his lawn potbellied, dressed in cutoffs, with black socks and shined
dress shoes.  Said to be a robot of Louie Cypher, Satan himself.  The lawnmower man story
is lifted from the movie, "The Truman Show" where Jim Carrey is seen doing just that.
Mowing the lawn in cut-offs and shined dress shoes sans pot belly.

*@22:40, "Mike" does a slow fade into confusion.  Except he's not stupid or crazy, he's acting.
He regresses into Alex Jones David Icke reptilian territory, the Garden of Eden with Adam, 
Eve without mentioning serpent "Steve" by that name. 

* Mike moves the usually hysterical context of most of these videos down a few notches 
into droll passive aggressive banality.  

* It could be asked sarcastically, "are you the only one who can detect the, um,
'secret meanings' in all these videos?"  "Do these videos speak to you in secret 
code that only a few of the chosen like you understand?  Where's your proof?" 

Around the turn of the last century the filling up of the internet with BS was a hot topic.
Said to be the product lunacy or the misinformed IQ80.  Now, not so much.  It's almost
as if a switch was thrown and everybody "unknows" or "disremembers" and such things
aren't spoken about until an unspoken signal is again given and it again becomes
acceptable to wonder about the actual source and shear repetitive numbers and nature
of these videos.  In the latter part of 2016 and the election of Trump the signal was given
and now, very slowly, the media adjusts to an avalanche of accumulated disinformation.

Slight digression:
In the opening narrative of the movie, Tomorrowland, actor George Clooney 
can be seen with the same head movements and inflections "Mike" uses in this video.
The similarities of delivery apart from facial looks are unmistakable.

The "wheat and chaff" analogy mentioned in SR plays a major uncredited roll in
"Tomorrowland" with repeated scenes of flowing wheat fields in the middle of
which is seen the futuristic city or "chaff" of Tomorrowland as a heavenly inter-
dimensional Silicon Valley of the future.  I would say rent the movie and see the
similarities in delivery between Clooney and our hero Mike/ Tim.  But since no
one is "out there" I won't say that.

Further digression:
And didn't the movie Tomorrowland also coincide with the arrival of the American
New Horizons satellite probe taking the first pictures of Pluto and its moons.  One
of the darker characters of the movie is Governor Nix, ruler of Tomorrowland played
by English actor Hugh Laurie.  Nix or Nyx just happens to be a moon of Pluto, god
of shadow and darkness.  (Subject of the novel "The Nix" by Nathan Hill)

Let me not guess why the city of Tomorrowland is shown to be deserted at the end
of the movie except for Nix and crew?  ("Hey relax, it's only a SF movie") Is it
because all the occupants were holograms?  Or did the Tomorrowland Gernsback
population get reborn into this space time continuum, both solid and
holographic, both post-human and drone hybrid simulations?

Back to the topic at hand: "Tim" was one of the few good guys when I worked
with him 25 years before this video was made.  That said, when we worked together 
he indirectly took part in the very things he complains about as do all the narrators in 
all these intentionally psychotic videos.  Mike or Tim and one other person on
YT who called himself "Ron Richter" worked with me for 20 years at the same place. 

Going by the on-line names of "Dave" (of 2001, Space Odyssey Dave Bowman) or "Cecil"
or a "guardian" whose act is the improvisational whoopsiedoodle opposite of low key Mike.
One extreme to the other.  Seriously confused gravitas vs Ron Richter as Alex Jones Zoolander.
In all cases, including the persona named Alex Jones, these guys are lying and acting.
And there is never a time when they aren't acting.  It's apparently impossible for them to go
off script.  IOW, doublethinking duckspeaking post human.

I have been reduced to venturing into the swamps of Bullshit Bald Mountain mentioning 
things that are, in Fox Newspeak, "of genuine concern" for anyone with a degree of curiosity.
Which leaves out quite a few.  Maybe everyone.

These videos are made to be repellant which should be why no one else that I've seen
notices the obvious points I'm making.  Normally it would be because the videos are too
insane to be watched.  But that's not the case at all.  Besides their obvious redundancy
people pretend these videos are made by and for people with delusion imitating each other
and communicating their shared view of the world with others like themselves.  The
repeated obviously fake themes acted out by drone actors faking paranoia are ignored
and thus does not exist except in the fever swamps of my imagination.

It's obvious at least to me that this is way beyond "gamergate" 4-Chan Alt/ right politics.
Totally beyond paranoids imitating each other's lingo regarding state sponsored mind
control and surveillance.  These are disinformants not misinformants.  These are right wing
troll networks, Russian troll farms or Israeli hasbara brigades.  The Religious Right
also make their willfully ignorant contributions starring proud ex-con, Pastor Jim
Bakker and his endtimes prepper food bucket brigades.

After 22:40, Mike", "Tim" or whatever even looks like the spirit has taken over filling
him with conviction (and many priors).

Well, so what, why make so much about nothing?" 

No one watches videos like this except the very young, the gullible, the mentally ill,
people looking for a kickass laugh, and people like Tim Derim aka Mike S who make
these cleaver contrivances with the usual cast of equally fake supporting comments.  
They are, unfortunately, the closest thing to proof that can be had of my contentions.

...that is truly a sad state of affairs come to think of it because nobody cares
either way but should they?  These videos are in plain sight for anyone to see.
Subject to seeing them for what they are, not what they claim to be.  But how
do I know that?  Did I mention the words troll farm?

I never confronted "Mike" "Tim" but I have confronted others who were 
doing essentially the same thing.  They get angry.  Ever confront a guy 
whose eyes go into REM motion while talking to you?  Involuntarily darting 
back and forth.  This was someone I met a few years ago who I knew briefly 
back in the 80's.  

His name then was "Curt" or "Kurt" who I knew as another so-called 
good guy in a group of about six doublethink nightmares.  I didn't 
recognize him right away because he had a reconstructed nose and forehead 
discolorations that implied he might have been in a combat zone or accident. 

He tried to cover his peculiar eye movements by blinking hard. 
He might have had PTSD or was putting on a terrific act never 
letting on that he knew me.  "He did follow a script seen in similar 
confrontations: a series of denials, implied bigotry and, most importantly, 
a doubling down on whatever made up version of reality is under discussion.  
IOW, 2 +2 = 5.  And if they're really good 2 + 2 = 22 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


How am I going to segway from my ex-boss to fake Tea Party disrupters
and Rick Santomum?  Easy, lies, like rats, migrate.  Unless "Tim" or this "crazy"
lady or Rick decides to fess up to lying there will never be proof of any of
these statements which does smack of assuming motives without proof.
The left had their days of rage, sanity/ insanity in the 1960's - 80's
in direct reaction to the 1950's.  One extreme to the other.  Now we
travel to Republican territory and a probable Trump voter in the making:

The Southern patriot crying game I will safely assume is fake.  
She does manage to say that President Obama tried to nuk Charleston, 
SC and is leading the abortion culture of death. 

With a straight and lawyerly Jimmy Stewart face, ex-Senator Santorum 
adds to the insanity and calls President Obama "tyrant" following the 
prescribed script (and he better).  President Obama is called that for specific 
reasons having nothing to do with accuracy.   Non-existent readers 
are directed to The Tyrant Lie below the links.   


These are recycled versions of endless rumors passing for fact in the 
1950's when John Birch Society conservatives claimed government was 
building concentration camps in Alaska (coinciding with statehood)
for religious conservatives.  This grand tradition was recently recycled 
as FEMA camps, FEMA coffins and Obamacare "death panels" by someone 
who is currently the most popular Republican in the US, former Governor of
Alaska, Sarah Palin. (Replaced now by Donald Trump)

In the future this BS will resurface yet again in another form as the latest 
immanent threat that all right wing preachers and politicians must use to keep their 
constituents distracted.  If they don't, their supporters will get someone else to 
come up with an existential "they" or "them", Old Testament fury, or "fire this 
time" in our life time.  Just ask St. Sarah. (See the book, "The New Hate" which
was published too late to account for the convoluted love between the Israeli
and the US right wing.  The latter being the center of Henry Ford financed
anti-Semitism in the US up till the 1980s.  Now all is forgiven.  Netanyahu
is now called the unofficial majority leader of the Republican Party.

The word "tyrant" is repeated over and over in Republican circles so as to be
linked to the famously repeated Thomas Jefferson quote concerning "the tree of 
liberty" needing to be watered "by the blood of patriots and tyrants".  We don't 
have to guess who the martyred crying (Glenn Beck) blood shedding "patriots" 
are and who the bleeding "tyrant" is designated to be.  An ingenious indirect 
threat to President Obama who has for years been labeled "imperial tyrant"
and usurper of the Constitution.   While Fox "News" contributors Rudy Giuliani 
and Ralph Peters went on TV saying they admired the church-going manly 
leadership of Big Daddy Skinhead Putin, an actual socialist tyrant oil klepto. But a white Christian one.  Their kind of Christian. 

They, and Mr. Conservative, Pat Buchanan, do so for the following reasons: 
Vlad is now said to be a regular church goer and, as such, is seen to be a Christian 
and one of "Us" as opposed to that "Muslim" dark skinned imposter fella in the 
suit who insists on calling himself a Christian and also President.  IOW, Putin was 
seen as the more legitimate leader especially in the run up to the November 2014 
Congressional elections.  Republicans swept the election for a reason.  GOP voter 
suppression while Trump set about to humiliate his own leader via birtherism. 
Trump has since conceded that President Obama is indeed American.  What a relief?

As the Rev. Franklin Graham has s
aid, "Obama says he's a Christian, 
I take his word for it."  So generous is the son of Rev. Billy.  This from a 
second generation princeling representative of the richest, most powerful 
"non-state" propaganda machine in history, the Republican T- (Trump) Party.

"The entire populist conservative mindset is encapsulated:
The sense that everything has gone to shit...
but people stick with Democrats because they're takers...
while conservatives are makers...
and that if it continues much longer ... 
Violence!"... Markos of "Daily Kos"

Violence? Leading up to the Nov 2010 US Congressional elections conservatives
used gun sights over pics of Rep. Gabriel Giffords and others for having the audacity:
a) to be Democrats.
b) a Democrat running for reelection to Congress in Arizona against an ex-Marine.
c) for having the added "nerve" to vote yes on ACA, Obamacare, in Feb. 2010.
d) having a duel citizenship between the U.S. and Israel. 
(See the excellent book "A Safeway In Arizona" by Tom Zoellner) 

Over and above the tragic 2011 attempted assassination and loss of life we will
never know how many threats Rep. Giffords received after her vote on ACA
and before the Nov 2010 Congressional election which she won.
("Well hey, goes the response, that's politics for ya.  If ya can't stand the "heat"...)

The question of 'how many threats' Rep. Giffords received is a little too 
complicated and embarrassing for one political party for which we will 
never see an answer.  Gabrielle Giffords could not run again in 2012.  
A fellow Democrat who was injured the day she was shot ran won in her place.
Her seat is now Republican as of 2014. 

Her husband, Mark Kelly, is one half of a team of astronaut twins.
He is Earth-side while his brother was launched into space for
350 days (now safely returned).  He should have taken the
woman in the video and Rick Santorum with him and jettison both into the void.
(In Fox Newspeak, am I being rather too "meanspirited" in wishing such a
terrible nasty thing?)

Saturday, June 18, 2016


"Or maybe the quest for secrets — material or metaphysical, undiscovered or too-long forgotten — is worth a little extra risk." Ross Douthat, NY Times  

Like the NSA, religious fundamentalists everywhere believe their 
mandate is to exceed same because it is so ordered straight from the top. 
They have no trouble stating that the "culture of death" by abortion is 
led by President Obama.  This culture of death sermon was heard by 
me not during a Texas sermon about Jade Helm  immanent invasion 
by an Obama led U.S. military but at a packed Park Avenue, NYC 
"Healing" Catholic Mass complete with beefy "sad faced men" in all 
four corners yelling "Amen!"  (With little to no accompaniment)

This was 2009 Catholic fundamentalist political theater along with barely 
concealed threats against the President, arranged, most likely, by one or 
more of the following: Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus, Regnum Christi, 
Fatima Group, Pius X, Catholic League etc.

And don't forget Bush's "Faith Based Initiatives" instituted just prior to 911.
Tax exempt non-profits headed by the above who run their own empires 
going beyond faith-based political theater.  They're involved in real estate, 
life and health insurance, hospitals, and all kinds of government contracts.

Government contracts?  Mainstream religion no longer needs the declining
$5 or $10 Sunday weekly collections.  They get their "faith based" Fed. funding
compensating for declining church attendance and slow simmering Church
sex scandals that finally boiled over into the public eye starting in 1994.

Sound frequencies and or pure adrenalin and how it's experienced:
As something invisible that "touches", inflicts physical pain, skin heating, 
induced nausea, racing heart beat just up to what feels like the point of death. 

Acoustic frequency combinations from whatever source are routinely capable of:
*speeded up heartbeat, *intense chest pain, potentially induced heart attacks,
*projected sounds mimicking anything, *spooked pets, *"lights out" loss of 
consciousness, *intense skin heating and chilling, *biochemical changes, 
*nausea, *induced asthma symptoms, *intense sexual manipulation, *"voice of god" 
non-revelations, *simulated spiritual experiences, *an internal "lights on" 
induced cerebrospinal flush, *induced simulated auditory delusions mimicking

*Effects experienced by me over a period of years.

While the above takes place a big deal is made in demonstrating and producing
in a short period of time mental paralysis and learned helplessness.  Three days
of sleeplessness will do it especially if you don't know what is happening to you and how.

You hear the rumbling of what is supposed to be heavy equipment on flexible
boards in overhead apartments.  A room sized antenna is imagined.  In fact there
is no heavy equipment.  The noise heard was "real" but it is only a projected effect
used as an indicator of what was to follow.  A sound effect warning shot that included
an intense heating on the top of the head as if from that overhead microwave antenna
or blowtorch.  All designed to match what is probably classic tactile hallucinations.
No burns are left but the skin heating pain produces panic and the need to get away
at any cost.  The simple act of running a shower isn't even considered after months
of sleeplessness.  An opposite chilling effect is written about elsewhere in this blog
that occurred long ago in a certain females freezing Brooklyn apartment.

Multiple sound pitch effects are heard that seemed to originate from outside my apartment.
Simultaneous precise differently pitched sounds produced angina pain and racing heartbeats.
This occurred at night while going through the useless ritual of trying to sleep.
Heart pain increased to the point of dropping to my knees on the floor.  A position
very near and dear to the entitled metaphysician morons for whom this is all routine.

The objective?  A jump start stim to the heart during a period of extreme total sleep deprivation
lasting for months and to bend the knees in fear and subjugation.  I didn't stay down long.

Other episodes produced projectile nausea effects which occured when I tried to counter
and avoid whatever scenario was thrown at me, i.e. doing an inner smile routine or
when I had sufficient energy to take spur of the moment plane trips in desperation.
There was no outrunning this particular "demon."  Although when I spent a sufficient
amount of money on plane fares or rooms at the Y, the torture abated considerably.
Which was the general idea.  Mortgages and heavy debt turning a decent pension
and social security wage into a deep black hole with a never ending event-horizon.

In retrospect all these sound effects and stupid tricks are used as a very
effective head fake to distract and divert attention from what is actually
happening.  This was far and away from any sound weapon technology
and far from psychosis.  (I know, famous last words, "they all say the
same thing. Always standing knee deep in the river of "deNile" claiming
to be the grand exception" blah bla bla).

Sleep deprivation is the perfect method of torture and suggestion as
well as a proxy for a living death.  There is no pause for reflection.
There was no second guessing about what I was hearing except
labeling myself crazy.  What else could it be?  Wrong again.

The range and dimensions of Room 101 have expanded slightly 
beyond Orwell's 1948 depiction of "1984" dystopian thought police
counting on people like me to do the job of discrediting themselves
just by trying and failing to describe the indescribable.  Just as Orwell
might have been trying to do in the projection of Big Brother, his boot
healed internal dictator, into a successful documentation of what the
process was all about in the form of a novel.

Imagine walking the streets of New York City with an induced drumbeat of 
verbiage in the brain, amplified and inflected to distract and or enrage, 
implemented exactly to mimic psychosis?  Anything that demands to be
done like doing taxes or trying to keep up with finances is accompanied by
a steady stereo or quad unison verbal drumbeat in the background.  Except
if I'm reading a novel or non-fiction book.  No background noise.  That's
stupidly explained away with, "well you enjoy reading, you don't enjoy taxes
which means you subconsciously want to evade responsibility..." blah blah bla.
"Well of course the subconscious is irrational and therefore sounds somewhat
comical" on and on.  This is what P-docs are paid to say and what they must say
as practicing professionals.

This directed hyper-auditory driving or "tagging" (your it) is used to 
paralyze rational thinking and planning and, most importantly, in these
cases, cause any description of same to sound tinfoil hat bat-crazy.
How is this done?  Through some kind of embedded micro-chipping?
A definite NO to that.  I think David Mitchell gives a very general outline in
what is called a fantasy novel, "The Bone Clocks."

These "programs" put FBI surveillance "armies" mentioned in the
NPR podcast below to shame.  This podcast is FBI propaganda
supplied as entertainment for the NPR "informed public".

Some 15 years ago I would come upon early Internet websites with mocking
laughing giffs on top of the page.  Seeing the guy laughing would force me
to laugh at myself in disgust for ever clicking on these repellant malignant sites.
I never realized that most internet searches on certain topics always linked to
these same rigged sites by the thousand scattered throughout the internet.

I was almost forced to miss the point behind what I was reading.  I should have
seen that they were made, not by the mentally ill, but by pros who want you to
read, dismiss and laugh at material specifically designed to produce that effect.
Which is: the viewer is made to feel smug and superior in coming to the intended
conclusion that these sites are made by and for people with delusion.

The accumulated effect is to force people to dismiss everything mentioned
on these sites as inconceivable and the product of paranoia.  Anyone saying
otherwise is laughed at.  Thus the laughing gif.

Average people who, by some terrible accident, wind up on this page might
also miss the point to this blog even if they recognize the difference between
a deliberately rigged site and one that isn't.  Except there aren't anymore "average people."

Awareness of these unfolding events runs on a spectrum from unconsciousness,
to slow awareness, to blaming others, self blame, to finally realizing that the
"unpossible" is being made real in plain sight.  Before the internet certain people
were kept in line by alcohol, bad marriages or disruptive, nasty, angry kids.

Friday, June 10, 2016


And now, the former US Attorney General, John Ashcroft, defeated by
a dead man and that man's wife for his 2001 Missouri U. S. Senate seat
and subsequently elevated to the AG spot under Bush 43.  We honor
him and the song he wrote in demonically backward mode.
Take it away Johnny A:

And finally, your favorite Mars Attacks, ack ack ack country music...

"What I need from you is to know what you can do, you and your fellow non-communist
colleagues in the lower House, what you can do to stop these communist tyrannical executive
orders laid down by this foreign-born, America-hating communist despot?” an Alabama tea-party supporter regarding President Obama.

The only media lower than Alex Jones is the "Globe" and "National Enquirer" who
regularly make up headlines about affairs by President Obama with staffers or with
white blonde ex-girl friend prostitutes. This tripe showed up on their front pages when the
GOP were prepping their voters for Nov. 2010 and 2014 Congressional elections
looking for majorities in both houses of Congress in 2014.  Mission Accomplished.

"But no one reads crap like that." Wrong!  Those papers make millions and those
headlines are seen by many thousands at checkout counters across the world
finding their way into the conscious or unconsciously receptive brains of many
secular and religious conservatives who lie to themselves concerning politics
and believe the unbelievable because it's convenient.  National Enquirer and Globe
publisher David Pecker (great name) happens to be a FOT, buddy of Trump.

It happens everywhere but in countries like China and Russia it is total and complete.
A Chinese government official on the proliferation of government slogans and 
propaganda on the walls of buildings in China: "Of course it's stupid!"  "But who cares?"  
"We can stick that stupid stuff on all those walls.  Can you?"* 
The New Face Of Chinese Propaganda", NY Times, Murong Xuecun
Let that quote read: Of coarse it's stupid. But who cares? We (and Russian Fight Club trolls)
can stick deliberately stupid stuff on thousands of You Tube channels. Can you?"

And now another post human pretend moron complaining about DEW attack
for your viewing dysplasia:


According to his YT channel this is Mike Matloff who may or may not also be a musician
from Brooklyn named Jon Madoff (spelled incorrectly) with neither apparently spoofing
the infamous Ponzi schemer Mike Madoff who made-off...(you know the rest)

Jon and his band can be seen elsewhere on YT looking almost like a different person
playing Ska Sacmar jazz guitar.

Is the last video a migraine sneezing fit with sound filtered out and deliberate low
background laughter left in?  This is one of thousands of fake targeted individual's
known as "TI's"  "Mike" is pretending seriousnes and faking delusion about being
hit by good old (Mountain) DEW or Directed Energy Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Can I prove he's pretending?  No.  Can I prove he isn't insane, has migraine
or doing a You Tube joke?  No.  So why even waste time on it?
Because his channel is just one of thousands using a similar formula.
The only difference being I obviously can't say the above videos are "scripted".

"Mike's YT description says, "I am being shot in the nose with bursts of directed 
energy" or DEW (cocaine) delivered, according to him, by the "Mafia."

Go for it Mike, take some foil from your tinfoil hat and cook up some crack;( 

Comically confused appearances are used here and elsewhere a prop.

"Mike's" other videos all but tell you: "My demented look and talk is deliberate.
I'm not an actor or crazy but I try like hell to make you think I am.  Crazy that is.
Just doing my small part along with thousands of other fake inmates "in residence"
across YT doing the same dumb act."

"We put these dumb videos on all these channels because we can.  Can you?"  
"And don't ask me who "we" are.  It makes me so angry I could sneeze."

Directed Energy Weapons exist but they aren't being used on our fake hero. 
Giving you, nonexistent reader, an idea about this sim-like reality whose
existence you don't need to be convined of.

If he is a frat house nutter from another or works for "The Onion" then the 
jokes on me.  This play-actor also simulates the stressed-out look of induced
sleep deprivation very well.  Nominate this inmate in residence for best actor
in the pseudo "Paranoid Style."  One flew east, one flew west...

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Regarding the NY Times, FOIA, and Ernest Hemingway:

(*Of course you can always trust former editors
and the publishing industry when it comes to
legacy PR across generations*)

Ernest Hemingway thought "the Feds" were after him. His
"friends" turned on him because they were sure his drinking
and mental health had deteriorated into madness.  They were
right and likely also wrong.  His FBI file was released under a
FOIA request.  (Imagine an FOIA request even with redactions
in closed societies?)  The FBI, it seems were following his moves
for 20 years until his death.

On his last domestic hunting trip he was quoted as being distraught,
"It's the worst hell.  The goddamest hell. Duke’s car. Mine’s bugged.
Everything’s bugged. Can’t use the phone.  Mail intercepted.”
After numerous attempts Hemingway soon after succeeded in
taking his life.  Two successive plane crashes in Africa and resulting
head injuries didn't help.  Pain killers of every kind plus alcohol equal
madness.  But apparently Hemingway wasn't as far gone as many think.

The surveillance is designed to be undetectable and then hard not to
notice for the person on the receiving end.  It is designed to provoke
and drive the surveilled into overreaction to actual provocations that
don't stop.  The accumulated "coincidences" and resulting destructive
behavior are all designed to be seen as psychosis to others.

As seen with Dr. Martin Luther King, people like Hoover don't have to
think about operating with impunity using methods that are as improbable
and as insane as manpower and technology will allow.  No one can
accurately file legal charges without implicating themselves because of
the near impossibility of providing evidence other than the cringeworthy,
"I'm being bugged by "the Feds.""  "They're everywhere I tell ya", sounding
just like Pappa to the few who still took his calls.

I'm afraid his granddaughter, the actress, Muriel, in recent years,
always sounded just a little too far out to be real.  I didn't buy it for a minute.
Low and behold she has started talking fairly reasonably in recent interviews.
But then, who am I to judge when it comes to reasonable.  Nothing in this
blog is reasonable.

All of which might invite the following:
"Who are you, another Hemingway, a self absorbed deluded center of the
world paranoid?"  Or some kind of communist terrorist"...depending on the 
pretend or real mental capacity of the person doing the talking.  2 + 2 can 
equal twenty-two or five or four when convenient.

The evil doers are not: the "NWO" of time honored right wing mostly 
pretend psychosis.  Not the CFR, Jiminy Cricket, "Them", "They" 
(I try to avoid those guys:), the UN Agenda 21 anti-Christs, aliens, 
Satan, Walking Dead, Grateful Dead, monsters (or delusions) of the id, 
Klaatu, Gort, Koch Bros, Chick-Fil-A, Mormons, Mafia, Scientologists, 
Fox News interns or "the system".  (Well ok, maybe the system.)
If you're looking for conspiracies about imminent government martial law
this blog isn't Texas despite recent Jade Helm made-up rumors to the contrary

that no one but the rube pundits yonder up North believe.

A word from the prolies to the wise:
If you are cooperating and assisting in this insanity you had
better keep on doing as you are told, because otherwise it could
be your turn at disaster as described here or indirectly with somebody
close to you.  Or as Raold Dahl used to say on his old TV show invoking
WWII fighter pilot/ spy humor, "there's ALWAYS room for one more, Baabby."

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Lawyers Guns and Money, "Went home with the waitress, just like I always do,
and how was I to know she was with the "Russians" too, Ha!"  The late Warren
Zevon on David Letterman: (No, not likely the actual Russians, the other "Russians")

"..the America which see homosexuals as a conspiracy; feminists as a conspiracy; perhaps 
even women as a conspiracy. It is time that we reminded ourselves, and said aloud and 
more often, that it is from these people that nastiness comes. It is time that we pointed 
out to the neo-conservatives that democracy has never been subverted from the left but 
always from the right,” – Henry Fairlie, 1980.

The Republic is somehow still here despite immanent fear and doom by Pastor Joyner 
who is probably now with Pastor Hagee putting off end-times Rapture dates.  Again:
"There’s no way our Republic can last much longer. It may not last through Obama’s 
second term.  There are a lot of people who feel that it can’t.  That there are forces right 
now that are seeking to undermine and to destroy the Republic.  There’s almost a glib 
and almost a joyful disregard of the Constitution and belittling of the Constitution. 
We can’t make it without that.  It’s our foundation, our moorings.  We’re headed for 
serious tyranny…Rick Joyner, Dominionist Pastor 

Seemingly channeling the Charles Stross co-written on-line Sci/ fi satire 
"Rapture of The Nerds" where a transexual Judge (Schreber) named 
Giuliani makes his stranger than science fictional debut.  Apart from fiction, 
Giuliani, while NYC mayor, once dressed like his transexual hero, Judge 
Daniel Schreber whose fake breasts were nuzzled by one Donald J. Trump.  
Will Giuliani replace Scalia or will it be Sen. Cruz?  The religious right, 
Rev. Franklin Graham and Jimmy Bakker await with jaws clenched tight.  
Again.  Alelu-ya!

In Stross' "Rule 34" a "schizophrenic" named Christie made his SF debut.  
The character was actually controlled by a rogue AI which made him, Christie
hallucinate with voices in his head operated from an overhead direction.
Since Christie was a prosecutor Stross seems to do CYA by also linking the name 
with an actual British serial killer of the 1950's.  The fact that both politicians 
were named in separate novels ten years ago may or may not be construed as 
coincidence.  The fact that both played oversized roles in electing a Potemkin 
"President" Trump in 2017 is duly noted.

IMO, the enfolding "group think" of populist conservatism seems to lurk in vats of 
preservatives suspended in time.  They don't forget and pretend to live in a present 
where the Civil War was last year, the Scopes Trial last month and Jim Crow laws yesterday.  Marxistsenemies du jour and immanent ISIS threats real and imagined are everywhere.
What do they believe and what are they lying about?  Is there a difference?  Power is
the difference.

Maybe Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, will put them in their place.  Maybe not:
"If the Christian is a restorationist, a legalist, if he wants everything clear and safe, 
then he will find nothing.  Tradition and memory of the past must help us to have 
the courage to open up new areas to God.  Those who today always look for 
disciplinarian solutions, those who long for an exaggerated doctrinal ‘security,’ 
those who stubbornly try to recover a past that no longer exists, they have a static 
and inward directed view of things.  In this way, faith becomes an ideology among 
other ideologies."....Pope Francis, Casa Marta Carta, one floor up in Room 201

Trump, Avigdor Lieberman, Pastor Hagee and Vlad Putin:
A present day enfolding protective group expresses itself, 
however much it might be denied or projected onto the 
opposition, in the authoritarian top-down, highly 
regimented orthodox GOP which feels entitled to attack 
opponents as fascist or imperial tyrants but who themselves 
purge their elected moderates from office always wrapping 
themselves and their message in God and flag. 

Like their Muslim fundamentalist counterparts many 
favor theocratic unity of  Church and State.  Political 
partisanship from the pulpit goes without threat to 
tax exemptions.  Corporations are given the same rights 
as individuals.  While there are opposing GOP extremes 
like hegemonic Neocons and the Rand Paul "libertarianish" 
gold standard fiat money crowd, try breaking ranks with the 
RNC on a major vote or any vote once you have accepted 
their money as historian and columnist, Bruce Bartlett 
found out when he committed truth and lost his job at AEI.
Norm Ornstein still keeps his job at AEI due to seniority
and maybe he can be pointed to or at as an example of
what a gosh darned big tent the RAY-publican Party is.

Generally, inequality is a NORMAL result in a capitalist society.  
Extreme inequality produces extreme financial speculation, 
extreme lobbying for government protection and influence by 
corporations and religions who are becoming hard to distinguish.

John "Blood Moon" Hagee:
The Pastor has finally transcended himself and
End Time rapture dates previously embraced by him
and his followers.  Replaced now by periods of war and
strife after the recent "blood moon" events.
Netanyahu has appointed the USSR born Avigdor
Lieberman as Israeli Defense Minister.  Trump is
elected President.  Rapture Ready?  Here we come.

Max Blumenthal's video prequel to his devastating
book, "Goliath."  Peace treaty?  Like the 2016 peace
treaty with Iran being attacked from every direction
including Iranian hardliners.  Just listening to a right wing
local politician from Queens NYC Dov Hykind go after
Sen. Schumer over the treaty and you can imagine what the
Israeli Knesset is like.


"I am against all sex education for the children"
Says Russia’s child rights commissioner
(Pavel Astakhov) in a television interview. 
“It is unacceptable to allow things that could 
corrupt children.”  Despite one of the world’s 
fastest-growing HIV epidemics, Russia has 
no sex education in schools, owing to the 
influence of the Russian Orthodox church and 
conservative social forces.  Astakhov, a 
powerful official who reports directly to the 
president, Vladimir Skinhead Putin..."
Putin attends services on high holy days.
Putin out-Christians President Obama and
both attend services more than Bush 43 who rarely went.
Putin is a climate change denier.  Is there
another reason why Pat Buchanan (TAC) and Trump
all but saluted Putin in 2011?  Fox News
guest commentator's Rudy Giuliani and Ralph
Peters praised Putin for his "leadership" in the Ukraine
and his moral leadership against gays in 2014 leading up to
the Nov. 2014 Congressional elections?

In 2016 Giuliani joined the law firm that represents Trump.
What do they have in common with Putin besides Christianity?
What does Giuliani have in store for us?  Governor of N.Y.?
Head of the FBI?

There's oil and the sub-$50 price of same?  Disrupting oil economies
of Texas, Alaskan, Kansas, Oklahoman and Russia along with vacated
offshore oil drilling.  Fossil fuels account for half of Russia's revenues.
Oil funds a good deal of the Republican base.

When no one will lend you $ you partner with the Russians.
You borrow from Chinese and troubled banking giant Deutschebank
one of the few banks left that lent hundreds of millions to Trump.

Deutschebank announced in Sept. 2016 that the U.S.
was in recession just as the U.S. DOJ imposed a fine of billions.
TBTF Deutsche.  Deutsche stock took off after the election.
There are pipelines to be built in Russia, Texas has a new vast
oil field waiting.  Exxon's Sec. of State Rex Tillerson to the rescue.