Wednesday, September 28, 2016


"The church will become small and will have to start afresh 
more or less from the beginning."...Father Joseph Ratzinger
AKA Pope Benedict XVI, 1969: 

The female reporter in the excellent movie Spotlight briefly interviewes
an accused former priest named Father Panquin.  Panquin calmly admits
everything he was accused of.  The depicted aging priest claims he got
no pleasure from multiple molestations.  Before he was stopped from
talking further he matter of factly and mechanically mentions that he
was also raped when young.  And what does that scene and this topic
have to do with anything?

Why was this scene specifically included in the movie?  What was
being said?  Was it merely dramatic Hollywood provocation describing
an unofficial method of recruitment?   It certainly went beyond easy
answers like the availability of stimulant drugs pot, meth,
amphetamines and cocaine.  Beyond suppressed sexuality and
dumb occult-like mechanical methods of recruitment.

The Catholic Church as everyone knows reached unprecedented
riches in post emigrant America.  Enter a self-imposed karmic
wheel that included reporters, lawyers and the institution itself at all levels.

The Catholic Church under Pope Francis is still very formidable
as it should be.  Pope Francis has reported that his will be a short
reign due to health problems.  Hope not.  The previous Pope,
Pope Benedict, was acting as Pope long before his formal election.
Conservatives are unfortunately still very much still in control.

I had a talk with a dying priest, Father Philip around 2009.
He seemed to know me.  In response to feeble questions about
the Knights of Columbus he said the following regarding real
world methods used by the bagmen of the Catholic Church, the
people who make the real estate deals and magically come up
with large sums when needed.  Here was his response as a
veteran priest: "They have their own agenda that has nothing
to do with religion."

Some weeks later in one of his last sermons: "watch out for
those who value piety over people."  IOW, watch out for ultra-
orthodox regardless of faith or ideology.  Islamic or Christian.
Pius X, Pastor John Hagee or Messianic Zionists.  The latter
two seem to be enjoying a political ideological merger of convenience.

Conservative defenders to the death of the Catholic Church haven't
seen their day come and go with the emergence of Pope Francis.
Just the opposite.  As always they see themselves as being vindicated
and redeemed.  Conservatives in the U.S. now count themselves as
among the persecuted.  Persecuted by whom?  They are persecuted and
offended by everything.  No one should have to endure Rod Dreher's
public sufferings in the Pat Buchanan’s, TAC.  Just in time for winner-
take-all-RAY-publican control.

In summery, public ridicule and persecution, has always been seen by 
the religious as badge of honor.  The Church isn't the only one operating 
in this mode.  In other sections I go into my views on institutions and 
religious celebrities who in my view deliberately invited public ridicule.  
The Church has done the same.  It sees and feeds into geopolitical 
events that are said to resemble that which occurred before WWI and II. 

Women and minorities both racial and sexual are having their day in
and out of media.  Media outlets like the Huffington Post go beyond
caricature into the void when it comes to reporting on transgender
Republican, Cait Jenner's Room 101 gender bending politics.
Clickbait political identity sensationalists of the right or left won't
miss my readership.  HuffPo political ravings are only a vague
description of the real world or real world politics.  At the same time
they're head and shoulders preferable to their right wing counterparts
in the fear and doom always at war lock and load NRA cliché departments.

In times of mixed gender and abortion cultural upheaval, extreme
reactionaries have taken control of of the U.S. Congress and at the
same time do everything but stand on their heads in attempts to portray
themselves as being among the religious and ideologically oppressed
from all sides not in Syria or Iraq but in this country.

Imagine a President Trump or ANY Republican POTUS leading a
Republican Congressional majority and appointing Sen. Ted Cruz to
fill a SCOTUS spot?  We don't have to imagine.  Hillary Clinton was
the only one who could upset this impossible to conceive right wing
political scenario.  She would also have endured non-stop comittee
and impeachment hearings and possible political blackmail by
Republican majorities.

Someone like the right wing Bishop Fellay (great name) of Canada 
probably longs for the 1940's and 50's with the world digging out of
WWII when people like him and the infamous Father Coughlin ran 
the (radio) show.  He and the Church would routinely get away 
with neurosis passing for truth. 

The Bishop probably remembers 1955 like it was yesterday 
for a "good old fashion" Old Testament dropping the big one 
devastation and do-over for that time honored reborn renewal. 

Fellay, like Mel Gibson, probably invites public ridicule.  Maybe he, 
like so many right wing extremists, longs for a drugged up Air Force 
Missileer (as happened) or drunken Russian pressing the red button 
doing God's will" upstaging the Iranians and giving Islamists and
Christian fundamentalists everywhere their final hair trigger
"bombs away" Dr. Strangelove moment of eschatological release.

It makes no difference if you actually believe what you say, just keep
repeating repeating and do what you're told.  Do what you're told.
Do what you're....even if you don't have to be told.  It would be funny
if the unpossible turned out true.  That they're all taking on assigned
roles and are all the same post-human ungodly gestalt.  Truly terrifying.
Thank goodness that's one thing "we", don't have to worry about.
What a relief.  And guess what?  Mel Gibson is back and approaching
Hollywood respectability in an era of manufactured Trump reality.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


No Doubt, the previous entries regarding the depressing Republican
control of Congress and right wing trolls can be temporarily offset by
Gwen Stefani, The Soggy Bottom Boys, George Clooney and the
movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?  (Big Brother in all his guises.)

Summer of 2016 I'm walking past Lincoln Center on my way to see
the movie "Genius" that had been playing for some time at the Lincoln Plaza.
I pass a political writer on the street I recognize but I'm very bad with names.
I sit down in the theater to watch the coming attractions.  An upcoming
documentary about autism, "Life Animated" had the name Ron Suskind
in the credits.  His son is the main subject of the film.  Of course
it was Suskind I had just passed on the street.

The movie "Genius" is about Thomas Wolfe and his editor Maxwell Perkins
who was also editor for Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Wolfe's first book,
"Look Homeward Angel" played a large role in the movie.  Previously I had
vague notions about Wolfe and his books.  I knew him from the photo I'd
seen at the downtown White Horse Tavern.  I had no plans to see the movie
but I happened to play this Steve Young (who died this year) video the night before:

Non-events like that happen to people all the time.  When I played the
Look Homeward Angel video I completely missed the part about "my
old friend Thomas from Asheville, North Carolina."

"Genius" was an amazing film about two Americans, Thomas Wolf and
Maxwell Perkins played by two British actors.  All the better because the
Brits really know how to tell a story.  The real Wolfe at 6' 6" was not the
sad depressed writer I associated with the White Horse Tavern photo.
Just the opposite.  Amplified and larger than life in more ways than one.
Look Homeward Angel was published two days before the start of Great
Depression and stock market crash of 1929.  Just his luck.

They are still referred to as "peripherals" despite being permanently
attached to (and in some sense part of) their host processor..."

Now what does William Gibson's SF novel "The Peripheral" have to do 
with anything?  And why was he in the same NYC subway car late 
2014 standing over me with another guy about his age about a 
month after I bought but still hadn't read his book?  Coincidences 
like that happen all the time.  Except with some people they 
happen just a little too often.

He just happened to be wearing the same outfit as his photo on 

the back of the book.  I kept saying what I find myself saying all 
too often these days, "Is that what's-his-face?  Nah, can't be... 
Except it was his face.  He was doing publicity in NYC at the 
time with recorded YT interviews.  His book is has been made 
into a TV series for 2018.  How will they ever do it? 

Are the people I refer to as posthumans biological 

interdimenscional drone humanoids from the "future" with 
uploaded consciousness as in Gibson's story?