Monday, March 20, 2017


03/17/17 - I'm not a Harry Potter fan and haven't read the books.  The movies aren't
made for my particular demographic but beyond that they're like the latest Star Wars
movies, pretty bad even with the fancy visual effects.

I've been seeing too many too many Credence Barebone types in real life NYC
completely apart from the movie, "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them."
The much improve American prequel is centered in 1926 New York City.
These 2017 versions of Credence act out his passive aggressive look to perfection.

In the context of the movie Credence is the more destructive traumatized version of
Newt Scamander the main character played by Eddie Redmayne who is deliberately
shown to have aspy out of focus eyes when looking into the camera.  Scamander is
keeper of the metaphysical Fantastic Beasts loosed upon NYC from a forth dimensional
bottomless portal called a suitcase.  His Beasts are falsely blamed for the destruction
taking place in New York City which is in turn also falsely blamed on witchcraft.

Scamander looks totally out of his time and place especially in 1926 with his deranged
hair and off color long coat.  He doesn't eat or sleep and we see him walking duck toed
in his high-boy laced shoes of the time with Kowalksy the baker.  The Credence Barebone
character is an abused foster child with a nasty id completely opposite his look.  Both
are part of the Harry Potter universe of double ++ ungood magi metaphysical's existing
in and out of that and this time place and space continuum.  IOW, this is a fictional
reflection of or metaphor for events that take place in a metaphysical reality intertwined
with this one.  They are inherently the same reality.

Here is silent era star, Buster Keaton.  Ezra Miller was chosen for the part because of
his Keaton resemblance by the author and screenwriter for Fantastic Beasts, AJ Rowling.

Perceval Graves, played by Colin Farrell has a surreal "deathly hollows" scene in more
ways than one with Ezra Miller's Credence:

The political Roaring Twenties icon, NYS Senator, NYC Mayor, "Beau James",
Jimmy Walker was the real life subject of the 1956 Bob Hope movie comedy,
and the real life character behind Senator Henry Shaw.

The actor playing Sen. Henry Shaw in the clip below more than resembles NYC 1920's
Mayor, Jimmy Walker who was a New York State Senator until 1926 which is when
the movie takes place.  Walker embodied the roaring twenties.  He was the fancy
dressing corruption prone liberal thrown out of office as NYC Mayor in his 2nd term
in 1929 by then NYS Governor, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Credence, who Shaw calls a freak, resembles a young Buster Keaton, the 1920's silent
Star.  John Voight is a look alike stand-in for William Randolph Hearst the right wing
newspaper tycoon and America's first media star who over extended himself in real estate
by buying up and restoring old mansions and castles.  His newspapers of the pre-war
1930's ran unopposed columns by Germany's Hitler and Göring.

Here are some scenes depicting the movie character of Senator Shaw (Walker) and his
powerful newspaper tycoon father (Hearst) played by John Voight.  Poetic dialogue
from the youngest Shaw, "The people behind this aren't like you or me.  This is
witchcraft don't you see."

Is the context of the movie, nomag or muggles are humans who can can be mugged,
bumped, taunted, made to trip over suitcases, manipulated, humiliated but not killed.
Sen. Shaw is the exception because he insults Credence a freak in front of his family.
He calls him a freak.  These operating procedures also apply off screen in the mess
called reality.  "They" don't kill "muggles" types but don't mind mugging them visually
and even physically once or twice a year when stepping out of line which means
febble attempts at breaking out of complete social isolation and learned helplessness.

It's undoubtedly a coincidence that Voight's character in the movie gives a fund raiser
for his son the State Senator.  The fund raiser doesn't turn out so well.  Sen. Shaw is
killed by Credence in his no longer repressed Obscuret malevolent form.  So much
for fiction.

In stranger than fiction reality John Voight gave the intro speech prior to the
Washington DC inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.
Trump's now infamous inaugural speech in part depicted America as a barren
landscape of deserted factories like something from a Mad Max movie.  As if he were
playing to a foreign audience whose leader uses his RT state sponsored international
TV network to depict America in a negative light as part of Vlad Putin's and Russia's
very successful strategy to reverse the flow of internet information that paints an accurate
but unfavorable picture of closed authoritarian societies like Russia and China.  Their
systems of government leave them no choice but to employ Big Brother censorship
and control far beyond the many flaws of Western more open societies.

The U.S. full employment economy that greeted Trump on January 20th, 2017 was in
sharp contrast to the 800,000 job loses the month before Barack Obama took office in 2009.
For this we can thank the "excellent" chess moves of one Dick Cheney of the Cheney Bush administration and the Republican Party that left Democrats to their traditional role of
recovery and digging out from Republican deregulation which resulted in the 2008
second Great Depression/ Recession from which we still haven't fully recovered.
This was in addition to overseeing an Iraqi Afghan occupation and scheduled withdrawal.
Leaving America's first African-American President with options limited to bad and terrible.
President Obama had the audacity to sign the necessarily imperfect ACA Healthcare Reform Act.

Let's hope the updated version of Credence (in whatever form Steve Bannon or Miller takes)

has acquired some restraint should his metaphysical 2017 equivalence seek to make
movie fantasy into reality.  We wouldn't want want happened in the movie fiction
as John Voight watches as his son is mysteriously killed.  This should never to befall
our beloved 45, DJT whose promise as President is *unpresidented*.

(Is it true that right wing America thought the same of President Obama in 2008?
That he was going to take away their freedumbs and guns accounting for the increased
death threats.  How many actually believed something so ridiculous?  It doesn't matter.
Political power, oil, party over country are what matters per moderate Republican's
Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein.)

Sunday, February 26, 2017


This blog is a mix of politics, humor and far-out philosophical musings.  I start with 
some Loudon Wainwright III political humor to prepare myself for what's to come 
from President Trump, Religious Right, Putin, Netanyahu and Alex "Zoolander" Jones.

"In Russia, farms of online trolls systematically harass democratic voices and spread false information on the Internet and on social media" Eric Schmidt CEO, Alphabet (Google)

The above is far from confined to only Russia's local internet... Chen Resnick

The Paranoid Style As Weaponized Disinformation:
"In fact, the idea of the paranoid style as a force in politics would have little 
contemporary relevance or historical value if it were applied only to men with 
profoundly disturbed minds.  It is the use of paranoid modes of expression by more 
or less normal people that makes the phenomenon significant."...The Paranoid Style in American Politics”, historian Richard Hofstadter, 1964
"What we find in our data is a network of mutually-reinforcing hyper-partisan sites that revive what Richard Hofstadter called “the paranoid style in American politics,” combining decontextualized truths, repeated falsehoods, and leaps of logic to create a fundamentally misleading view of the world. “Fake news,” which implies made of whole cloth by politically disinterested parties out to make a buck of Facebook advertising dollars, rather than propaganda and disinformation, is not an adequate term. By repetition, variation, and circulation through many associated sites, the network of sites make their claims familiar to readers, and this fluency with the core narrative gives credence to the incredible...benkler-faris-roberts-and-zuckerman, CJR
NY Times, 9/7/16 - OXFORD, England — "Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter lashed 
out at Russia on Wednesday, accusing the government of President Vladimir V. Putin of demonstrating a “clear ambition to erode” international order and warning Russia to stay 
out of the American elections.  Russia plainly ignored that admonition."

IMO, this has been happening for decades.  Russian troll farm disinformation 
has merged its message with elements of the U.S. Religious Right, the Trump friendly 
National Enquirer, Alex Jones long before prominent Republican's Pat Buchanan, 
Giuliani, Ralph Peters, Rep. Steve King and now "President" of the free world, Donald 
Trump praised Putin for his so-called moral and political leadership. Putin is Christian.  
At least he says he is.  The above more than take Putin's word on it while questioning 
their own leader's religion and citizenship.  None dare call it_____(guess)
What else do all of them have in common?   All are funded by oil and might want the 
price of same to go to "at least" $75 a bbl. to help bailout the oil economies of Russia, 
Alaska, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, etc.  Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas now looks 
like a genius in promoting tax cuts and supply-side economics.  It helps that his state 
of Kansas is the Koch Brothers home base.  The right wing put their faith in oil, in 
Putin, in Koch, in Exxon Chief and future Sec. of State, Rex Tillerson, in Donald 
Fucking Trump and, last but not least, in fear and doom ultra-nationalism.  potent combination. 

"In a report dated May 21, Internet Research Agency commercial director 
Svetlana Boiko discussed the progress of the trolling project’s $75,000 trial 
period, which began April 10. The report says that during that period, the 
trolls left more than 2,500 comments on 30 different news websites, tweeted 
1,220 times from 12 accounts, wrote 85 Facebook posts, posted 175 times in an unspecified number of forums, and made five bizarre YouTube videos attacking 
the U.S. government."
"Bizarre" YT videos attacking U.S.?  IOW, deliberately made to be seen as such. 
Deliberately using "bizarre" "paranoid modes of expression" as a means of spreading 
not misinformation but disinformation by Psy-Op troll farm pros whose deliberately 
demented content presented by English speaking or British accented narrators is 
offset by shear volume and numbers of videos.  Thousands of paranoid YT channels 
with many more fake supporting comments are all made to be as repulsive, as delusional 
and as whacked out a possible.  Thousands of blogs, fake news, fake forums and 
websites jamming up the thing that challenges Putin's state sponsored RT news and 
local control, the internet.  This is Putin reversing, subverting and undermining the 
intent of the internet by manufacturing doubt and turning it into an extension of his 
own upside-down broken government and politics.

FROM 2014 BUZZ FEED (that the rest of the media are now forced to cover):
"Russia’s campaign to shape international opinion around its invasion of
Ukraine has extended to recruiting and training a new cadre of online
trolls that have been deployed to spread the Kremlin’s message on the
comments section of top American websites."  (Not to mention YT videos
and comments, not to mention that it's been going on, IMO, for a decade)

"Plans attached to emails leaked by a mysterious Russian hacker collective 
show IT managers reporting on a new ideological front against the West in the comments sections of Fox News, Huffington Post, The Blaze, Politico, and WorldNetDaily."  (In newsspeak, *shocking, appalling and cause for concern*) 

"The bizarre hive of social media activity appears to be part of a 
two-pronged Kremlin campaign to claim control over the internet, launching a million-dollar army of trolls to mold American public opinion as it cracks down on internet freedom at home."
Not to mention an army of Russian hackers and trolls influencing the 2016
elections with help from the RNC, Wikileaks, the FBI and DNC incompetence
in failing to heed repeated FBI phone calls in Sept 2015 stating that high
ranking DNC computers and emails had been breached.
Explaining evangelical support for Trump via Jeet Heer of The New Republic:

"More recently, a virtual Vladimir Putin cult has arisen among religious conservatives longing for a return to cultural purity."
Putin’s macho bearing, his hostility to LGBT rights, and his fusion of nationalism with support for the Russian Orthodoxy all make him an attractive figure to right-wing Christians disenchanted with Obama’s socially liberal America. 
Franklin Graham, heir to the most influential American
evangelist, says Putin should be celebrated for taking “a stand to protect his nation’s children from the damaging effects of
any gay and lesbian agenda,” even as “America’s own morality has fallen so far on this issue.” Rush Limbaugh cheers Putin for opposing “a full-frontal assault on what has always been
considered normalcy.” Religious Right stalward Bryan Fischer, host of the radio program Focal Point, has hailed Putin as a “lion of Christianity.” Sam Rohrer, president of the America Pastors Network, calls the Russian president “the moral leader of the world.”.....Jeet Heer Oct 24, 2016
Disinformation soft news and comments on YT videos and on HuffPo
comment sections are the least of new Cold War blizzard of lies tactics.
They are way down in terms of importance.  Sowing fear and doubt by increments: hacking the internet, large corporations, banks, candidate emails.   Soon to come: possible political blackmail of the Obama or Trump
White House, effusive praise of Putin by a growing number of Republicans,
right wing governments across Europe will extend praise in Putin's direction.  Which possibly means every country on Russia's border, EU countries Italy and Merkel's Germany.  Meet the new New World Order led by oil elites.

The 2016 NYC explosions on 23rd Street three blocks from where I live
where no one was killed and all injured were released from the hospital
the next morning were a prelude to something worse.  The Nov. 8th
election of Donald Trump.

The fact that the explosions occurred across the street from the home
of TPM editor and virulent Trump foe, Josh Marshall and his family
has to be an unfortunate coincidence.  He and his family were elsewhere
at the time. Marshall was writing editorial after editorial critical of
Putin's relationship with Trump.

Now Trump's Republican base watches with clenched teeth as a Trump
regime takes shape.  Even as the WSJ suggested in response to the Trump
rape tapes that, if elected, Trump would resign after taking the oath
whether on his own or by "prompting" by the RNC with VP Pense then
taking the oath and Chief Justice Roberts having to get it right a second
time as he was forced to do whether deliberately or through incompetence
in 2009.

As liberal Keith Olbermann and conservative David Frum have
recently tweeted, the 25th Amendment Article 4 will be getting
a lot of scrutiny even as Trump concedes $25 million in restitution
regarding Trump U to NYS AG, Schneiderman.  The only reason
it wasn't bigger was because statutes of limitations had run out.
If Trump had been defeated he wouldn't have even paid the 25 million.

My personal and worldwide Nightmare Before Christmas continues for
four - eight more years with Trump's Republican Party much more of a
danger than he is with legislative powers much greater than the last
time they lost the popular vote and assumed a mandate to govern.
They will do so with or without the Soprano level R/ E gangster unless
he has something really terrible on them.

It's become a tradition for Republican's to use the #1 spot as a foil to
distract while the big boys, in this case Pense, Ryan and Tillerson
run the show.  While the compliant mainstream and the subservient
to insanity right wing Breitbart, Drudge play "what will Pres. Donald J,
Melania (damn spellcheck) and Ivanka say today?"